Absence of Ethical Standards Artificial Intelligence

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Absence of Ethical Standards Artificial Intelligence

Absence of Ethical Standards Artificial Intelligence

Boddington (2018) defines artificial intelligence as a computer science branch that deals and associates with intelligent behavior simulation in computers. While Graham (2003) defines artificial intelligence as a machine’s capabilities to effectively familiarize as well as imitate human behavior that is intelligence. Graham (2003) further explains that artificial intelligence describes a robot that is controlled by a computer or digital computer abilities to efficiently perform various tasks that are related to substantially intelligent beings. Furthermore, Graham (2003) points out that beings that are substantially adaptable to changing situations and circumstances are intelligent.

However, it is vital to note that artificial intelligence definitions shift and change according to the various objectives; aims, as well as goals, strived to be attained with a particular artificial intelligence system (Boddington, 2018). Boddington (2018) states that development, as well as an investment in artificial intelligence, is based on three major objectives. First of all, to effectively build a system that functions as well as thinks similar to humans. Secondly, to attain systems that function without going through the process of comprehending reasoning in human beings (Boddington, 2018). Lastly, according to Boddington (2018), the third objective when investing in artificial intelligence is to utilize reasoning in humans as a standard model without it being the project’s end goal. Therefore, with the different definitions emerge different understanding as well as a perception of artificial intelligence and its purpose in today’s world.

The current perceptions of what Artificial Intelligence is now and what it will become in the future must involve discussion of how the world’s political climates are currently, as to whether the embrace of Artificial Intelligence is a good or bad thing depends on who is being asked. According to Muller (2016), quite a several people are skeptical and creating rational fears surrounding artificial intelligence, due to its current state. On the other hand, another significant group of people has completely embraced the development and investment in artificial intelligence as the future staple of many industries.

Muller (2016) points out that, traditionally the idea of artificial intelligence was considered significantly ambiguous as well as substantially difficult to pinpoint to one single concept; thus raising the question of what makes Artificial Intelligence, intelligent. For many, the idea of being self-aware is sufficient however that is an almost insignificant definition as many computers are completely aware of their own existence, not in a retrospective way but rather by its capabilities to perform functions and calculations. Moreover, In Muller (2016) mentions that when reviewing the processes the computer must be fully aware of its own actions; t.............

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Absence of Ethical Standards Artificial Intelligence
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