Airbnb Main Marketing Strategies

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Airbnb Main Marketing Strategies


Currently, Airbnb is the available solution for home renters on a short-term basis worldwide. Since being in operation in 2008, the organization has become a leader in the marketplace giving different accommodation options across the world. Importantly, as of 2014, it had attracted approximately 25 million visitors and more are anticipated to join the industry in many cities and countries in almost all the states with the exceptions of Cuba, Vatican, Syria, Iran, and North Korea. For a fact, Airbnb is known for its leading pioneer-ship in the collaborative consumption burgeoning trend to its peer-to-peer rental model of business accommodation. This was and still is an innovative model in business that was powered through the 2.0 Web technologies, which was a disruption of the original business sector hospitality and economy, showing a huge potential growth chance and worldwide adoption.

1. Brief Summary of the Main Marketing Strategy Issues in the Airbnb Case

Partnership with advertisement websites

Main marketing strategy issues in the case of Airbnb that are yet applicable today are that the growth of the organization can be on its high investment in infrastructure and marketing, For example, in the U.S. Airbnb started by incorporating a strategy in online marketing that involved two giants in digital marketing, which are Google and Craigslist. Notably, establishing a partnership with Google was a form of a clear way of growth, although its inclusion of Craigslist, which is a highly employed classified website for advertisement in the U.S. was the most remarkable step the organization incorporates. This growth was a.............

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Airbnb Main Marketing Strategies
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