Aerobic fitness classes Business proposal


The xxx company is seeking proposals from businesses to offer services in provision of aerobic fitness classes and other fitness exercises to their company. “Smart Aerobic Freelancers” Company seeks to provide services to the xxx company by providing aerobic classes to and other fitness programs to their employees to improve their health and fitness conditions.  The health problems due to sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity in the xxx company have seen the emergence of non communicable diseases among the employees of Xxx Company. These diseases range from hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight, obesity, arthritis, and other cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, the health problems due to sedentary lifestyles has also seen an increase in rate of absenteeism, low productivity, increase in sick leaves and high employee insurance costs..

Our successful comparative venture bid to do fitness management of the employees of xxx company in low costs, under the partnership between the Xxx Company and “Smart Aerobic Freelancers” company. This sets off the health management program that is expanded to attract the families of the employees to be more productive and healthy. Furthermore, this will continue to rebuild the company and improve the health and fitness conditions of the employees of Xxx Company.

Moreover, the “Smart Aerobic Freelancers” Company meet all of the requirements prescribed by the Registrar of companies in the republic of Kenya, in order to qualify to sign or conduct any official business that is binding. The “Smart Aerobic Freelancers” company will create a section for scheduled aerobic dance training structured to train the employees to improve their cardiovascular activities to satisfy the objective of the xxxx company.

Furthermore, the “Smart Aerobic Freelancers” company will be able to make contracts with the xxx company to train other subsidiary branches spread within Nairobi city, that also lack health and fitness intervention programs. The aerobic program within xxx company will also enable the Company, effectively and independently, to manage different aerobic classes that currently are not in existence.

The plan

  • Project activities

Establishing a new program for health and fitness management will allow “Smart Aerobic Freelancers” Company to expand and improve the Company’s fast paced health and fitness agenda for two years efficiently, responsibly and effectively. The new program for health and fitness will formulate a reliable mechanism, that quickly respond to the rising health insurance costs of xxx company, and manage the xxx Company’s health action plans of the management through the joint venture.

The “Smart Aerobic Freelancers” Company will use the xxx company’s funds to form a a new health and fitness program that will forge company and employee partnerships to manage the emerging non communicable diseases in xxx company. The funding by xxx company will improve greatly delivery of services, by the competent management to more than yyyyyyy employees of xxx company in the central and subsidiary branches in different parts of the country.

  • Budget
Revenue   General operating support  
Government grants and contracts 300,000 Salaries and the fringe  benefits 700,000
Banks and foundations 100,000 Insurance and taxes 600,000
Earned income 2,000,000 consultants 200,000
Fundraising _____ In kind expenses 100,000
Donations 400,000 Supplies and Equipment 500,000
In kind support 200,000 Savings 90,000
TOTAL 3,000,000 TOTAL 3,000,000



  • Programs and accomplishments

Every month, “Smart Aerobic Freelancers” Company, does help many people on a freelance basis in numerous health and fitness programs to prevent and manage the non communicable diseases. Step by step, the company has established a wide range of loyal clients that seeks our services on a freelance basis.

The current portfolio of freelance health and fitness service delivery represents the whole ladder of health and fitness,, ranging from aerobics, weight training, fitness consultation and advice on nutrition. The Company’s tremendous growth over the past few months attests to the proficiency.

The Company provides services to different caliber of people about health and fitness ranging from the physically handicapped, the elderly, men, women and kids. Today, there are different freelance programs that cater for the elderly, the youth, women and kids.

  • Plan for measuring the expected results

The Company will measure the success of the health and fitness programs by many programs and initiatives which the “Smart Aerobic Freelancers” Company has developed and implemented for the two years, and which will  significantly impact the quality health and fitness practice in the xxx company.

The Company will also submit a report of the projects upon completion, funded by  xx company under the human resource department. The “Smart Aerobic Freelancers” Company will also keep complete, accurate and detailed records of expenditures made under the company’s management, and actively participate in the evaluation of the activities of the projects during the course of the year.

The Company will also provide, upon request, an audited financial statement of the expenditure and income related to the income and expenditure by a qualified public accountant who is self sufficient as documentation that the money from the xxx company is spent on the provided purposes. Furthermore, evaluation of the “Smart Aerobic Freelancers” Company overall effectiveness is measured by satisfaction of the employees of xxx company, and the level of services that are provided and successful.


The xxx company which “Smart Aerobic Freelancers” Company serve is a a company that deals with yyyyyy and has yyyyyynumber of employees. The need of healthy and fit employees is a matter of great importance that xxx company has identified and need to be addressed

“Smart Aerobic Freelancers” Company is a recognized champion in freelance provider of health and fitness services in the industry.  A contract from the xxx company will provide “Smart Aerobic Freelancers”  Company the opportunity to form the partnership with the xxx company to, effectively run a health and fitness program for xxx company Furthermore, it will continue to improve, preserve and dignify the xxx company’s fabric.

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