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The Art of Writing to Inform: Tips for Informative Essay Writing

Jul 7, 2023

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Jul 7, 2023 | Blog

The vast majority of essays are written to convey information or writing to Inform the audience. The essay conveys the information you have collected from authors, instructors, professors, your thoughts, and sometimes peers and colleagues. It doesn’t matter what kind of essay you write, whether personal or formal; the point is to transfer information.

Students and writers may not fully grasp certain aspects of essay writing, resulting in lower grades. Some writers and students struggle to provide clear and accurate information, which can lead to them losing marks. As mentioned earlier, writers write essays to inform or provide information to the readers. The reader wants to see factual information to know the essence of you writing the essay.


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One of the things that you need to do is follow the conventions.

Ensure that your essay is straightforward and comfortable for any reader.

You can do this by properly formatting and structuring your essay.

Ensuring that you have done the line spacing, the standard font, and the margin property is important for appearance.

Ensure that your title informs the reader of what your essay is all about.

Some writers don’t provide a clear introduction, so the marker may not know what the essay is about.

In an academic writing task, you must consider the structure of your essay.

You need to work on the three levels of structuring your essay.

There is the structuring of sentences, paragraph structuring, and essay structuring.

Sentence Structure

Your primary essay objective is to bring out the information clearly and straightforwardly. The thesis sentence of an essay can achieve this.

Ensure that your sentences are clear, concise, and straightforward.

Sometimes students are confused and believe that the more they write, the better the essay.

This is a wrong notion because you may write a lot in an essay, but it may not convey the message.

It is also important that you consider the style of writing.

The style is all about controlling how you present your information and the main ideas of that information in your essay.

Ensure you don’t write long sentences because they make the information clumsy and hard to understand.

Ensure that your sentence length will make the reader understand what you want to convey and get the reader’s attention.

You can consider using two to four short sentences and a longer one.

Don’t make your sentences too long because the reader might get tired while reading.

When writing your essay, you must consider the choices of words you use.

Ensured the vocabulary that you use fits the subject you are talking about.

Ensure you use keyword expressions effectively.

Do a good contribution of words and vocabulary so you don’t overuse or repeat them in your essay.

Strive for clarity in your sentences and make them easy to read.

Paragraph Structure

In paragraph structuring, it is important to ensure that every paragraph has its idea and subject.

Every sentence in a paragraph must relate to one main idea.

Make sure each paragraph focuses on one topic, clearly stating and elaborating on it in subsequent sentences.

Ensure the remaining sentences support your statement concerning the topic in question.

The final sentence in your paragraph should link to the next paragraph’s idea.

Essay Structure

What should the essay as a whole look like?

You need an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The use of headings can also accompany these.

The essay’s structure should inform the reader about the content of the essay. It should include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

The introduction must introduce the topic and give an overview of what we will discuss. The body should present the main points and provide supporting evidence. Finally, the conclusion should summarize the main points and restate the thesis statement.

When you have an effective structure for an essay, it will be easy for you to write it.

The reason why you need to have an essay structure is to make the reader understand it.

It is essential to ensure you have the content and the form of an essay.

The form reflects the structure of the essay.

Good content needs a clear structure to effectively inform the reader.

Be Focused

Maintaining a continuous thought process throughout your essay is important for the reader to understand the flow.

It is important to know which information is relevant to your topic and which one is not.

Ensure that you are focused and be on the task, no matter how tempting it may be to steer off.

When writing an essay, it is important to understand whether it is asking you to give an overall understanding concerning the issue or a position/ argument.

You need to have a balanced approach when it comes to judgment and argumentative essays,

This can be difficult, especially when discussing politics, religion, and social issues.

You need to strive for objectivity when it comes to writing academic essays.

Whether you are writing a general understanding or an argumentative essay, ensure objectivity.

Use a factual approach when presenting your position.

Ensure that when presenting any other position, you make it clear and neutral.

Where you do not agree with any argument, ensure you do not denounce or attack a person directly.

Be Informative

Being able to give a reader as much information as possible is essential.

Ensure that your information is clear and accessible.

Keep your essay in the present tense as much as possible.

Use Signal words

When you’re writing to inform, you have a lot of different strategies for creating effective sentences. But here’s one that’s simple and effective: use signal words.

Signal words are the words and phrases that help readers navigate from sentence to sentence in your writing. Signal words introduce new ideas, actively show how they relate to what’s been written or provide extra information.

Here are some examples of signal words:

To introduce an idea:

  • for example
  • in particular
  • finally
  • some things to consider are…

To show how an idea relates to what has already been written:

  • similarly
  • for instance
  • in addition
  • next
  • furthermore

Mind the G.A.P

G .A. P means the genre, audience, and purpose


You will write the kind of informational writing called genre conventions.

It’s a matter of explaining and describing how something works.

The information that you will be able to provide to the reader should be able to represent your genre.

It is important to have facts when writing an informative essay about genre.


Students may find it odd that professors discuss the audience while teaching, as even the professors themselves find it strange.

Who does the writer envision as the audience?

This looks strange because you may write an essay for everyone, but only the reader or marker will see it.

When writing an informative nonfiction text, the writer should consider the audience. The writer should ensure that the text is understandable to the readers. Additionally, the writer should aim for the readers to gain something from the text.


This can also be awkward because the writer aims to get good grades.

At the same time, the purpose of writing an informative essay is to give information.

In other ways, the informational essay will also teach.

Think of yourself as an information provider, not just a writer, when writing your essay. This mindset will lead you in the right direction.

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