Cheap Research Papers

Cheap Research Papers Writing Service

Cheap Research Papers Writing Service

Searching for online research paper writing services at an affordable rate?

Most of the time, quality and cheapness do not go together.

For that reason, most students seeking research paper writing services are wary of academic writing agencies offering cheap rates.

But with, you need not worry about quality.

In the ten years, we have been in business, we have found a way to offer research papers at a cheap rate without compromising quality.

We have writers in more than 50 disciplines and can handle all kinds of research papers (essays, dissertations, white paper, lab reports, literature reviews, etc.)

Additionally, we handle research papers at all academic levels, i.e., from high school to doctorate level.

Find Out How Affordable Our Research Paper Writing Service Is

Using the cost calculator below, you can find out the exact amount you will pay for your research paper.

The cost is affected by:

  • The type of paper
  • The number of pages
  • The education level
  • The deadline

All the factors listed above influence the cost per page.

Unfortunately, the only factor that is under your control is the deadline.

So, if you are on a tight deadline, we recommend ordering your research paper way before the deadline.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that we have writers on standby ready to work, so do not hesitate to place an order even if it is urgent.

Can A Cheap Research Papers Writing Company Provide Quality Work?

For academic writers to produce quality work, a company needs to pay them well.

So, you are probably wondering how we can claim to provide cheap rates and still provide quality.

Well, we have been in business long enough to know how to reduce our expenditure so that most of what we get is used to pay our writers.

Most importantly, we make sure we only hire experienced and qualified writers.

First, we verify their academic qualifications.

Then, we test their knowledge in the fields that they claim to cover.

After that, they have to pass an English test that covers all aspects, including grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.

Those who pass the English test sit down for an academic writing formats (APA, MLA, etc.) test, before they are tested on their practical writing skills.

The practical writing tests not only test how good a writer is but also their ability to produce a quality research paper within a tight deadline.

Even after passing through all these tests, the writers we hire still have to go through training on research paper writing.

Additionally, new writers work under an experienced mentor for the first three months.

Also, we have a whole team of editors and proofreaders whose work is to go through the work of our writers and improve it by providing the relevant feedback.

And, every six months, we evaluate all our writers and editors and promote those who are doing good work and part ways with those who are not keeping up with our high standards.

We also group our writers into categories based on their customer satisfaction and timeliness of submitting orders.

Once you place an order, it is assigned to the ‘best available’ writer, which could be a writer in either the advanced category or the basic category.

At an extra fee, we can assign your order directly to an advanced level writer.

Advanced level writers have a customer satisfaction star rating of 4.8 out of 5.

We also have a native writers’ feature for those students in native English-speaking countries and those who want their papers written in flawless English.

The advanced level writer feature will cost 25% more than the initial cost while the native writer feature adds 30% to the amount initially quoted.

The sample service is another feature you can use to improve the quality of the work you order.

With this feature, you get four random pages from work handled by the best available writers; after going through these samples, you get to decide which writer is best suited to handle your task.

We Offer More Than Just Affordability And Good Writers

We are cheap, and we have experienced writers who consistently deliver quality work.

But, that’s not all.

The following are the advantages of using our research paper writing service:

  • Plagiarism-free work. Two factors guarantee that the work we deliver to you is not plagiarised. The first is that we do not provide you with pre-written work – our writers work each order from scratch. The second is that your order is scanned using anti-plagiarism software. We are strict about plagiarism because we understand how damaging plagiarism can be to a student’s academic merit.
  • Free revisions. Your satisfaction is of high priority to us. That is why our writers will make alterations and changes to your work until you are satisfied at no extra cost.
  • Money-back guarantee. Any good company offers this option. Why? It shows that a company is so confident in the quality of work they provide. If you are not satisfied with the work, even after revisions, we refund between 10% and 100% of the amount you paid.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed. We value your privacy and the privacy of the data you provide us when you sign up on our website. For that reason, we observe international data protection policies. Our site uses several security policies, including SSL. Also, we only use secure systems of payments. Payment options on our website include PayPal, Skrill, MasterCard, Visa, and Payoneer.
  • Progressive delivery. There are some types of research papers, such as dissertations, capstone projects, and thesis, which are huge. With the progressive delivery option, you can get your assignment in stages, say after every chapter. This option costs only 10% more than the initial price, and you get to pay for the order in installments.

How Your Order Is Processed

The first step is for you to fill in the order form.

Then you click the order button, and you will be redirected to a checkout page where you make the payment.

Shortly after, we contact you for further details about your order.

This step is crucial because providing details instructions helps our writer produce a paper that meets all your lecturers’ requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Some of the details we are particularly interested in are the type of paper, the number of pages, the academic writing format required, your education level, and your course of study.

After gathering the necessary information, your order is assigned to the best available writer.

You can then communicate with the writer on the order page.

You can even upload further instructions of your assignment on this page.

We recommend you visit your order page in case the writer has questions.

It is also on this order page that you will download or view your order after the writer has completed it.

If you like the final draft delivered, you can hit the approve button, or apply for a free revision.

The download document is in editable word format, and you can use in whatever way you want. is a cheap research paper writing service that provides quality work.

Place an order now and solve all your research paper writing problems.