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How to answer ‘To what extent….’Essay Question

Jul 27, 2021 | 0 comments

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Jul 27, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Essay-based examinations can be some of the most difficult that students have to face.

Not only do they need to learn all their facts and information, but they also must write an essay under time pressure while addressing its requirements in a well-thought-out paper outline with structured arguments.

This is where EssayFreelanceWriters steps in and provides you with a series of custom essay formats that will be perfect for answering any one of these common exam questions: “Compare and Contrast,” “To What Extent,” “How does the Writer, ”For or Against?”

And last but not least—”Close Reference.” They do this by providing clear instructions on how to tackle each question type. For example, if your assignment were to ask about close reference analysis—we will guide you through getting started.

To What Extent?

You can expect to see many of the ‘To what extent…’ essay questions in an exam.

They are popular across different subjects because they’re understandable, considering their ability to measure many skills at once.

The first skill that this type of question measures is depth knowledge about the given subject- it’s difficult for someone who doesn’t know anything about history or math to write a good answer on either topic!

Secondly, these essays allow students to show independent judgment by analyzing how important certain pieces of information are over others.

What your custom essay should include

The ”To what extent” essay question is a great way to get into the nitty-gritty of your argument and present it engagingly.

For example, “In what ways was Charles II responsible for his problems with parliament?” On the one hand, he could have handled these conflicts better by being more tactful during negotiations.

On the other hand, not even this king can be expected to know how any political crisis will turn out!

There are two principle elements that a ‘To What Extent’ essay question should include: detailed source evidence and extra material which supports your argument;

Let’s use an example here to demonstrate.

In history exams, there might often ask:

To what extent was the character of Charles II responsible for his problems with parliament?“.

The student is asked to provide an insightful analysis of how Charles II‘s more complex personality may have influenced his political relationships.

The only way to make your essay really shine is by using detailed evidence and linking it back to better ideas. It’s not just about including other factors but also considering how significant they support the argument you’re making.

For instance, when answering questions like ‘to what extent…’, keep the general structure of an answer while changing details where appropriate.

Incorporating detailed evidence will always make your argument more comprehensive and help show how much you know about the subject matter.

It is also important to see beyond just what’s happening in that particular event or time period; linking with wider issues or topics can strengthen arguments as well. For example, by citing other historical events which had a bearing on Charles II’s character but not his rule (such as the English Civil War), it would be easier for an audience of historians to understand why he acted certain ways later during his reign- even if they were unrelated directly to Parliament itself.

The importance of incorporating detailed evidence into an essay cannot be overstated: such details give strength and depth to an angle one may want their point of view.

How your custom essay should be structured


As with all essays, the introduction needs to answer the question briefly.

However, with a ‘To what extent…’ essay topic, an intro should acknowledge that Charles II is not solely responsible for his problems in Parliament and highlight other aspects which also affect it.

In our history essay example from earlier, we have seen how important it is when considering questions such as these to take into account all facets rather than focusing solely on one aspect in isolation – so let us now see if we can answer more fully by looking at some evidence concerning Charles’ childhood years before becoming king where he did seem like a promising young man who would likely succeed without any difficulties whatsoever…

Paragraph 1 and 2

These paragraphs in the essay illustrate how Charles’s character led to his downfall with Parliament.

His stubbornness and unwillingness to compromise resulted in him losing power over England, which was a significant event that had many consequences for France and Britain.

Linking sentence

In the first paragraph, you explored that there are some parts of your story.

In this passage, you explore a different point to make sure readers understand all the important aspects of these arguments on both sides.

In two paragraphs up ’til now, I’ve shared my thoughts and opinions with y’all so far as what’s been going down in regards to whether or not athletes should be paid for their work off-the-court/field alike; but let me tell you’ll find something, just because we’re talking bout wages don’t mean others can’t also say that other realms like social media play an integral part too!

Paragraph 3 and 4

As with all essays, the introduction needs to answer the question briefly.

However, with a ‘To what extent…’ essay topic, an intro should acknowledge that Charles II is not solely responsible for his problems in Parliament and highlight other aspects which also affect it.

Charles’s relationships with Parliament improved between 1784 and 1820–years when he was prime minister for most of those years-even though, during these periods, Charles had an increasing tendency towards stubbornness as it became harder for him to maintain power within a shifting social order.

Therefore, we cannot say definitively whether changes associated with aging (easeful reticence) were responsible for improving parliamentary relations over time without considering other possible causes such as shifts on both sides away from extremism and toward moderation more generally throughout Britain at large under Westminster.


In conclusion, to what extent do you believe that the custom essay must end with a concluding summary that answers the overall question?

To answer this question, many points suggest it does and against it.

Firstly, we have seen how an ending is necessary for someone reading your paper to understand and be satisfied by all of its contents.

Secondly, while some may argue content outweighs form others will claim otherwise; either way, both sides seem equally important when debating whether or not your papers should contain conclusions because they can balance out one another’s views on each side as well as create more engaging discussions among readers who disagree about certain topics dealt within them without coming off too forceful just like persuasive essays would often try to do but never find any success.

You may have already spent hours of your life on that essay, but the final details are what really matter.

Forgetting about formatting or a missing citation can cause you to lose points and potentially lower grades for all your hard work.

The best proofreaders will not only be able to find any errors in grammar or spelling, but they also know how important it is for an essay’s structure and format to make sense.

So every point has space to shine with proper attention given throughout word choice, sentence length, punctuation use, as well as other little touches like capitalization at the beginning of each paragraph.

After reading through this wonderful piece from start to finish, I found myself more than impressed by everything done right here- don’t take my word for it!

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