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Advancing Your Accounting Career through a Master’s Degree

Jun 22, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jun 22, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

What are your short term next three years and long-term professional goals?

In three years, I hope to have completed my Masters of Science degree in accounting since it has always been my dream to acquire the highest level of education and I view a Master’s degree as a continuation of my quest for knowledge and a huge step in my career as an accountant. I also hope to get an entry job in some of the most reputable organizations especially in the banking system. My long term goal is to establish an audit and financial consultancy firm- oversee its growth to one of the most competitive firms in the country offering quality services to a variety of clients ranging from individuals to corporations.


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How do you expect the Broad MS in Accounting program to contribute to your success?

Accounting profession is one of the most lucrative careers with reasonable pay and a dynamic job market but is extremely competitive. It is a career where competence and the level of education matter for any individual with a desire to climb up the job ladder. Excellence and achievement of positive progress in accounting profession requires high level of training offered at outstanding institution of learning like Michigan State University and creativity. I perceive a Masters’ of Science degree in accounting as a vital step in my career since I believe that the program will equip me with the necessary skills to be as competitive as the rest of my colleagues in the profession and upon completion open doors to top level jobs in accounting thus enabling me to apply for top jobs in well-established organizations that offers employees opportunity to advance in their careers.

In addition, I believe MS accounting program would widen my knowledge in accounting and in business since the program entails equipping students with a broad range of business skills including specialized financial management and general managerial skills thus the ability to start and effectively run a business. Considering I have remarkable leadership skills judging from my experience when leading a team of five interns for document verification in application of four-star branch network while working as an intern at China CITIC Bank, I believe the program can help me advance. The program is very beneficial as it will aid strengthen my teamwork, communication, presentation and critical thinking abilities. It will also empower me with appropriate skills useful in responding effectively to challenges in the working environment as well as difficulties pertaining to the profession since it equips individuals with real world skills and ability to integrate classroom knowledge and real world problems. Moreover, MS accounting program will provide me with the experience and motivation to create and deliver change through innovation that would aid solve some of the current and emerging financial and economic difficulties since in the past I have applied FASB accounting standard codification to solve business combination reporting issues. Therefore, I believe enrolling in MS accounting program is an opportunity to better myself and eventually the whole society.

Why are you interested in pursuing graduate management education at this time?

Timing is very crucial in planning and achieving career goals thus my desire to pursue graduate management education at this time. I am very passionate about my career which is the basis of my desire to immediately continue with my education without any delays with the hope that I achieve my profession goals as planned. In addition after taking into account all the available options, I realized pursuing MS program in accounting right away was the best considering that I recently attained my undergraduate degree. I felt that in two to three years I would be in a better place career- wise armed with the Masters degree compared to if I join the job market now. Furthermore, I am absolutely sure I want to pursue accounting further since I have the talent and interest to thrive in the field.



An internship in accounting


Michigan State University, Eli Broad College of Business, East Lansing, MI

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, expected graduation May 2016

GPA 3.61/4.0


  • Fluent in Chinese and English
  • Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

Work Experience

China CITIC Bank, Shuangnan Sub-branch, Chengdu Branch, Chengdu, China

Office Clerk Intern

June 2015-August 2015

  • Assisted in document scanning and logged them in the company’s proprietary computer system for further review by other internal departments
  • Led internship team of 5 for documents verification in application of four-star branch network appraised and elected by China Banking Association
  • Operated office machinery such as copier and fax machine.

Zhi Xin He Certified Tax Agents Limited Corporation, Chengdu, China

Assistant of Tax Auditor

July 2014-August 2014

  • Helped audit all documents like: tax return, invoices, balance sheets etc.
  • Assisted with audit requests, research and implementation of tax consequences

Leshan City Commercial Bank, Leshan, China

Assistant Accountant

May 2013-July 2013

  • Reviewed expense reports and cash advances
  • Helped prepare monthly account reconciliation analysis


Deloitte Case Competition 2nd prize, East Lansing, Michigan

November 2015

  • Applied FASB Accounting Standard Codification to the case to solve business combination reporting issues.
  • Strengthened critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and presentation skills.
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