Advantage of Text Messaging Over Phone Calls

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Advantage of Text Messaging Over Phone Calls

The essay argues that text messaging has many advantages compared to phone calls and will argue in support of text messaging with relevant examples. It is common to observe many young people especially the teenagers and the young adults prefer texting messages using their phones instead of making phone calls. This is because of relative advantages text messaging has over phone calls.

The first advantage of text messaging is that it is more discrete compared t phone conversation. Hence more ideal for a person who wants to communicate when they need not be heard. For example, in a group of people or in an office or in the house, person will prefer to send a text message so as to pass message when the people around are not aware of the content and to whom you have communicated with.

Another advantage t text messaging over phone calls is that it is a convenient way of communication to the hearing impaired people and the deaf. A deaf person can easily communicate with another person if he or she can read and text a message since they are unable to communicate verbally and listen. This makes text messaging advantageous compared to phone calls.

Text messaging is a store- and –forward service which means that when a person send a text message to another person be it a friend or a family member, the message does not go to the receiver’s phone directly. The advantage of this service is that the receiver’s phone does not need to be in range or active for an individual to send a message. The message will be stored for some few days in SMSC until the receiver will turn on his or her mobile phone at which the message will be delivered at that point. His is unlike phone calls where a person needs to be active to receive the call, or be in range to receive it when they are offline, the receiver will not receive the phone call or when he or she I not near the ringing phone, they will not answer it. Similarly, the text message will remain in the receiver’s Sim card or in the phone until the time he or she will delete it. This is unlike phone calls where you could not trace a conversation after the end of the phone call if it was not recorded.

Another advantage of text messaging compared to phone calls is that text messaging can be used in sending similar messages to a large group of people at a time especially from users of a particular area or from a contact list, and this process is referred to as broadcasting. For example, may companies especially the mobile phone companies and use text messaging service to send similar text messages over a large number of people at the same time from their contact lists. Similarly, many companies use text messaging in distributing news from the company and other relevant information to their subscribers. This is unlike phone calls where you anno call a large group of people with similar messages and is also cumbersome.

Text messaging does not overload networks compared to phone calls. For examples, many companies especially the TV shows and radio programs frequently use text messaging to engage their listeners and also let their viewers and listeners to make a contribution on a topic or even vote in a poll topic.

Lastly, a person can subscribe to get a test messaging on services such as weather alerts, medication reminders, news headlines, movie showtimes, driving directions, traffic updates, and local business listings. These services are not offered by phone calls hence texting is advantageous.

In conclusion, from the example essay text messaging has many advantages compared to phone calls since it is more discrete, it is convenient for the deaf,, it stores information, can be used for large number of people, does not overload network and offer subscription services.