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Jun 30, 2020 | 0 comments

Jun 30, 2020 | Guide | 0 comments

Have you been finding it hard to look for research materials in preparation for your master’s dissertation or essay writing?

If you are in this category you should not worry because we help you get solutions for the research.

When students find it difficult to find books they need for research, most of the time they will run to the internet because it is one of the places they are likely to get quick online research publications.

Unfortunately, when you want to quickly look for valuable materials on the internet that focus on your study it can be difficult to get the relevant material.

The question is how do you overcome this problem?

Listed below are five tips that will help you with online research.

1. Add Relevant Websites to Your Favorites or Bookmark the Website

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When you are doing online research, it can be difficult to remember the websites you’ve visited when you have not noted them down.

Any relevant website you come across as you do online research ensure you have saved it somewhere to use later.

Consider adding the websites on your favorite or do a bookmark on time.

2. Familiarize Yourself with Academic Resources

Use more than just Google!

It may seem outdated by now because everyone knows how to use Google.

But there are many websites with quality information perfect for finding exactly what you need.

We thought you might be looking for some new websites to explore!

There is a site called JSTOR that has scholarly journal articles.

You can also use Google Scholar, which will show you all of the publications written on any topic or keyword in your search bar It’s almost like being able to read everything ever published about a particular subject at once!

If you’re not conversant with the relevant websites to us in your subject area you must consult your supervisor or tutor concerning this.

They will be in a good position to direct you on the kind of websites you need to consider for your research.

Examples of these resources that can be found online include Google Scholar and also JSTOR.

When you have relevant academic resources, you will likely get what you want from them.

3. Exercising Critical Skills

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How will you be able to know the right information to use when you do online research?

When you access the internet the search engine will provide you with a lot of information concerning your studies.

You need to exercise your critical skills when it comes to the selection of the right materials for your work.

It is also important to access the websites that you visit.

This way you will be able to get relevant information for your online research.

4. Essay Construction

Essay construction is one of the best ways you can be able to get relevant facts to your dissertation.

When you can construct your essay, you will be able to work out your arguments easily.

It is important to note that not all the relevant information that you get for your dissertation will be relevant to your work.

5. Sources Acknowledgement

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You will find many people that fail their essays and dissertation is because of the copy and paste method.

This is because they copy and paste makes it easy for plagiarism.

One of the most advisable methods to work out your dissertation is to print the documents that you want to use and then you retype the information you need for your assignment.

This is a better tool as compared to the cut and paste method.

You need to ensure you have avoided plagiarism as much as possible because it is regarded as theft of someone else’s information.

This is because materials and books on the internet are covered by copyright law.

It is important to acknowledge your sources and also know how referencing your essay is supposed to look like.

6  Try searching different keywords that could possibly lead you in the right direction

For example, the word “history” might not work if your topic was about literature.

But maybe one of these will get better results like “literature history.” (If they don’t check out other words such as research or books)


Just because the Internet is a quick place to get your resources for essay writing it is important to have the skills to use it.

Ensure every material you use is accurate and academic.

It is also important that you critique each website so that you can get the right sources.

Maintain your objectivity while doing your online research is also essential.


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