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Unlocking Opportunities and Addressing Ethical Considerations of Big Data

Jul 4, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jul 4, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Toole explains that big data is that data from information that people post on their social media pages, which is later, used to predict the future and making choices. Gary and Davis in their article titled, “Eight (No, Nine!) Problems with Big Data”. From the perspective of Lohr, big data is the numerous amount of information that is used to develop more advanced technologies. Based on these data, technological companies can make decisions to determine what their consumers want. He adds that big data is not constant it keeps on expanding and through analyses the data is used to make future decisions.


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The presence of big data creates a number of opportunities. The primary one being that it is possible to analyze a large amount of data at the same time. For example, scientists have the opportunity to analyze data and create new treatment regimens for their patients. Technology is an evolving one so is big data, it is possible to tell the future through the use of big data. Gary and Davis quote, Patrick Tuckers article titled, “the naked Future “who says big data will provide us with an opportunity to predict certain areas of the future with a high degree of accuracy. In short big data provide statisticians with an opportunity for data correlation.

Big data also provides job opportunities for both Information Technology and statistics experts, to showcase their skills. For instance, Ms Zhou, who works for IBM, helps businesses to use big data, obtained from social media comments to make decisions based on the reducing the cost of production, and maximizing profits. Ms Zhou explains that her love for numbers has helped her maximize her skills. Lohr also adds that it is predicted that the United States needs over 190,000 people to work in the big data analyses.

Yes, big data has and is still living up to the hype. Big data is the production of a huge amount of data that is shared by billions and billions of people on the internet. It is possible to make decisions without even conducting research. Companies that have similar market share can share similar data analyses. We have a large amount of data in the internet big data will only have lived up to the hype if we know how to put this data into proper use.

As Toole noted in his talk, big data is likely to cause a number of privacy issues especially if we place information on the Internet where everyone can access it. The advent of big data means that the data is used and reused. Some people will opt to use anonymous identity; however since big data has past records, it is possible to the identity of the individual to be identified in the small patches of data is placed together. In 2014, President Obama recognized that big data will not only affect the privacy of individuals but that of the intelligence service too. He suggested an amendment to the Patriot Act that may affect the way Americans live and work.

The first ethical consideration is that of privacy. Although people want to be technologically advanced, they still want to maintain their privacy. It is very easy to get someone address by the click of a button. The second ethical issue is with regards to the quality of data produced. It is possible to make wrong choices because of a faulty big data prediction. Big data is important for the topic since it is still focused on the subject statistics as evidence. The main aim of this topic is to understand the various ways of using statistics as evidence.

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