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Target Markets

Apr 25, 2016 | 0 comments

Apr 25, 2016 | Essays | 0 comments

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Amazon Company Analysis: Target Markets

Overview of the paper.

The Amazon Company; which forms the biggest cloud in the giant US economy amongst other companies is flourishing in selling online books. Amazon has had a tremendous season in the market comparing it with other competitors in the business of books and other online stores. The current status of the company is that, it is the leading online books store with income generation on the rise year in, year out. The current value of the company stands at over $ 88.99 billion in net sales in the year 2014. Amazon has experienced growth in its product sales and expansions are inevitable. The expansion was not limited to the original plan of online books and contents but added more merchandise that included; acquisition of other companies that still operate online with their products. The inclusion of these other companies was to diversify the products and control the majority of the market population. The target group of the company can be classified into two mainstream levels. The primary and the secondary market targets formed the basis of the company’s growth and expansion. The decision was to bring more inventory into the company led to the double growth of the gross revenue over a short period of time (Suzaki, 2002).

The company initiated ambitious research on the target markets and found who formed the basis of the clientele that originally was the repeat, customers. The estimated registered customers globally are 270 million who have active accounts with the Amazon Company. The repeat clients have made Amazon products be most valuable brands in the world. The quality and availability have been the backbone of the success of the company evident in the gross revenues witnessed by the rate of sales of the products. The varieties in terms of products have risen optimal mark to include the biggest American brands in the markets (Hsieh, June 1, 2010).

The research is based on the primary market targets that have been those that access online services within the United States and across borders. The company has invested heavily through acquit ion of other companies such as Zappos worth $1,200 million. The secondary targets come in the other company’s interest in the strategy of diversification where the Company offers other products that include electronics etc.

Primary and secondary target markets.

Amazon Company is an online shop for books and content merchandise dealings which has its market targets population clearly cut out within the global stage. The primary source of the market is those who can access the online books and other content materials who make use of the products placed online. The targets are the male and the female that believe in the quality of products found in the Amazon sites as well as those subsidiary companies, like Zappos Company and others companies. Amazon Company has its customers at the age bracket as those between 24-35 years but this may go beyond the bracket given the followers that Amazon group has within the American market and hence may stretch to above the age of 18-35 to over 50’s in terms of age. All of its clients are residents of the United States and the world at large given the accessibility of its online networking leads to connections of bad groups. (George 1989) commented that these groups end up sharing information that has no good content. It has a different taste for all groups since the books and other content products spread across race, region, and profession. These figures run to over 270 million customers that are active on-site accounts and another 14 million that can access the products on mobile services platforms (American Management Association, 1956).

Primary market targets

Amazon Company has risen above other companies that offer similar online-based shops within the American and global markets due to its resourcefulness. The primary target has been those that saw the revenue rise to a high of over $ 88.99 billion in sales revenue in the year 2014 only. They are the bulk buyers and are using the various avenues provided by the company to acquire the products. Handling such a huge number of clients requires proper skills and etiquette. This group has its products made within a press of a button and hence the company decided to have other outlets in different countries reach more and more of its customer base. The taste and sense of its contents amongst this primary group are critical to the company strategy. To enhance the relationship and the link that the company has to this group population, the development of enhanced online spots was adopted, and more can get satisfactory services.

• Secondary market targets

The success of how the company has managed its primary target group has brought another phenomenon aspect of the markets that is the secondary target. This forms the basis of future and potential customers. The diversification and pursuing other ventures has enabled the group to expand. The introduction of other subsidiary companies has witnessed another dimension of the company’s target population. The Amazon decision to buy out other relevant companies and introduction of other products have developed the secondary target that was originally the books and content delivery services. This idea developed another interest from those who wanted more than just purchases of the books. The number of the primary targets also forms part of these numbers because through them the company has managed to advertise beyond the usually estimated figures.

  1. Target group.


. The Amazon Company has had a smooth business given its original plan and has stuck to the plan for some time, but a decision was made to diversify. The plan included the introduction of professional content to the users and this was due to their growth that was made through analysis of the orders made. The demand for the institutional books and content material for users in higher institutions of learning that is the universities and colleges across the globe pushed the company to enhance and hastened the decision to include more into the system. The various product designs that are mostly books and content material are tailored to attract more clients, and the products are enormous in terms of the varieties. Of students orientation, the varieties run to over 100 million products and that makes a huge market that the company so wise to exploit. Any company with sound and sensitive management, therefore, can’t ignore such a massive market target (Rivlin, 2005).

2. Market position.

The total population of over 400 million residing within the boundaries of the United States and another 5 billion people across the world are potential users of Amazon products. The followed up figures that the company records who visit the Amazon sites are estimated to be 182.62 million per month. The Amazon Company has managed to convince the population of over 270 million on accounts and another 14 million on mobile who visit their site for products that are offered by the company. In the world, the Amazon Company holds the biggest share in the online business compared to other staggering competitors.

Its market brand worth is estimated to be $ 45.76 billion and is supported with some of the statistics that include over 152,100 employees across the globe equal to some cities population in Africa. The making of over $ 88.99 billion in revenue as currently estimated, with an anticipation of an increase is expected within the organization due to the diversification of the products and computer literacy. This will facilitate the introduction of the ICT curriculum in the college that is can be comprehended by the Dubbo teaching staff. The acquisition of other diversified companies (Wilkes 1971).

Amazon Company has major shares in the market that run into hundreds of billions. The entire customer base can access the products that are even estimated to be more than the figures showed.

A quick check in the category I with blue shade representing the Amazon Company and the other represent the other competitors. It is evident that in terms of customer base the company registers is more than its competitors combined. This is itself evidence that Amazon controls the market for online shopping for various products available in the market share.


The research done indicates how Amazon Company shows the extent to which online business has managed to generate billions of sales and revenue. The Amazon group has survived the market competition, and that comes with various strategies involved in capturing and concurring the markets. The fraternity of the online products offered to give the customers the chance to shop for a variety of the documented graphic design because it can employ motion, light and audience interaction. My favorite part in designing websites are in creating the best themes, organizing the content under one site. The power of social networking has not been underestimated, and the company is strategizing on how to spread under the same line (Nosowitz, 2010).

The reception of the markets of these products offered online under the banner of Amazon was enhanced through the embracing of the advancement of technology. The technology aspect of business worldwide recognizes the trends of the age bracket that has incorporated the online designs of running their daily activities.

The entire world economy has been recognized the market trends, and most of the organizations are not left behind. The innovations and the investment being undertaken by various companies is an indication that the social media orientations of operations and activities are cropping into the departments of organizations.

Several companies have gone a notch higher and have formed a team to provide them with the online aspect of the functions. Such includes banks, medical institutions, learning centers, and manufacturing sectors. Amazon Company has wavered through hard times and once experienced the threat of hacking and interference in its products. It forced the company to assemble an elite team to handle such threats that almost cost them diamond (Byers, 2006).


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