How to Write a Thesis Statement with Examples

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A thesis statement is a crucial part of any academic paper.

Not only do you need a strong and valid thesis statement, but you also need to create persuasive arguments to support it.

To develop a solid thesis statement, you need to understand the definition of a thesis statement, why you need to include a thesis statement in your academic paper, and what makes a great thesis statement.

We have addressed all those things in this article.

Plus, there are thesis statement examples to demonstrate how to create an excellent thesis statement.

Additionally, we have included a section on how to avoid common thesis statement mistakes.

What Is A Thesis Statement?

What Is A Thesis Statement?
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A thesis statement is a claim you present for your essay.

You write it towards the end of the introduction, i.e., after introducing the reader to the topic and its significance.

The thesis statement informs the reader of your stand on the topic of discussion.

All the arguments you make in your paper should support it.

The task of coming up with a thesis statement seems so tricky.

But, what you are failing to realize is that you do not have to write it first, and you can always change it to match the theme of your paper.

It is easier to match your thesis to your paper than to match your paper with your thesis.

How To Phrase A Thesis Statement – With Thesis Statement Examples

How To Phrase A Thesis Statement – With Thesis Statement Examples
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A good thesis statement clearly and transparently answers a specific question.

In this section, we will show you three examples explaining why they were developed that way.

Example 1: Cycling in the morning and evening promotes heart health in adults.

This statement addresses the question of whether cycling is healthy.

The statement makes it very clear that cycling is healthy.

Another way to phrase such a thesis would be ‘cycling is healthy.’

But that is a very general statement.

This example is strong because it is precise and states why cycling is healthy (it improves heart health) and for whom cycling is healthy (adults).

The takeaway here is that a good thesis statement does not state the obvious.

Your statement should provide your reader with extra information.

Telling your reader what they already know does make them interested in continuing to read your paper.

Note that the point of an academic paper is not to address something readers already know and agree with.

A good academic paper should present your point of view and bring up a challengeable and debatable argument.

Use our free Thesis Statement Generator Tool Here.

Example 2: The initial cost of school uniforms seems why, but uniforms promote equality by removing the visual income difference between students.

This statement answers the question, ‘should school uniforms be introduced in our institutions?’

It is a strong thesis because it first cites one reason why some people are against uniforms, then provides very valid importance.

A reader will be interested in reading the arguments supporting the notion that uniforms promote equality.

Example 3: The internet has improved the quality of life.

This statement is for an essay about the advantages of the internet.

However, it is an extremely weak thesis.

Most readers already know the internet has improved lives.

So, why should they read your paper?

Readers would have been interested in reading the arguments in such a paper if the statement was specific on how the internet has improved lives and whose lives it has developed.

Thesis Statement Examples

Thesis Statement Examples
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Writing a perfect essay introduction requires you to have an insightful and captivating thesis statement as the backbone of your work. Let’s take a look at some thesis statement examples to come up with one for our own.

Argumentative Thesis Statement Examples

An argumentative essay is a way for the writer to present reasons and facts as proof of their opinion. In an argument, two parties disagree about something like political opinions or which movie is better. The goal in this type of paper would be to convince your reader that you have more evidence backing up your point than they do theirs.

An argument or claim could be about anything from proposals to opinions.

Argumentative papers are meant to persuade readers that the argument is true- so you need to be thoughtful while writing an argumentative thesis statement. Let’s take a look at some good examples:

  • Although uniforms enhance unity and community spirit, educational institutes should not force students to wear them.
  • While some pundits have drafted graduation as something inevitable for success, this opinion should not be treated as presented.
  • College graduates should have a year’s job experience before entering university to improve their communication skills and increase global awareness and market knowledge.

Informative Thesis Statement Examples

Informative essays are supposed to be informative, meaning that they provide information about a topic. Typically, an informative essay asks the following questions: who? Why? What?, Where?, When?, and How ____. The writing of thesis statements for these types of essays is quite straightforward. Let’s see some examples:

  • Not just negative stories, fairy tales also shed a negative impact on the psychology of young children.
  • To make a jelly and peanut butter sandwich, you need to get the ingredients, find a knife, and spread the dressing.
  • People should add exercise into their daily routine because it decreases the risk of high blood pressure and keeps the body at a healthy weight.

Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement Examples

In your compare-and-contrast essays, you can point out similarities in subjects as well as differences between them.

Let’s see some examples that make the subject more interesting, creative, and engaging:

  • Student loan policies have contributed to extensive growth in college and university tuition fees.
  • As yoga and exercise both are energy-efficient activities, they both provide different health benefits.
  • The student debt crisis is one of the most severe problems facing the country today.

Thesis Statement Examples Expository Essay

An expository essay explains an idea to the reader clearly and concisely. The writer presents their argument logically without any opinion, relying on facts instead of rhetoric for support. Here are some examples:

  • According to the FBI, crime rates have increased in the last two years.
  • The life of a college student can be categorized by time for studying, attending classes, giving exams, and socializing with others.
  • High levels of alcohol consumption can become the reason for weight gain, liver complications, and heart disease.

Analytical Thesis Statement Examples

Analytical essays work to provide meaning and understanding of a concept. Analytical essay thesis statements answer the “why” and “who” questions in various ways, as you can see with these examples:

  • In “A Worn Path,” the writer creates a fictional character whose faith, determination, and cunning behavior illustrate the invincible human spirit.
  • In “The Third and Final Continent,” the writer exhibits the characters by immigrants: adaptation, tradition, and identity.
  • Although there are different causes of world war 1, Militarism, Nationalism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Assassination led to the war’s beginning.

Thesis Statement Examples for narrative essays

A narrative essay captures an event or experience from your point of view and is a great way to show some knowledge about the subject. The thesis statement sets the tone for what you are writing, which can be light, serious, funny, etc.

Here are some common examples that should help you get started:

  • My college years were full of obstacles, and instead of giving up, I tried my best to find opportunities in every situation to overcome these obstacles.
  • My trip to Europe was amazing as I explored different cultures, customs, languages, and ways of life that completely changed my meaning of life.
  • Unconditional love is not about moving mountains but helping one realize one’s own potential.

Research Paper Thesis Statement Examples

Research papers are extended essays based on facts and figures. The research paper is not just a summary of what the author already knows but also includes building new knowledge by conducting experiments or other types of study to prove claims that have been made in their thesis statement.

Listed below are some thesis statement examples for research papers:

  • We must save the whales because our planet’s health depends on biological diversity.
  • Modern technology and science for renewable energy are indispensable for our future economy and society.
  • The Internet of things and blockchain have emerged as the most exciting use cases for the technological era.

What Makes a Good Thesis Statement?

What Makes a Good Thesis Statement?
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There is no specific answer to that question because a good thesis for an argumentative essay will not be so strong for an informative essay, a persuasive essay, and other types of papers.

A thesis statement for an informative essay should provide a general overview of the topic and a summary of the main points in the essay.

Example: Research indicates that sleep improves productivity by refreshing the body’s energy levels, reducing the buildup of stress hormones, consolidating memory.

For most essays and academic papers, follow the rule of three when developing your thesis statement.

The rule of three dictates that your thesis should provide three important pieces of information, especially if you are writing an informative or expository essay.

Following the rule of three means that the thesis statement for argumentative and persuasive essays should provide three good reasons you have a valid claim.

The rule of three is beneficial when developing a thesis statement for middle school and high school essays.

These essays take the five-paragraph structure.

Providing three points in your thesis allows you to focus on each point in its own paragraph in the body of your essay.

However, university-level papers are lengthier and often have a more complex structure.

Therefore, you should develop a thesis statement that matches the paper’s e length, purpose, and structure.

The following is an example of a university-level research paper:

Society, media, and religion still uphold traditional family values. These family values insist on the father-mother-child nuclear family structure. This conventional family structure is outdated and has negative psychological effects on children from single-parent families.

That is a solid thesis statement because it informs the reader what the paper is about and clearly presents the writer’s point of view.

The statement is also good because it provides the writer with a road map for acquiring relevant data when conducting research.

Common Thesis Statements Mistakes

Common Thesis Statements Mistakes
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  • Choosing to write about a topic you are not interested in or familiar with.
  • Choosing a point of view or argument you cannot validate with strong evidence from your sources.
  • Using words that express uncertainty such as may, might, could, should.
  • Going with an obvious claim that is not challengeable – there is no point researching and arguing an indisputable claim.


A thesis statement should be precise, provide an answer to a specific question, communicate your stance clearly, and allow debate.

If you experience problems building your own thesis statement, refer to the provided thesis statement examples and tips shared in this article.

Alternatively, contact us for professional thesis statement writing help.

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