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How to Write a Thesis Statement?

May 7, 2021

May 7, 2021 | Blog

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Thesis statements are what make a paper come together.

They help establish the main idea, opinion, or theory expressed in writing or speech and can be found all over – even in advertising!

Our experts say that academic papers have some of the most crucial thesis statements out there for a good reason; they not only shape how you’re seen as an author but also ensure your research is well-rounded and thorough.

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What Is a Thesis Statement in an Essay?

What Is a Thesis Statement in an Essay? | Essay Freelance Writers

You can boil down a thesis statement to a one- or two-sentence introduction that communicates the central message of your essay.

It states what you will discuss, why it matters and includes an overview of how you expect to do this in your body paragraphs.

This is important so readers know if they want to continue reading because not every topic has universal appeal!

What Is the Purpose of a Thesis Statement?

A good thesis statement performs several other functions besides summarizing the main idea of your discourse.

For example, a solid introductory paragraph can set up an argumentative paper with all necessary background information or introduce why you’re comparing two similar topics to make comparisons more effective and less biased.

A synthesis essay might use an introduction to characterize different perspectives on one topic so that readers know what they will be reading about without giving away too much detail before reading it themselves!

other functions include;

  • singling out a specific issue within the topic stated in the essay prompt;
  • helping to organize your writing so that you can develop your points more clearly;
  • encouraging you to refine the evidence that backs up your ideas or belief;
  • making a claim that might spur further dispute.
  • is a reference point that helps you to stay focused and stick to the outlined direction of your text;
  • educating the audience on the subject matter you are going to address;
  • representing the theme being discussed and your interpretation of it;

What Are the Types of Thesis Statements?

The first step to writing a thesis statement is exploring options and making decisions.

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There are four major categories of essays in academic writing: expository essay, descriptive essay, narrative, and argumentative.

So too with thesis statements–the one for a paper should match the type it is (expository or otherwise) as well as its style and content.

Thesis statements can also be differentiated by their intent, revealing two basic types: informative and persuasive.

Let’s have a closer look at them both!


Some people enjoy writing their opinion, while others may not have a strong perspective on the subject.

The aim here is to inform your readers about what you’re going to cover without stating your personal feelings or debating an issue too much.

Create and roadmap for yourself that will guide someone through where they are in terms of understanding something.

Example: Mass surveillance programs have been attributed to the successful means of combating terrorism, protecting national security, and bringing down crime rates.

However, there are many shortcomings in comparison with their benefits.


Most essays are likely to belong in this category.

These essays require students to take a position on the given issue and then prove why it is true.

There are many ways to go about doing this, but their thesis statement should contain an opinion and a list of evidence or reasons.

Example: The PRISM program is one of the most intrusive and dangerous programs ever conceived.

It undermines privacy rights, violates civil liberties, and never does anything to protect citizens from terrorism or other threats in society.

What Are the Styles of Thesis Statements?

The way you arrange your ideas in a thesis statement will largely be determined by the maximum word count and essay format.

There are two main styles of arranging these statements that one can use:


This is an excellent option for short pieces and novels alike that follows a 5-paragraph structure.

A five-paragraph essay is a necessary form of academic writing that helps create a structured argument.

The format contains the introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion, which implies each passage discusses new topics relevant to your thesis statement.

By following this structure, it’s easy for readers to understand what you’re trying to say by listing the two or more significant points in different sections of the paper.

All-Encompassing Statement

Thesis statements are vital in more extended essays that don’t fit into the standard essay format.

A thesis statement is an overarching point from which all other points emanate, and it can be a guiding principle for versatility.

How to Write A Good Thesis Statement?

How to Write A Good Thesis Statement? | Essay Freelance Writers

Thesis statements are a vital part of the way you communicate your ideas and opinions in an essay.

A well-crafted thesis statement should be concise, contentious, and coherent to catch readers’ attention at first glance.


A good thesis should be brief and to the point, which is why you should avoid flowery language.

You know that your work has been successful when you can boil it down into a sentence or two instead of wasting an introductory paragraph on defining what was done in detail.

A well-written thesis will not waste time or energy on lengthy introductions but instead, get straight into a sentence that summarizes what it is about and why someone might want to read more of your paper.


Thesis statements are not simply a fact or observation.

They’re assertions, which you need to prove to your audience through deep analysis and convincing reasoning.

The best thesis statements raise questions and can be likely to cause disagreement among readers- this is why they should always require some consideration before being accepted!


For the thesis statement to be effective, it should summarize your content and serve as a foundation for your research.

In this way, you can include aspects of the main points in section headings and use examples from them throughout.

What Is the Gripping Thesis Statement Formula?

Thesis Statement Formula | Essay Freelance Writers

A good thesis statement includes two parts, the claim and the reasons for that claim.

The first can be an opinion or judgment about a subject with supporting evidence from various sources to back up your position.

Good thesis statements not only include a claim about the subject, but they must also show reasons that back up your position.

One suitable structure for this is to have an opinion or judgment about your first element and then refer to some trustworthy sources to illustrate their situation.

This bi-component thesis format allows you to be able both fit ideas into one of these basic templates:

  • X is true because of A, B, and C.

How do you start a thesis?

Start with an X and give it evidence marked by A, B, or C.

From there, your creative juices will flow to turn the tentative draft into something unique.

You may have to alter the argument as it matures, but this is a great starting point for coming up with an original creative idea!

For example, SMM is an effective social media marketing strategy that can increase brand exposure. An active SMM presence helps build relationships with your audience through engagement and boost sales by leveraging products on different platforms.

  • Although Y, a closer examination of A, B, and C show X.

You might want to use this thesis statement format if you’re writing a paper debunking conventional wisdom or presenting an opposing viewpoint.

It can help develop your working thesis, as well.

The first step in the process of using this outline for your argumentative essay would be opening up with the counterargument and then providing reasons that both disagree with the original idea and defend yours.

Example: SMM is a perfect medium for marketing, but we’re all guilty of applying outdated SEO content tactics that are now being outdone by social media algorithms.

Social media platforms have become cluttered with ads that are irrelevant to a user’s feed content.

How to Write a Thesis Statement Step by Step?

How to Write a Thesis Statement | Essay Freelance Writers

A thesis statement will be the central hub for your essay, so it needs enough strength and substance to succeed.

Order paper writing helps today from our writers, or try these helpful tips:

1) Know the Task

It may feel overwhelming to think of what you should write.

Start by going through the prompt a few times and defining what is being asked for to become clear.

Have trouble figuring out exactly what type of information needs to be included?

The best way to know where to start is by reading over the prompt several times until each key idea or conflict within that passage has been clearly defined and understood; then, go ahead and use those details as inspiration!

2) Find your Focus

To make the best paper, you should narrow your subject down to one aspect.

Narrowing it will help spark creativity and give a point of focus for your essay.

This template can be perfect for sparking creativity:

I am writing about_______________, and I am going to argue/show/prove __________.

Example: I’m writing about making money as a donor, and I will prove that the common practice of unpaid organ donations contributes to the development of transplant tourism and black market organs.

3) Brainstorm

When writing an essay or any other type of paper in school, it is essential to make sure that your flow and ideas are organized.

To help start the creative process before writing anything down on a piece of paper, consider scribbling some points at first with no concern about sentence structure or word choice.

This practice can lead to discoveries because sometimes, when we put pen-to-paper, thoughts may come out differently than they do inside our heads–especially if this happens for most people who have ever written something from scratch!

4) Answer a Specific Question

Your essay prompt may not be clearly defined, but that is okay.

You can restructure your thesis to answer any question compellingly and accurately!

5) Make a Provable Argument

A thesis is a controversial statement, and you want to be able to defend it against any counterarguments your readers might have.

Think of all the possible objections they may raise before writing anything so that you can plan for them ahead of time.

An excellent way to start preparing yourself in advance for criticism or debate is by thinking about what potential criticisms will arise.

After considering these points, come up with ways to respond best when someone challenges us on our stance.


How do you write a thesis outline?

Drafting your thesis statement can seem daunting, but it’s not as hard as you may think. To craft a solid thesis statement that will grab the reader and make them want to read more of what you have written, there are three things one should consider including:

1) A clear topic sentence about which the writer feels confident they know something;

2) Clear direction on how readers might be able to apply this information in their own lives or other contexts such as work, school, etc.;

3) The type of evidence found within each paragraph- providing enough detail so that an educated guess could be made for quality without reading further than is initially necessary.

What is the most important part of a thesis?

A good thesis statement is essential for any academic paper.

Without a strong argument, your essay will be “dead in the water.” A student should know what they want to write about and how they plan to defend their claim before beginning an essay.

Can a thesis statement be a question?


A thesis is not a question but rather an answer.

A concise and confident reply to the prompt that will extend your idea in later sentences of your essay, this single sentence provides direction for what you should do with the rest of the writing process.

Can a thesis statement be an opinion?

100% yes.

To construct a good thesis statement, one must have an arguable claim.

This can be interpreted in evaluation or opinion and should always be supported by relevant evidence.

What words should you avoid in a thesis statement?

Resist the temptation of using verbs like explore, investigate, summarize and learn in your thesis statement.

These words denote what a thesis does but not how it performs this function.

Instead, you should reveal these functions through their underlying structure instead of directly stating on the surface level.

Avoid using words such as may, could, and might because they can doubt your writing.

Make sure you include more powerful verbs for the reader not to doubt what is being said.


The thesis statement is a condensed version of your subject, opinion, and reasons tied together.

This compact format helps you keep it in mind while researching or evaluating sources for the essay.

The tentative thesis also gives hints as to relevant evidence that you can use to support those claims later on when creating an essay draft, which simplifies the process tremendously!

Once all this has been done, then it’s time for proofreading and editing before finalizing your work into something beautiful.

You’re not the only one who can be unsure about how to write a thesis statement.

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