Demonstration Speech 

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Demonstration Speech 

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How To Write A Demonstration Speech (With Topic Ideas)

Writing a demonstration speech might not be as easy as you thought.

The basics are easy; you pick an explainable topic and then write an explanation that will accommodate a demonstration by you or an assistant.

Picking a topic is where most students get stuck.

Fortunately, you will find a lot of demonstration speech topic ideas online.

The problem is picking a topic you are familiar with that is neither too complicated, or too common.

Read on to find out how to write a demonstration speech and interesting demonstration speech topic ideas.

Tips On How To Write A Demonstration Speech

The following are some tips our speech writers shared on how to create an excellent demonstration speech:

  1. Understand your target audience

Who is your audience?

Would they be interested in the subject of your speech?

If so, how deep is their understanding of the topic?

The point is, make sure the subject is not only interesting to you, but also interesting to your audience.

Also, the subject you pick should not be too complex or too obvious.

Therefore, you need to do research on your audience to understand them better and familiarize yourself with their interests.

For example, if the target of your speech is an older audience, a demonstration speech on how to use social media could be a good idea. However, to a millennial audience, such a subject is too obvious.

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2. Pick a topic you are familiar with

As you brainstorm demonstration topic ideas, you are likely to come up with topics you are not interested in or familiar with.

If you seriously think there are no alternatives, you could take your time to research on an unfamiliar topic and still come up with a good speech.

However, such a speech will not be as good as a speech you write on a topic you are familiar with.

When you are covering a topic you are familiar with, you will go beyond just offering basic tips as you will offer useful insights to your audience.

Furthermore, it is easier to write about a familiar topic, and you will take a shorter time on research and even write the speech quicker.

3. Gauge the importance of your topic

Just because it seems obvious does not mean it is not important.

For example, a demonstration speech on how to tie a tie seems obvious.

After all, tying a tie is something most people do on a daily basis.

But it might surprise you to know the number of people that don’t actually know how to do it, especially the younger generation.

The point is, before you dismiss a topic as too obvious, measure its importance.

You can do that by going online, on social media and forums, and conducting simple anonymous surveys about topics your target audience would deem important.

4. Consider the amount of time you have to deliver the speech

Of course, you will not have the whole day to give your speech.

If you do not know how much you will be allowed, seek clarification.

Knowing the timeframe for your speech is important in helping decide on a topic and how much detail to include in your speech.

Some topic will take less than five minutes while others will take up to half an hour.

Also, you need to make your speech shorter than the time allowed.

Why? Your audience might have questions – therefore, you need to allow for some Q & A time after the speech.

5. Pay attention to your introduction

Like with any other speech, the introduction of a demonstration speech is essential.

A good introduction will have your audience curious about what you have to say.

If you deliver a terrible introduction, people will not listen to the rest of your speech.

In the introduction of a demonstration speech, talk about your topic.

Explain to your audience why you chose that topic, and why it is important.

6. Focus on the demonstration

The most crucial part of the speech is the demonstration.

You can use flashcards, powerpoint presentation, or even live demonstration.

Whatever type of demonstration you pick, make sure you have all the necessary material ready when you are delivering the speech.

7  Consider seeking help with the demonstration

Depending on the topic, and the type of demonstration, it might be inconvenient to read the speech and demonstrate simultaneously.

So, you should consider having an assistant to perform the demonstration.

The assistant could be a fellow student.

Alternatively, you could ask people from the audience to help with the demonstration.

That is actually a good way of making the audience feel more involved and connected to your topic.

They will understand the topic better, and it will seem more interesting.

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Exciting Demonstration Speech Ideas

  1. How to use social media
  2. How to send a work email
  3. How to choose sneakers
  4. How to bake cupcakes
  5. How to conduct research for essays
  6. How to take care of a sick cat
  7. How to learn a foreign language quickly
  8. How to decorate your living room using materials available at home
  9. How to build a simple website
  10. How to tend to flowers in your garden
  11. How to work out at home without gym equipment
  12. How to swing a golf club
  13. How to apply makeup like a diva
  14. How to survive in the wilderness
  15. How to feed a baby
  16. How to keep your wardrobe organized
  17. How to pick match jewelry to your dinner dress
  18. How to find a trustworthy roommate
  19. How to change a flat tire
  20. How to write a job application letter


The quality of your demonstration speech is highly dependent on the topic you choose and your understanding of that topic.

Also, how you choose to demonstrate your ideas is essential.

Above, you will find useful tips on how to pick a topic and write the body of your demonstration speech.

Additionally, we have included some exciting demonstration speech topic ideas you might draw inspiration from.


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