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What is a 5 Paragraph Essay?

The basic format or structure of an essay is said to be the 5 paragraph essay also known as the standard essay assignment. This format is followed in most of the standardised exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, and the SAT
These tests most of the time limit the student time in the “Writing” section, so students are given practice in the format of the 5 paragraph essay. This way the student is able to answer 5 paragraph esay the exam prompt more quickly and efficiently. The 5 paragraph essay format is quite flexible and can be used for writing different essay types and styles such as the  PersuasiveNarrative, ArgumentativeExpository,  and Cause and Effect essays.

Good Example Topics of 5 paragraph essays

Some of the most commonly written 5 paragraph essays can be on the following topics

  • Can one learn a life lesson without having an experience of that? Can you learn from other people’s mistakes?
  • Is it ethical to continue testing on animals?
  • Should same-sex marriages be legalised?
  • Should more strict laws be implemented for gun-control?
  • Should the death penalty be continued or not?
  • Should marijuana be openly allowed?
  • Should free education be provided to all students?

These are not the only topics students write 5 paragraph essays about. There are many others as well.

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The 5 Paragraph Essay Outline

This type of essay has a very simple outline; It has an Introduction, and goes to Body Paragraph 1, Body Paragraph 2, Body Paragraph 3, and wraps up the discussion with a Conclusion. Each body paragraph contains a different idea and serves a specific purpose. It starts with a broader statement that is narrowed down in the body paragraphs with supporting evidence and is generalised in the end in broader sense.

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Introduction: 3-5 Sentences

  • The introduction introduces the topic and gives an outline of the rest of the essay with a hook statement in the beginning.
  • The Hook Sentence is a kind of a sentence that serves the function of a spark to a flame by grabbing the reader’s attention.
  • The Hook can usually be a fact, a rhetorical question or some kind of life example.
  • For Example: If you are writing an essay about preservation of our ecosystem, you could start saying like: “Do we really want our future planet to be surrounded by desert and wasteland?

This is a hook sentence which is in the form of a rhetorical question which does not need to be answered.

Brief Introduction of Supporting Arguments (1-3)

  • In this part of the essay you take your supporting arguments and briefly introduce them to the reader without giving too much information
  • Tip: take it as a preview in which you give an idea what you will be talking about in brief but do not tell what.
  • Example: Preservation of our environment is the key to keep our lives healthy.

Thesis Statement

  • The key to your entire essay is your Thesis Statement or your argument.
  • This statement will serve to be the starter for the rest of your essay
  • For example when talking about nature preservation your thesis could be:
  • “The most important aspect to keep Mother Nature in check and avoid any disastrous effects is by preserving our planet.”
  • Quick Tip: if you find that your body paragraphs and your thesis do not match and have nothing common in between, you can change the thesis and connect it with your body paragraphs.

Body Paragraphs 1,2,3 (5-7 Sentences)

  • This is the actual part of your essay, where you explain your Thesis Statement and support it with evidence.
  • The structure of the body paragraphs is very simple with an introductory sentence and a supporting Argument/ example.
  • Followed by 3-5 lines of explanation and finally a concluding Sentence.
  • The introductory sentence of a paragraph should briefly bring forth your argument and do not reveal too much information.
  • Example: Air pollution increases with Deforestation that hurts the planet by reducing air quality and increasing the likelihood of disease!
  • Supporting Argument and Explanation: This part takes the topic ahead by going into detail, and most importantly DEFENDING YOUR THESIS!
  • Example: Human beings themselves play a big part in damaging the environment with methods that kill trees and worsen the air. it may be profitable for the few in short term but in the long run it is hazardous for all. In Beijing for example, it is mandatory because of the excessive air pollution to wear masks for everyone walking around in the streets.
  • The Concluding Sentence is in a way the opposite of the introductory sentence in the sense that instead of introducing your argument, you briefly conclude it transitioning into your next paragraph.
  • Example: In short the destruction of our natural resources worsens the air quality affecting not only planet’s health, but humanity’s as well.

5 paragraph essay


Paragraph 1:

  • Introduce the topic
  • Introduce three supportive ideas to be discussed in three body paragraphs each.
  • Give a strong Thesis Statement

Paragraph 2:

  • Introduce your first supportive idea
  • Support your idea with three evidences

Follow this format

  1. Topic sentence

Evidence 1

Evidence 2

Evidence 3

  1. Concluding sentence

Paragraph 3:

  • Introduce your second supportive idea
  • Support your idea with three evidences

Follow this format

  1. Topic sentence

Evidence 1

Evidence 2

Evidence 3

  1. Concluding sentence

Paragraph 4:

  • Introduce your third supportive idea
  • Support your idea with three evidences

Follow this format

  1. Topic sentence

Evidence 1

Evidence 2

Evidence 3

  1. Concluding sentence

Paragraph 5:

Restate Thesis Statement. Remember not to repeat the Thesis Statement but restate it in different words.

Recapitulate the three ideas discussed in the previous body paragraphs.

Conclude your 5 paragraph essay with an overall concluding statement.


Conclusion of your 5 paragraph essay mirrors your introduction. It should include 3 – 5 sentences.

Sentence 1 should be a restatement of your thesis. Restate the Thesis Statement stated in your introduction in a conclusive way. It simply means to basically rephrase your thesis in an assertive way to show that you have proved your point in the body paragraphs.

  • Example: How we as people treat the Earth will decide the safety and survival of the Earth, and the more concerned we are in the whole process, the more beneficial it will be for us all.

Conclude your supporting arguments in 3 sentences by taking the supporting arguments of your body paragraphs. You can rephrase the main points of each paragraph in one sentence making it three sentences for three paragraphs.

For a good structure you can combine similar sentences.

Example, you can combine the two elements of the limited use as well as efficiency of natural resources given in your supporting arguments like “ By limiting the use and improving the efficiency of our natural resources we can for sure improve the health of our planet.”

Using a concluding hook sentence adds spice to your writing. It can be something unexpected to surprise and attract the reader. It should also sum up the whole argument in a few words. This hook  can either be a statement or a question.

Example: “Thus we need to take care of our planet after all we don’t want to live in a desert or a wasteland do we?”

General Grading Rubric

Different types of rubrics are used by different universities and institutions worldwide. The 5 point style is the most commonly used rubric style.

The 5 point rubric is broken down into 5 main segments:

Focus, Organization, Conventions, Style, and Content

  • Focus: Did the writer focus on his aim of proving his thesis?  Did he really accomplish this goal?
  • Organization: Was the essay smooth flowing with proper transitions in between paragraphs. Was
  • the outline proper and the structure properly followed?
  • Conventions: were there any grammatical mistakes? Were there any run on sentences? How simple were the sentences?
  • Style: was there any use of high-level vocabulary, or any repeated words? How much creative was the writer in his sentence structures?
  • Content: was the content apt and the argument satisfied? Were the statements factual and logical? Were the arguments strong enough to prove the point?

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how to write an essay essay freelance writers

Essay writing is an important task that is often assigned to students in high school, college as well as graduate level education.

Any skill whether academic or non-academic requires thousands of hours to be mastered and essay writing is one of such academic skills in which students are given more and more practice and are trained this way.

There are a number of essay types and styles that range from creative writing to rigorous dissertations and term papers.

Be it any type or style there are always certain principles that stand true to all of these.

EssayFreelanceWriters.Com is here to teach you everything that you need to know about how to write a coherent piece!

What is an Essay?

An essay is defined as a piece of writing that is written about any subject which means that you have an infinite number of areas and topics to choose from.

Be it about anything, make sure you provide enough information and properly cover up the topic.

But before that you need to understand the basic essay structure which can be implemented into writing any type of essay.

The basic essay structure consists of three main parts; an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Every essay type is written with a different purpose in mind.

For instance, an argumentative or a persuasive essay tends to prove a particular stance.

This may include assumptions and suggestions to reinforce the argument with some outside support material and sources.

Another type is the informative essays, in which you provide some useful and new and information without taking sides.

Informative essays are well researched essays in which you provide factual information to the audience about a specific topic.

Only creative writing is the type of writing that does not have any specific format and allows you more freedom in writing style.

You can either write about your personal experience or some incident in a story or tale form.

10 Most Common Types of Essays

  1. 5- Paragraph Essay
  2. Descriptive Essay
  3. Expository Essay
  4. Creative Writing Essay
  5. Cause and Effect Essay
  6. Persuasive Essay
  7. Compare and Contrast Essay
  8. Narrative Essay
  9. Process Essay
  10. Analytical Essay
  • 5-Paragraph Essay: Essay written in the basic five paragraph format for expository, persuasive, or narrative purposes!
  • Descriptive Essay: An essay that gives a description of a certain topic or thing giving a full explanation!
  • Expository Essay: An essay that gives a detailed explanation of any topic without taking any stance in order to educate a reader.
  • Creative Writing Essay: Essay which is written in any form about any topic in any style. It can be a story or anything!
  • Cause-and-Effect Essay: Essay which is written with an in-depth analysis of a situation stating its causes and effects!
  • Persuasive Essay: Essay written with a purpose to persuade the audience about a certain point of view or idea!
  • Compare-and-Contrast Essay: Essay that critically states the similarities and differences between two things.
  • Narrative Essay: It is narrating any story just like creative writing essay. However there is a specific set of formatting instructions that is followed in these types of essays.
  • Process Essay: An essay which explains the step by step procedure of something!
  • Analytical Essay: A type of essay that is the result of some critical thinking and analysis involving application of personal inferences.

Steps To Take Before Essay Writing

Essay Writing

  • Select a Proper Topic

  • Research the Topic well

  • Do Brainstorming for Ideas

  • In depth Subject Dealing

  • Stick to the Topic

  • Write a Proper Thesis Statement

  • Define the Purpose of your Writing

Now let us take a look at all the steps that should be taken before you even pick up your pen for writing.

  1. Select a proper Topic: one of the foremost and most important steps in the whole writing process is selecting a proper topic.Your topic can either make your essay an exciting one or a boring one. There are a few things to be considered while selecting a topic for your essay.
  1. . Research the Topic well: before you even start thinking of writing you need to gather information related to the topic that you have selected. The best way to collect relevant and reliable information is to use articles, journals, documents, books and newspapers etc to support your claim. Make sure to take notes in detail, organize and acknowledge any data or information that you have copied from somewhere. You can counterclaim your research as well because if you are able to disprove what you have researched, it gives your argument a complete look.
  2. Do Brainstorming for Ideas: do not rely on research only. Being the writer of the particular essay you need to give your personal insight as well. Without your personal insight you will only be able to produce a plagiarised work based on the research you have done. You need to understand and analyse the information to build up your own ideas. Sources can only be used to support your own point of view for a better essay writing.
  1. In-Depth subject dealing: You need to first consider how deep you want to go in your subject. Do you want to keep your discussion broader or narrow it down? It is advisable to choose a medium of ideal amount which suits your essay requirements.
  2. Define the Purpose of your writing: What is your aim of writing a particular essay? Is it with a purpose to inform the audience about something interesting or is it to persuade them with an aim of agreeing with your opinion? Or are you trying to tell your audience an interesting story?

You need to define your purpose of writing a particular essay first.

  1. Stick to the Topic: you need to be enthusiastic about what you are going to write. If it is not according to your interest then you will never be able to put in your heart and soul in your work. Therefore being passionate and taking interest in the task you are going to do is the key to a successful and smoother writing process and in the absence of enthusiasm it might become a taxing task.
  2. Put together a proper Thesis Statement: Thesis Statement tells the reader what the essay is going to be about. You should create your Thesis Statement in your own words that is the gist of what you are going to talk about in your essay. Your whole essay should be based around this statement making it the centre of your essay. Whatever you say in your essay should amplify, support and prove your point in the Thesis Statement.

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