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Animal Rights

Dec 6, 2017 | 0 comments

Dec 6, 2017 | Essays | 0 comments

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Animal Rights


For a long time animals have been exposed to a series of laboratory research for the advancement of better treatment for human beings. Many have argued that human life is worth more than animal life and hence the need to continue using these animals for research. Consequently, removing animals from the lab will mean less understanding of human health and diseases and less development of new an vital treatment. On the other hand, it is considered morally wrong and unethical to use animals for human benefit.

My upbringing has always been focused on respecting both human and animal life. With so many pets around the house I have developed an attachment to animals and always ensured they are in no pain or suffering. Therefore, I find it unethical and inhumane to use animals for medical research exposing them to major risks. Animals like human beings feel pain and fear when exposed to unwarranted environments. I would like to learn more about animal laws, their rights and how they can be protected from medical research. I would also like to learn whether one can be  held legally responsible or causing pain and suffering to an animal.

(Neal &Kaufman,1997), in their paper titled, Animal Research is wasteful and misleading, argue that there is no need to cause pain and suffering when technological development and mathematical models and human tissue culture can show better results than using animals. For instance, they are of the view that using animals in medical research been useless and misleading. The HIV and stroke vaccines have been researched for over a decade now with thousands of animals being exposed to the vaccines. When the vaccines are tested on human beings, they seem not to work having no benefit at all at the expense of having several dead animals.




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