How To Write an AP English Essay

How To Write an AP English Essay

When doing your final exams, a student may do an AP English Essay.  An AP English Essay is used to determine whether the student get English credit in Advanced Placement (AP), hence exempting the college student from one or two classes of composition. Most of the times in your school or college you are asked to write an English essay in a limited period of time.

The teacher may give you any topic to write on.  The problem is that you are given a new topic and are asked to write on it in a short class time. Therefore you need to plan well and get organised before you start writing your paper. You will also need to know about the proper guidelines to be followed for writing a good paper.


You need to brainstorm for ideas first and take some time to think about the topic. Look at the topic and write down whatever comes to your mind about the topic for ten minutes. Keep in your mind the aim and purpose of writing the given English essay.

After writing for ten minutes scan the ideas and select the most relevant ones discarding the others. Think about your reader and try to write what the reader may want to read.

Writing an effective paper

At your school or college level your teachers do not demand a scholarly English essay from you. You are supposed to write a simple essay. But even for a simple English essay you need to apply some standard format only then you will be able to satisfy your teacher or reader. An effective English essay is not an impossible task but with proper planning you can easily do it.

First you need to focus on the topic and think what you are supposed to write about. Try to stick to the point, be straightforward and do not digress from the topic.

Always try to draw a mind map of your English essay. Many successful good writers always write an outline before starting writing. It saves you a lot of energy and time.

Try to give your English essay a well organised shape. Your essay is definitely going to influence your reader if it is well organised and easy to follow.

Always use information and quote from reliable sources to support your argument. Try to analyse your statements and given facts once more to be sure of their credibility.

As a last step proofread and edit your paper for any minor mistakes like spelling, punctuation and grammar. Such minor errors are going to ruin your paper. Therefore be very particular about such mistakes.

Organize your Essay

The first thing to keep in your mind when you are asked to write an English essay on the first or any other day of your school or college is that you have to rely only on your memory. You will not be given a chance to research for the given topic. You will have to depend only on your memory for writing your paper. Therefore you need to divide and organise your English essay well.

For this you will have to divide your essay into three parts. The first part is the introduction, the second is the body paragraphs and the last is the conclusion. Writing down all the ideas while planning before writing the actual English essay will help you save your time and energies.

How to write the English Essay

Now that you have prepared a mind map of what you are going to write in your English essay, divided it into sections, you are better equipped to write it now. Start your paper with a good and catchy introduction. The intro of your English essay is the most important part of your essay as it is like a window to your essay.

You need to excite your readers and grab their attention with the introduction to make the first and everlasting impression. In your introduction introduce the reader to your topic and then give a hint of what you will be talking about in your essay. State it very clearly without confusing your reader.

Now the next part is the body paragraphs of your essay. This is where you will tell everything you just touched upon in the introduction in full detail. Do not digress from your topic or discuss irrelevant things. Focus on your topic and go from the most important to the less important things. Always use authentic sources to take information and examples from in order to increase the credibility of your essay.

The last part is the conclusion. In this part you wrap up your discussion by giving a summary of your essay. This is also known as restatement of your thesis statement. Give your opinion or moral in the end. You can also recommend something or put a question to the reader to increase the appeal of your essay.


Once you are done with your paper the last thing you should not forget to do is to proofread your paper. Read it over a few times as you are the only reader and checker for the time being and no other person is available to check it for you. Try to find out any spelling, grammatical or punctuation as well as formatting mistakes. Correct them one by one and then submit it.

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay

How to Write an Argumentative Essay | Essay Freelance Writers


You are debating with your friend over the medicinal use of marijuana.

You believe that it should not be used anywhere even medicines worldwide as it may lead to many problems.

Your friend believes that there are situations where marijuana can serve as the best medicine.

Now to prove your point both of you are ready to write argumentative papers on the topic.

But before writing anything you need to know a few things.


Argumentative Essay vs Persuasive Essay

Generally people cannot differentiate between these two types and take them as the same, but there is a clear difference between these two.

Both of these essays serve the purpose of proving your point of view but both are distinctively different in their method of proving from each other.

Persuasive essays use emotional aspect and moral reasoning to influence the readers’ point of view while the arguments put forward in an argumentative essay are based on factual information and logical reasoning.

In the discussion of the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, the writer should be able to differentiate between these two types.

For an argumentative essay it is important to disregard the emotional aspects like religious point of view and ethics.

You can discuss and focus on these in a persuasive essay but for argumentative essays focus on the one dimensional logical reasoning.

Sample Topics for Argumentative Essays

How to Write an Argumentative Essay | Essay Freelance Writers

  1. Is animal testing necessary for our life on this earth?
  2. Should death penalty be made a law for serious crimes?
  3. Should immigrants be given more rights?
  4. Is college so much important to make a good society?
  5. What should be done for the elimination of bias from the journalists’ work?

Format of an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is just like most of the traditional written assignments.

It starts with an introduction just like any essay then body paragraphs, the number of which depends upon the topic and the length of the assignment, and a conclusion at the end.

This is the basic structure with every part playing its specific role.


The introduction of an argumentative essay is similar to that of the persuasive essay.

 Hook statement:

The hook statement hooks the reader to read the entire essay till the last sentence.

It arrests the interest of the reader in an interesting way.

This may be in the form of any interesting statement, a shocking and revealing fact or a rhetorical question.

Thus it serves the purpose of grabbing the readers’ attention and interest.

    • Example: Can we say that ONE individual has more rights over the other?

This will definitely stir the reader’s mind and make him think about what you said.

It will also hook your reader along to the end thinking where and how you will lead from this point.

Introduction: After you have initially grabbed the attention of your reader, now try to use facts or any points that might be important to talk about your thesis.

The introduction is important to give the reader some detail about the argument put forward.

The background information that you give to the reader must be relevant to the topic.

The thesis statement comes at the end of the introductory paragraph which is basically the heart of any essay. Whatever you write in your essay is written to support your thesis statement.

And how will you exactly create the thesis statement?  You need to just follow a few basic and simple guidelines:

  • Always phrase your thesis as a factual statement rather than an uncertain idea or a question.
  • Your thesis should be a definitive statement. It should be properly analysed and researched by the writer and then used to prove something using supporting material.
  • This should be an original and unique thought and not an obvious and simple statement. It should not have been much researched. If it is an obvious fact then your essay will not be an impressive one and you will not be able to hook your reader as your whole essay will be written around it. So, it needs to be a fresh and unique thesis. In short it should not be an issue, question or statement that can be explained or answered in one sentence.

Body of an Argumentative Essay

The number of paragraphs depends upon the length of your essay.

This number varies with the kind of topic you are writing on.

If your thesis statement talks about something that can be explained and thus proved in a few points then the length of your essay will be short.

On the other hand if your thesis statement is a unique one that requires more analysis and research and you need much information to put into your essay then the length of your essay will increase with this, thus increasing its length.

Now let us see the different segments of every paragraph.98uyfdrc

Topic Sentence: Topic sentence introduces the reader to what your main topic of discussion will be.

It should not explain anything but should serve the purpose of stirring the mind of the reader and pulling him towards reading your essay further.

Therefore it should be just one coherent sentence that is complete in itself and makes your idea clear and comprehensible.

Example: The death penalty is an efficient and economical way of getting rid of those humans who are a serious threat to the society.

In argumentative essays you have to be straight forward and cold blooded.

Sounds harsh right?  You need to get used to it.

For argumentative essays you have to disregard emotions and come up with harsh but real facts!


  • Analysing the Argument: Here you need to answer the reader why do you say what you have said in your argument for this you need to briefly explain your main argument. Now you need to prove the authenticity of your point to the reader. The length of this part will depend upon the amount of information you want to use to support it.
    • Example: The incarceration per inmate in the US is $31,286 per annum. Knowing the fact that this individual caused much financial damage without contributing towards the betterment of society, he is definitely a serious threat to the society and therefore should be given the death penalty!

Statements so harsh and morally offensive are all that make up all argumentative essays.

For these essays you will have to take one side or the other and support your arguments and prove them with facts.

 Supporting Evidence:   An analysis would be incomplete without the supporting evidence required to prove its authenticity.

This sentence will support your main argument with some real Evidence for your thesis statement.

Providing evidence will strengthen your argument.

    • Example: Generally a government spends a big amount of money on an incarcerated prisoner per year! What purpose is left behind of this when the individual is living a futile life without giving any benefit to the society but just damaging it!

The above statement gives a logical reason and supports the idea stated in the thesis statement proving its authenticity.


  • Using counterargument to counterargument: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Similarly every argument will have a counter argument, and one should be able to identify and recognise it without which your argument will lose its weight. Therefore in an argumentative essay you need to identify and present the counter argument as well as validate your argument showing that your stance holds more weight!
    • Example: It is arguable that humans should be given second chances as the probability of the success of this second chance is much less than the economic burden on the nation. Thus it would be quite risky to take such a chance and would prolong the economic suffering of the nation!


Here you would have seen that a common counter-argument that any layman can definitely consider has been presented and then using logical reasoning this argument has been denied proving that my stance holds more weight!

  • Concluding statement:

When you think you have provided enough explanation and evidence and hence proved your point and defeated the opposite side, you need to wrap up your discussion with a satisfying statement.

You do not need to write a sentence with something new in it but just reconfirm the proven points.

Your tone in the sentence should be an assertive one.

Example: In other words, it seems an overall ridiculous decision at the cost of a nation’s economy to keep a fellow human alive who is a continuous threat to the society!

It should be as short and to the point as possible!

These were the parts of each paragraph of an essay. Now come to the last paragraph that is conclusion.


This comprises the last part of the essay, which restates the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph and concludes the overall essay.

Now let’s break down the concluding paragraph into its constituent parts!

  • Restatement of Thesis:The title is self explanatory as you will only need to rephrase your thesis statement. It shouldn’t include any new information.
    • Example: Thanks to the ruling government, it can now limit its economic losses which have been caused by individuals to the nation in terms of wealth as well as health!
  • Restatement of Key Points: Remember the key ideas included in your body paragraphs with which you proved your thesis? Now it is time to pick them up again and rephrase them for further assertion.
  • Overall Concluding Statement: Here you need to make a statement that not only sums up your essay by restating the thesis statement but also validates it by peeping into the future with repercussions if the thought is not given due consideration.This would give a strong appeal to your essay.

Example: Keeping in view the financial situation of our nation we should struggle hard to keep it above water.

I would say that we are going to impact the nation’s capital health and prolong the disease of inhumane activities if we got rid of the death penalty.

General Tips on Argumentative Essays

  • Reason not Emotion: for anargumentative essay, we must remember that we are supposed to direct our points towards rational reasoning. Who cares for the emotions here!
  • Remember Counterarguments: Most of the writers forget to include counterarguments. This will surely harm their rate of success. A well supported argument without a considered counterargument is half as strong as it should be. Therefore always remember to explain why your stance carries more weight!
  • Get peer help: Your ideas or points will always make sense to you after all they are your ideas. But have you ever wondered whether they also make sense to your reader. Peer editing is a very useful technique to validate the logic behind your arguments and tell you how much your readers are going to understand your ideas!

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