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A DOLLs HOUSE.” Edgehill.ac.uk. N.p., 2014. Web. 9 Dec. 2018.

This article cuts across all the themes and it will be used across the article, from giving the background or introductory points on the article to affirming the other points of view in all the themes that will be used in the paper. The source is well researched and gives details that are relevant to the study hence it’s authentic for use in the paper.

Ibsen, Henrik. A Doll‘s House. , 2018. Internet resource.

This is the primary source of the play. Everything is based on this book, therefore, it would be used as an important source of reference across the article. It will be used in direct quotes and providing more information on the characters as well as their traits. This source is authentic as it is the source of the actual play, therefore, its core to the article

 Karim, Shah, Fawzia Fathema, and Abdul Hakim. “MAN-WOMAN RELATIONSHIP IN HENRIC IBSEN’S “A DOLL’S HOUSE”.” Multidisciplinaryjournals.com. N.p., 2015. Web. 9 Dec. 2018.

This article is essential in giving more details on a man-woman relationship in the book. The article gives details on the way women are perceived regarding different roles they play particularly in regards to motherhood and marriage. The aspect of a woman being a good wife and a mother to the children as presumed by Torvald is captured well in the article. The issue of inequality in gender is also well articulated with the elaboration of how Nora yearned to enjoy the same privileges, as well as power as the males, do in the society. The perception of Torvald in manliness is also given in detail and financial issues that surround the gender are also given in detail.

The author has done good research on the issue of the man-woman relationship, referring to the characters in detail and this makes this source an authentic source. also, Karim, Fawzia, and Abdul are an authority in literature making there work more reliable

Kussman, Brittany. “Loveless Marriage: A Look at Henrik Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House.’” Owlcation, Owlcation, 22 Feb. 2018, owlcation.com/humanities/Loveless-Marriage-A-look-at-Henrik-Ibsens-A-Dolls-House.

This article will be used to give details on the marriage theme. It provides a larger overview of marriage, gives a different point of view on the secrets in marriage about the secrecy that Nora and her husband Torvald had, including details on the financial issues in their family.

The article also gives details of why Linde’s marriage is functional and highlights the aspect of freedom and communication as well as the aspect of treating one another with respect and as equals.

The aspects of pretense in marriage are also highlighted in the article while giving more information as to why Nora pretended to be happy with Torvald and in reality, things were bad and she always opted out.

The authenticity of this article is based on how the author has articulated marriage issues in the book, the author has provided details and every aspect and point of view is drawn from the primary source which makes it authentic.