Anne Moody – Coming of Age in Mississippi

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When Ann was in high school, she started getting the attention of the boys and the men in their community. Moody (1968) pointed out that she wore jeans when she outgrew her  school uniform dresses, which her family was unable to afford  to replace for her even when they grew tight. Her popularity with the boys increased in that in her eighth grade, she was elected the home coming queen. Moreover, her father, Diddly, provided her with a beautiful dress. This made her homecoming parade in high school one of the few moments of joy in her young life. Her mother was not even able to recognize her in the new dress until she waved.

The experiences of Ann Moody in the book are shown of her struggle to overcome the post war era of racism and gender in the South America. The experiences of the author elaborate how it was like in the i1950’s and 1960’s for the young African Americans (Moody, 1968). The recollections of the author of her childhood and even adult acquaintances who were murdered by the KuKlux Klan, and the harsh experiences where she had to hide in high grass at night to avoid the Klan

Moody (1968) indicated that she grew up when the civil rights movements were thick, and therefore she had to deal with racism and prejudices from both whites and the blacks. Furthermore, the author had to struggle through the hardships because her family was poor. From her experiences in the parade, the author creates a picture of a hero being borne from her struggles. She was poor, she was black, but through her struggles she was able to struggle through and be elected the homecoming queen. She use.............

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Anne Moody – Coming of Age in Mississippi
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