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Art Work Analysis

Apr 21, 2016 | 0 comments

Apr 21, 2016 | Essays | 0 comments

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Art Work Analysis.

The artwork is fundamental in historians work and widely used to pass the certain coded information that require usage of different styles depending on region, person and the period it was captured (Turnbull, 2013). Both of the paintings present a different perspective to look at and finally the meanings will require insight analysis and objective interpretation.

When an analysis is done, both Carl Morris and Bayer Gonzales paintings depict different styles employed by the artists in terms of colour, lines, and volumes of paints and clarity of the paintings. The choice of the style runs deep into what the artists believe. One of them, Bayer Gonzales chose a period style of presentation. The art will tell of the time and who influenced his life then. The painting is clear regarding composition, specific perspective captured and the items he chose to highlight in the picture art. On the other hand, Carl Morris decided to use more personal style and the choice of the darkly-painted figurative is no doubt the best style he needed to use. The decision to use personal style means that the interpretation to predict the meaning totally lies the artist himself. Even though, some connoisseurs have the ability to interpret personal painting and such can be used for this Carl Morris case (Gombrich, 1995).

It is always important to consider the basic information when dealing with artwork especially building towards a development of styles. Issues like a title of the art, location where the art was captured, the name of the artist, condition, and provenance.

There exists more in artwork that are learned daily and putting considerations of both Carl and Bayer works. The difference in capturing imaginations is the beauty of art and the art skills.


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