Self-Reflection Essay

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Self Reflection Essay

Reasons I chose medicine

Self-reflection is the process in which an individual takes time to deeply think about himself.

During this time individuals will think about their character and their actions.

Most of the time you will ask yourself about different questions concerning your life, what you do and where you want to be.

Self-reflection is very important because it helps you to understand yourself even better.

You can be able to know your strengths your weaknesses and how your emotions are through self-reflection.

You will be able to understand your thrust.

This essay is going to focus on my High school life and how it shaped my career choice in an unthinkable manner.

There are some circumstances and instances that happen in our lives that we had not thought of but they are the most important things that happened to change our life’s perspective.

These kinds of circumstances are not deliberately thought of but they just crossed our minds and we try to work them out.

In the long run, you may find these instances are the ones that shape who you are and where you are.

Today I am doing medicine because of someone who came and showed me the way on how to view life.

There are so many people in our lives that will show you your destiny either directly or indirectly.

These people may not even talk to you directly but from their actions, they may guide you in sticking to a certain path.

The self reflection essay that you are reading was inspired by my medical career.

When you think about self-reflection most of the time it revolves around three things.

That is;

  • A person’s character and actions.
  • The kind of decisions that you have made previously.
  • The occurrence of events that have happened in your life.

These instances change how our thoughts look like and in the end, you may see the change in how you choose to live your life.

Through self-reflection you can either get two results that are;

  • You can either feel sad and regret about the situation you are at or
  • You can be happy about who you are and the person you are becoming.

This essay will focus on the happy side of my self-reflection.

This is because I do not regret the kind of step I took for my career.

Students in high school are always curious and want to know more about different things that are happening.

The students’ confidence in the future is very high.

This was the kind of person I was in high school.

I always tried to be jovial and find everything good concerning every individual I hang around.

I made sure that every circumstance I met I handled it with optimism.

There’s nothing that could mess up my state of mind.

I have always been a person with a positive attitude towards everything.

One of the reasons why I behaved this way was because I thought this is what I needed for my future career.

My dream was on the social responsibility lane.

I thought my life would always be about being a volunteer in society.

It is one thing to be a volunteer and do community social responsibility but it is another to be specific on which area you want to volunteer on.

My main point for doing this was to be part of individuals who makes a difference in society.

Despite the fact that I needed to be a volunteer it was a good thing but it was impractical because I never had a specific goal to achieve.

I needed to have a plan on how I could go about it so that it can give me a map of where I was going.

I know your school also had Society clubs whether in high school or in college.

There are many clubs and societies that you can be able to be part of in school.

These kinds of Societies make students love and enjoy schooling.

This is because of the kind of interactions you will have with your fellow students.

Examples of clubs that you can find in colleges and high schools include journalism clubs, environmental clubs, orphanage clubs, creative clubs, and many others.

I joined various clubs and in some, I was the leader.

In the Orphanage society club, we did a lot of welfare activities to help the less privileged in the society.

We did research on different orphanages that are available in our environment and we could at least visit 3 or 4 in a full session.

My life took a new turn during one of the visits that we did for the orphans.

This is because during these kinds of visits you interact with different people and get to hear their views concerning life and the kind of experiences they have gone through.

If you have ever visited an orphanage it is so hurtful to see very small children have been left uncared for let alone without shelter.

Denying children such a right knowingly is denying them the quality of life.

When you listen to People’s stories that have been abandoned you would feel pity about their story but at that point, I did not have any solution to help them out fully.

As a student you cannot be able to do a lot concerning these kinds of situations and the only way you can help is by giving the small you have.

We could visit them with food and clothing because that is all we could afford at that level.

During this visit, I traced a new face in the orphanage of a middle-aged woman whose face was not happy.

As she was talking she was full of Sorrow and depression.

From the look of things, this person was sick because she looked like she had a lot of pain.

Through the interactions, she was able to tell me her storyline.

One day on her way to her workplace she passed out and became so ill later on.

She was one of those people who are daily focused on work and nothing else.

She told me this because she did not have a family that she could look up.

She never had time to enjoy herself also due to full engagement in life.

Due to her illness, her work was terminated in the organization she was working.

She had a few people that she could call friends in her circle.

After leaving work this few friends left her.

The reason could be they never wanted the burden of this woman to overwhelm them.

She went to the hospital to seek medical attention and she spent all her money on these bills.

She left no dime for herself due to the medical care expenses which are very high and that’s how she found her way in the orphanage.

Everything that she owned was taken away so that she can be able to pay her medical care.

Tears rolled down her eyes as she was telling me this Story.

Everything that this woman talked to me about changed how I thought and would let her change my life.

I did not understand why medical care expenses could make a person suffer this much without any kind of help in society.

Things like medical care are the basic needs of every person in society.

Everyone needs to have access to good medical care for their survival.

From this story of this woman, I started thinking about the kind of voluntary work I needed to give back to my Society.

Helping out does not necessarily mean going to the marginalized, it can also mean helping an individual who needs access to a certain kind of basic need near you.

It is all about helping in any way you can for a person to be able to get what they need for survival.

This Woman’s story made me make up my mind to study medicine.

I had never seen myself doing this kind of profession in my entire life.

This self reflection essay is to show how I went into the medical world based on how society is wild concerning the basic needs of individuals, especially in this sector.

Many people are suffering because of negligence.

I am studying my medicine now in college and I believe that I will be able to change society with this kind of specialization.

The moment I heard the lady story my life changed and I knew what I was going to take up in college.

Throughout my life, I’ve been able to meet different people who are inspiring my career line.

It is important to know your placement in life so that you can be able to give value to society.

In conclusion, self-reflection is very important in human life and it is important that you consider taking time to do this.

This is because you will be able to align your life and decide how you want it to go.

Self-reflection will be able to tell you how you understand the meaning of life.

You will be able to walk in the right path passionately when you know what you want to do in life.

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