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Enhancing Efficiency through Cellular Layout and Group Technology

Mar 10, 2023 | 0 comments

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Mar 10, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Process flow diagram

  1. 3*3*3*3 = 81 different meal combinations can be chosen since they have 3 different choices for every module. This is why I multiplied 3 four times.
  2. Brad Marlow, I suggest to use delayed differentiation because we can have everything prepared but not cooked until we know the customer’s preferences. Since the items within every module are easy to replace, we can give these choices and have them ready to finish it. Successful companies such as Dell have done it and succeeded. This will be easy to diagnose and fix failure, easy to repair and it will simplified giving customers different choices. However, the possible product configurations are limited, and the all the entire modules need to be scrapped pretty often.

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Draw the process flow diagram. What are predecessors and immediate predecessors of D? What are descendants and immediate descendants of D?

  • The predecessors of D are A, B and C
  • The immediate predecessors of D are B and C
  • The descendants of D are G and H
  • The immediate descendent of D is G

3. What are the advantages of cellular layout? How is group technology used in cellular manufacturing?

Cellular layout is a layout in which machines are grouped into a cell that can process items that have similar processing requirements. Meaning that machines with similarities are grouped together to increase efficiency. .” By doing this, multiple items can enter the manufacturing process simultaneously, which in turn, helps to optimize efficiency. Because group technology is seeking to improve productivity cellular manufacturing goes successfully together with group technology to improve operations everywhere

4. According to a study by the Alliance of American Insurers, it costs more than three times the original purchase price in parts and labor to reconstruct a wrecked Chevrolet. Explain the reasons for this large discrepancy in terms of the processes used to assemble the original car and those required to reconstruct the wrecked car.

The original car was relatively cheap to purchase because thousands of this specific car were being produced which decreases the unit cost since there is not high customization required because the process of producing a car is repetitive. On the other hand, to fix one of these cars is more expensive because this needs an especial attention to fix something that has been massively produced. reconstructing a car essentially is a cross between job shop processing and a project, with none of the economies of repetitive processing.

5. (a) [10 pts] Describe De Mar’s competitive strategy. Identify De Mar’s product as service package–service and tangible parts.

A) They are stepping up from their competitors because they are providing features such as no extra charge 24/7 service that the other companies don’t offer using layout strategy. The main strategy is putting customer satisfaction as their main priority instead of money. Besides these services offered, they also offer guarantee which makes their customers feel confident about the products. As a result, they are able to pay a higher price for their products and services. The tangible aspects are the air conditioners, heaters and the products themselves going together with the services and values provided as a package.

B) How should De Mar’s marketing function support its competitive strategy? How should De Mar’s personnel be hired and trained?

The marketing function should support the competitive strategy by showing a total differentiation from its competitors since they are offering something that no one else does in this industry which is not the best one. Reviews and experiences from customers would help the marketing strategy to prove the value given by De Mar. This will increase this value and the market will be wider as well. Hired personnel should have high customer satisfaction skills just as the company as a whole does. New employees need to understand that customers go before anything and the goal to achieve is to give them what they want at any given time, even when they are not scheduled to, customers need to be satisfied.

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