Anonymizing Networks Applications

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Anonymizing Networks Applications

Internet in the present days has become important in the daily life of everybody in doing many things. With internets impact on people and society, they become more sensitive especially on the issues of privacy. However, the design of the internet did not give consideration t anonymity. The IP packets contains many finger prints. The paper will analyze security, usability and deployability features of one anonymity application called I2p.

I2P is a peer to per bases, message oriented anonymous network of communication of low latency. The I2P network was designed largely to enhance anonymous communication entirely between two parties within a network [1]. Variety of applications inside the network of I2P exists such as anonymous file sharing, web browsing, web hosting, and email among others.

Conrad & Shirazi [1], further elaborated that I2P is a network that is overlaying that permits the users to exchange within the network anonymously [1]. The network technically is applies framework of java of many applications that is designed to offer P2P networking anonymously. Every user runs the I2P router that is the central part of the I2P software. Moreover, relaying of the messages is done through the built tunnels using other I2P peers by each I2P router. Conrad & Shirazi [1] pointed out that the tunnels cancan be used only in one direction hence the need for building incoming and outgoing traffic (outbound and inbound tunnels). The messages relayed through this network are encrypted from one end to the other using garlic encryption.


I2P network feature different encryption.............

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Anonymizing Networks Applications
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