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Top 143 Synthesis Essay Topics for Students

Mar 10, 2022 | 0 comments

Mar 10, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

For the definition of a synthesis essay, please check this amazing article. It provides the best approach to writing this type of paper and also provides AP Lang Synthesis Essay Example with Questions.

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Synthesis Essay Topics

Teachers provide us with inspiring synthesis essay topics all the time. Sometimes they give you a specific topic or a particular list to choose from, while other times they let you decide your subject matter on your own.

If we end up searching for a perfect synthesis essay topic ideas ourselves, a few things can help us make the right decision. Here are a few tips for finding the right topic:

  • A good topic should be debatable and negotiable.
  • A topic has to be relevant;
  • A single topic shouldn’t be too general;
  • A topic has to be of interest to you (and your readers);
  • Good introduction and a substantial amount of sources should be given special attention

Some prominent topic ideas for your synthesis essays are:

  • Sugary drinks and fast food is the topmost reason for obesity in children.
  • Plastic and its Role in Increasing Global Carbon Footprint
  • Global Warming and its Impact on Floods
  • Millennials are more interested in gaining experience than stability. Agreed?
  • Climate change is a global phenomenon.
  • What role does the death penalty play in reviving or destroying law and order?
  • Video games are increasing violent behavior in children.
  • Having a higher education is better than being a college dropout.
  • Social Media and its Impact on Next Generation
  • Perfume and Body Sprays are Key Players in Increasing Global Warming

Finding trendy synthesis essay topics can be tough. But with hard work and a little brainstorming, you’ll have an excellent subject in no time. 

Now, let’s explore some creative synthesis essay topics.

Social Media Essay Topics

  1. How do social networks affect young child development?
  2. Do social media make us feel more lonely than connected?
  3. Does social media foster stereotyping?
  4. Can excessive use of social media influence one’s academic performance?
  5. How have social networks changed our behavioral patterns?
  6. What is the role of social networks in marketing and business?
  7. Can online communities give one a sense of belonging?
  8. Can social networks make us happier?
  9. Do social networks threaten our privacy?
  10. How is social media shaping people’s shopping habits?
  11. How dating habits have changed because of social media?
  12. Does Facebook make people less social?
  13. How does the time youth spend online affect their overall satisfaction?
  14. How social media affects the academic performance of children aged 10-17?
  15. Does YouTube affect the shopping habits of youth?
  16. How journalistic profession change because of social media?
  17. Do online communities change people’s sense of belonging? How?
  18. How does Instagram affect black beauty standards and self-representation of African American girls?
  19. Does Instagram promote stereotyping?
  20. Does Facebook threaten people’s privacy?

Education Essay Topics

  1. Should higher education facilities pay their athletes?
  2. Do strict dress codes in schools and colleges really help avoid distraction and ensure success?
  3. Do standardized tests have any real benefits?
  4. How can distant learning affect one’s academic performance and success?
  5. Does technology help students learn?
  6. Does class size have any influence on students’ success?
  7. Should we make colleges free for everyone?
  8. Is homeschooling better than going to school? Why?
  9. Should education become more personalized?
  10. Should there be more technology in classrooms?
  11. How does class size affect students’ academic performance?
  12. Should students be allowed to direct their own education?
  13. How do racial prejudices affect annual college admissions?
  14. Should teachers of K-12 schools be allowed to carry firearms on campuses?
  15. Does technology represent a threat to the traditional classroom?
  16. Should college athletes be paid for their performance?
  17. How do dress codes affect students’ academic performance?
  18. Does the availability of distant education affect the numbers of on-campus college students?
  19. Should higher education be free?
  20. How a school-to-prison pipeline affects the African American community?

Good Synthesis Essay Topics on Technology

  1. How does technology ensure business productivity?
  2. Are there any ways to ensure online security for all?
  3. Will drone delivery have more pros than traditional delivery?
  4. Should professional video game playing be considered a real sport?
  5. Does technology increase the gap between different social classes?
  6. Are smart homes a good thing?
  7. How does technology promote the culture of entertainment?
  8. Can robotics replace the human workforce?
  9. What threats may artificial intelligence have?
  10. Is there any real connection between real-life violence and video games?
  11. What threats do drones represent to personal privacy?
  12. How did artificial intelligence change the workplace within the last 10 years?
  13. Do violent video games contribute to real-life violence?
  14. The elevation of professional game players to the level of professional athletes: how big does money affect the progress of particular technologies?
  15. Modern technology and the concept of smart cities: How changes in transportation systems will affect the cities?
  16. Does artificial intelligence contribute to the problem of overproduction?
  17. Do modern technologies in computers contribute to the gap between the rich and the poor?
  18. Does technology promote the culture of entertainment?
  19. How does machine learning affect business productivity?
  20. How has technology changed because of the development of artificial intelligence?

Society Synthesis Essay Topics

  1. Does immigration hurt society?
  2. Should psychological support be available at every workplace?
  3. Have our societies become more careless?
  4. Can stricter gun policies help minimize crime and violence cases?
  5. Should the voting age be increased?
  6. Is higher education still a must for employment?
  7. Can the death penalty be an effective crime prevention measure?
  8. How can violent web content affect teens’ behavioral patterns?
  9. Is there still sexism and gender inequality in modern societies?
  10. Are our church communities still important?
  11. Should the death penalty be no longer applied in the USA?
  12. Do national security concerns justify the transformation of the USA into a surveillance society?
  13. Is college education a necessity in the context of contemporary employment patterns?
  14. Should people make the production and sale of tobacco illegal?
  15. How modern workplace affects the behavior of minority workers?
  16. Should parents forbid their children to watch violent content?
  17. Should voting be mandatory in the USA?
  18. Does modern US society support women as much as it supports men?
  19. How should educators and legislators deal with representatives of minority groups who do not conform to mainstream behavior patterns?
  20. Does the contemporary juvenile justice system contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline?

Creative synthesis Essay Ideas on Health and Medicine

  1. Should sugary drinks be legally forbidden in the USA given their destructive effects on human health?
  2. How does the fact that the US citizens go to other countries for healthcare services describes the US healthcare system?
  3. How sustainable is the current US healthcare system?
  4. What effects does poverty have on the health of children?
  5. Should cosmetic surgeries be covered by insurance?
  6. Should all US citizens have access to free medical services?
  7. Is it ethically permissible to test new drugs on animals?
  8. Should insurance cover alternative medicines?
  9. Can everyday routine activities help people improve their health and avoid seeing a doctor?
  10. Should marijuana be legal in the USA?

Good Synthesis Essay Topics on Art and Literature

  1. Should electronic libraries complete substitute brick and mortar libraries?
  2. Should graffiti be considered artwork?
  3. What role does art play in everyday life?
  4. Should TV commercials be treated as art?
  5. Is there a line between truth and fiction?
  6. Does fiction promote progress or distract people from social and environmental issues they need to solve now?
  7. Is reading a paper book better than listening to an audiobook?
  8. How musical training affects attentiveness and concentration on learning?
  9. Are modern graphic video games works of art?
  10. What social tendencies produce the greatest effects on the transformation of cinematography?

Excellent Synthesis Essay Ideas on Ethics and Morality

  1. Should convicted felons have a right to vote?
  2. Should people care about the health and working conditions of those who make their clothing?
  3. Is it ethical to breed genetically engineered animals?
  4. How does complaining affect people’s sense of happiness?
  5. Should governments all over the world demand circuses to be animal-free?
  6. Should people consider a business’s sustainability before buying its products?
  7. How much control do people have over their future?
  8. Is talent more important than hard work when one wants to succeed?
  9. Can people become happier by accumulating wealth and stuff?
  10. Is nature more important than nurture?

List of Trendy Topics on The US Law and the Justice System Essay

  1. Does the three strikes law disproportionately affect racial minorities?
  2. Is it correct to legalize prostitution or should it be illegal?
  3. Are the existing checks and balances still effective in preventing power abuse by one of the branches of government?
  4. What representatives of the justice system can do to prevent mass shootings at schools?
  5. How over-representation of African Americans in the US correctional facilities affects the African American community?
  6. How to resolve the issue of prison overcrowding?
  7. Should the US justice system seek to punish offenders or rehabilitate them?
  8. Should the US Constitution be treated as a living document or should it be interpreted literally?
  9. Why are African American males over-represented in the US justice system?
  10. Are poor people more likely to end up in prison than the rich?

Interesting Ideas on Immigration, the American Dream, and Culture

  1. How do mainstream body standards affect the behaviors of minority boys and girls?
  2. How achievable is the American Dream for an average American today?
  3. How does culture promote gender inequality in American society?
  4. What effects does immigration have on the US economy?
  5. Do illegal immigrants limit employment opportunities for US citizens?
  6. How can racially diverse communities promote cultural understanding between representatives of different racial groups?
  7. Should the US government limit immigration?
  8. How to take the culture of online shaming under control?
  9. Should schools increase racial diversity among teachers to promote equality in culturally diverse classrooms?
  10. What does it take to become color blind?

Get Help from the Experts with your Paper

If you are having a difficult time with synthesis essay writing, then getting help from the experts is your best option. The problem with synthesis essays is that it requires a lot of research. You need to read and analyze different sources before you start writing. This is why students find it difficult to write synthesis essays.

Our writers have good writing skills and can handle any synthesis paper including AP Lang synthesis essay because of their vast experience in academic writing. They will conduct extensive research on the topic of your essay, draft an outline, and write from scratch according to your instructions. They can also help in making a choice of the proper topic, synthesize information, and provide a written discussion of several popular sources. They will ensure that all different sources used in the synthesis paper are properly cited, referenced, and formatted appropriately depending on instructions provided by your professor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good topics for a synthesis essay?

  1. What Value Do Books Present to People?
  2. Do Musicians Really Have a Better Hearing Than Others?
  3. Why Do People Listen to Audiobooks Instead of Reading?
  4. Is There a Point in Writing Books When Everything Is Pirated?
  5. Could Advertisements Be Considered Art?
  6. Is Graffiti a Form of Modern Art?
  7. Are There Criteria Determining Which Artworks Are Good?
  8. Is Fiction Distracting in a Good or Bad Way?
  9. Is There Still a Need for Physical Libraries?
  10. Is Fanfiction a Valid Form of Literature?

What are 3 good topics for an essay?

  1. Who Invented Medical Masks & Why They Are Helpful
  2. Correlation between Poverty and Poor Health
  3. How the Nature of Coronavirus Evolved Over 2020

What is a synthesis topic?

A synthesis topics an essay title or subject of a synthesis essay. A synthesis essay is a type of essay that gathers information from a variety of sources to form a new idea, question, or argumentative thesis.

What is example of synthesis?

When you gather information about their subject matter while at the same time organizing the information into a coherent piece, then you are engaging in a synthesis.

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