Should Students Wear School Uniforms

Mar 17, 2020

Should Students Wear School Uniforms

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Should Students Wear School Uniforms Essay

YES! Uniforms are as much about safety as they are about inclusion. Teachers don’t have to worry about losing sight of students at the playground or on a field trip. Also, when kids wear uniforms, both the older and younger students feel like they are part of the same group.

Have you ever asked yourself why students wear school uniforms?

This is a question many people ask themselves and they have different opinions concerning the wearing of a school uniform.

It has become a subject for debate to many students especially when they reach teenage years.

Most of them argue that school uniform is important for children that are very young which acts as a rite of passage for growth.

Studies show that when students are in the adolescence stage they tend to be discussing fashion and school uniform issues.

You will find people having their own opinion on how they are supposed to dress and why they should not wear school uniforms.

One of the reasons why you will see uniform and fashion being a debate in this stage is because most of the time these students express themselves through fashion.

The aim of this essay is to bring you into an awareness of this most debated topic.

If many of the students especially the teenagers were asked if school uniforms should be dropped off most of them would accept that motion.

It is important to ask ourselves about the role of school uniforms in schools.

Wearing school uniforms leave the student with no option of choosing what to wear.

When this freedom is taken away from the students at the end of the day it brings more harm than good to the students.

The reason is that at this stage fashion is what the teenagers use to express themselves.

You will find that they may lose the sense of who they are because they cannot be able to express themselves fully.

Teenagers’ creativity, diversity, and individuality are expressed through fashion in most cases.

Therefore you will find that in school uniform is the way, they will not be able to collectively express themselves.

It is a fact that everyone is different and you cannot equate a person’s life with another one.

At the same time, it is important to know that we are focusing on educational institutions.

Schools have good reasons concerning why students should wear school uniforms.

One of the reasons they do this is for the purposes of inculcating discipline.

Wearing a school uniform is one of the ways schools can be able to eliminate school violence.

Some students may be having low self-esteem and when they come wearing different clothes this may affect them in their grades.

Others come from families that are of low status in society and it may affect them when they compare themselves with others.

This is to say that wearing of school uniform has its advantages and disadvantages at the same time.

We shall discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of wearing a school uniform which will help us finalize whether you will be on the nay or the yay side concerning the topic.

Advantages of wearing school uniform

Reduction on the rate of bullying

From statistics, it has been said that the rate of bullying has reduced due to school uniforms.

One of the reasons why bullying occurs is due to the cultural differences of students.

Due to the fact that different cultures have different belief systems and values, it makes every student unique.

Bullying will start occurring because there are some students who will feel superior to others based on their cultural group.

From the superiority, they will start making fun and go to the extent of abusing other students that are from cultural groups that are deemed low and insignificant.

When school incorporates wearing school uniforms it reduces this bullying because everyone appears to be the same.

The victimization is reduced and students are able to live in harmony.


If students were to wear different clothes every day it means that parents would spend a lot of money when it comes to buying clothes.

When students wear school uniform it means that’s the only clothes they will require to have when going to school.

This means that parents will be able to save a lot of money because many students would want to ensure they outdo one another in fashion.

Most of them will want to wear fashionable and trendy designer clothes which are very expensive.

This can be straining especially for parents who are not well off as they are trying to make ends meet to meet their children’s education fee.

A student can be able to stay with a school uniform for a whole year and therefore it doesn’t need much when it comes to going back to school.

Promote the school spirit

One of the advantages of wearing school uniforms in school is that it helps to promote the school spirit.

A school should ensure there are unity and togetherness and one of the ways to achieve this is by wearing school uniforms.

You will be able to realize unity and togetherness in school when you see students working together in different activities.

For example, when students go for competitions that are outside the school a school will come together as a team and compete against another school.

This means even when they are competing they are competing as a team and not as individuals.

This means these students will be able to have a sense of pride concerning the school they come from.

Creating a sense of equality

One of the reasons why school uniform is advocated is for the purposes of bringing equality among students.

This is because children come from different backgrounds.

There are some who will come from a well-off family while others come from a low-status family in society.

When students wear their school uniform you will not be able to distinguish one that is coming from a wealthy and a poor family.

Also, for students who go through self-esteem issues can be able to interact with others in a better way because they look uniform.

Encourages discipline in school

When students wear school uniforms it acts as a reminder to students of their environment.

It reminds them where they are and how they are supposed to behave.

Before doing something they will think concerning what they are about to do and understand the consequences that may follow concerning the choice they took.

Disadvantages of wearing school uniform

Despite school uniforms having advantages it also has its own disadvantages.

There are some limitations that are brought by wearing school uniforms for both students and the school.

This debate has continuously been a hit regarding its importance.

This debate has led to some schools allowing students to come with home clothes and no uniform at all.

This number of schools may be smaller but there is still debate concerning the requirement of students wearing school uniforms in school.

Some of the disadvantages of wearing school uniforms are highlighted below.

Creativity and self-expression of students are denied

School uniform makes students feel oppressed in such a way they cannot be able to fully express themselves.

This may go to the extent of individuals losing their identity and trying to live up to the standards of a school.


Especially in a girls school, you’ll find students trying to outdo one another on the person who wears the school uniform at its best.

This may bring a lot of wrangles in the school and at the end of the day, it may lead to students despising one another.


There will be resentment between the administration and the students.

This is because the students that the administration is forcing them to wear their school uniform.

Due to this resentment, you’ll find that Sam students will start developing bad behavior.

Uniform act as a Band-Aid to more significant issues

Many people tend to think that school uniform solves many issues in school. Examples of those issues are highlighted above such as bullying.

It is important for schools and administrators to know that school has a minute significant concerning the problems that students experience in school.

When it comes to solving significant issues it is important to face them and not to fully put the point on uniforms.

In conclusion, it is important to know that this discussion will never have an ending because it always pops up in many areas.

It is important to know that wearing a school uniform should depend on the image that the school is trying to bring out to the public.

Despite the fact, many people have different opinions concerning wearing a school uniform the dominating fact is that the importance of school uniforms always wins.

It is therefore important that we try to find ways of solving these issues among our students.

Also when it comes to other issues that are affecting our students it is important that we face them and address them as expected.

It is not important to try solving issues why laying them on uniform matters.

This is because it does not do good to students.



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