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Research Question Examples to Help You Write a Better Paper

Aug 20, 2022 | 0 comments

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Aug 20, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Research can be an important part of education and learning. Many students don’t understand what research is or how it works, especially when pursuing a degree in science or technology. This article discusses some basic questions that may help you decide whether to take on research as a project for schoolwork.

Research questions and answers are a way to ask questions that can be answered by research. Research question examples are an ultimate guide for 2022, which will help you find the right type of question to start with. 

Many academics have sought to define what constitutes a research article. An enlarged essay that enables students to provide their interpretation or appraisal of a particular subject is one of the most popular definitions of a research paper. It’s what prompts a research topic, which we’ll address in this professional post. A research question is a particular inquiry that the author of this work wants to investigate.

The significance of Research Questions 

You may find many examples of excellent and bad research questions online. However, it is up to the student to choose which option is appropriate for their particular work. The lifeblood of every comprehensive evaluation is research questions. They are necessary for the following reasons:

  • They assist academics in gathering relevant and meaningful data for their research articles.
  • They are an essential component in favorably affecting your job.
  • The research questions will determine the technique.
  • They serve as a roadmap for all investigation, analysis, assessment, and reporting phases.
  • They assist the researcher in gathering useful information for their research work.

Because research questions are the initial stage in each project, they serve as the project’s principal interrogation point. Your research questions will define the speed of your work and how long it will take you to finish your article.

Do you want to see samples of excellent and terrible research questions and how to produce a high-quality paper? After reading the following phrases, you can write an excellent research report.

Qualitative Research Question Examples

These research questions that describe phenomena are often more generic or ambiguous. There is usually just one idea in qualitative research questions, although there are situations when there is more than one. They start with words like “what” or “how.”

Does utilizing a research paper help students perform better? Is this an example of a bad qualitative research question?
An appropriate qualitative research topic may be: How does utilizing a research paper influence students’ performance?

If we were to respond to the first question, we would say yes or no. Nonetheless, the student must answer the second question by determining how the research paper help influences students’ grades. It helps students to draft a preliminary thesis statement that will be critical in determining the discussion’s direction and angle.

Examples of research questions and hypotheses

A research topic, or the question that the study intends to address, has already been defined. A hypothesis, on the other hand, is a concrete, quantifiable, and explicit statement regarding the likely outcomes of a scientific research endeavor. These are based on a population’s specific traits, such as the relationships between variables.

A bad hypothesis may be that students will do better if they do not sleep in class.
Students who sleep in class will do worse on class assessments than those who remain focused.

We can see from the first hypothesis that the dependent variable will also change if we alter one of the independent variables. The second hypothesis, on the other hand, merely presents one side of the argument, which may not be sufficient for a research investigation.

Quantitative Research Question Examples

A quantitative research question will examine the empirical evidence for a certain research endeavor. They provide responses based on observable facts. Quantitative research questions may be expressed as percentages, sums, averages, descriptions, comparisons, or correlations. They’re useful for asking follow-up inquiries to get further information.

Is there any effect of cold weather on coronavirus? This is an example of a bad quantitative research question.
The impact of cold weather on coronavirus infections in Europe is an example of a solid quantitative research issue.

The first question is more precise and defined, as can be seen. As a result, the researcher will have no trouble setting limits around the investigation. On the other hand, the second quantitative research topic is narrow and ambiguous, making it unable to address such a broad range of issues.

Descriptive Research Question Examples

These quantitative research questions attempt to explain where, how, when, and why something happened. Descriptive research questions use statistics and data to describe phenomena or occurrences. They reveal a respondent’s reaction to a certain element or topic. On a vast scale, researchers can readily quantify a given characteristic. ‘What percentage,’ ‘how often,’ ‘what is,’ ‘what time,’ or ‘how much,’ are such inquiries.

Using assignment writing assistance in schools is an example of a poor descriptive research question.
What is an example of a good descriptive research question? How frequently do you utilize writing assistance for homework?

The second example shows how to create a best-rated descriptive research question using variables and demographics. On the other hand, the first question is ambiguous and provides a broad viewpoint that may not provide the greatest outcomes throughout the description.

Nursing Research Question Examples

Nursing research questions are among the most important papers that students must complete throughout their academic careers. These projects give health treatment and assistance to patients, as well as information on legal and ethical concerns, common illnesses, and preventative measures. They ask students to take a scientific approach to such issues and connect them to current events. They should assist the reader in gaining useful nursing information while contributing to world healthcare.

Ways of cancer therapy is an example of a bad nursing research question.
New cancer treatments in underdeveloped countries: A case study of Kenya is an example of an excellent nursing research topic.

The second example is more detailed in terms of techniques and population. As a result, the researcher clearly understands his study and can write a well-informed report. The first research topic is broad in scope and lacks a precise focus. As a result, the researcher may over- or under-emphasize a certain facet of the study issue.

Sociological research question Examples

Students in the arts and social sciences should pay special attention to this. Sociological research issues are concerned with the study of society and the development of diverse interpretations of events. Culture, relationships, and the community are all topics covered in a sociological paper. It covers everything from marital customs to socioeconomic mobility and the internet’s impact. As a result, your sociological research question and topic should result in world-changing findings. It’s worth noting that data in sociological term papers isn’t always as concrete as in the hard sciences.

The influence of the blue economy is an example of a bad sociological study topic.
An outstanding sociological study question is: How can the blue economy assist in mitigating the negative impacts of global warming?

We can see substantial discrepancies between the two study topics above. The first shows the cause and effect connection, whereas the second merely shows the effect.

Pico Research Question Examples

Most students are unlikely to be acquainted with this kind of research paper. A Pico research report denotes tA Pico research report denotes the four aspects of a good clinical foreground question. These are Population/problem/patient, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome, and they all need specialized information to make clinical judgments or actions. The researcher will define a problem, choose the main intervention, provide an alternative, and state what they expect to achieve.

The influence of the blue economy is an example of a bad Pico research question.
A suitable Pico research question may be: How successful is psychotherapy compared to coaching and counseling in guaranteeing that college students with poor self-esteem recover quickly?

All four Pico components (Population/Patient, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, and Time) are required in the first question. On the other hand, the second question does not follow the structure and makes it difficult to understand. Some of the pieces are missing as well.

Sociology Research Question Examples

Sociology research topics are tightly focused on expressing concepts about human society’s organization, development, and functioning. It also includes the many social institutions and their exchanges and linkages. Such research topics should identify an issue and allow you to present your case from a certain perspective. Your sociology research topic will be difficult to draft and study if it is too broad or imprecise. You should take your sociology study issue from society and compare it to something the audience can easily relate to.

Why students cheat in college is an example of a bad sociological study topic.
What motives for cheating during final examinations among college students in America? This is an example of a solid sociology research paper topic.

Compared to the second question, the first has a more precise demographic and study focus. As a result, the first question will be simpler for a student to answer than the second sociological research topic.

Social Research Question Examples

Societies and individuals are the subjects of social research papers. They guide numerous choices in designing services and goods to fulfill the community’s diverse requirements and desires. These studies also cover a wide range of human behavior, including their ideas and comments on various social concerns. They are very important when discovering new markets, introducing new features, and updating different technology. To collect data, this article uses both quantitative and qualitative observation approaches.

The effects of racial discrimination in the United States are an example of a bad social research topic.
An appropriate social research topic may be: What role does racial prejudice play in contributing to black Americans’ unemployment?

The second question allows students to write on as many racial discrimination goods as they choose. On the other hand, the student will not go into great detail, resulting in low-quality work. The first research topic allows the student to focus on a certain element and conduct an in-depth study.

Causal Research Question Examples

For most first-year students, causal research papers are a no-no. Because most of these students lack the necessary background knowledge for this assignment, they cannot see a logical relationship between cause and effect. Because this job demands you to investigate multiple causes and repercussions of activities, you will need to think more deeply while formulating research questions. They investigate how certain behavioral patterns lead to the consequences that follow.

The effect of social media on relationships is an example of a bad causal research topic.
Social media influences relationships among teens in industrialized nations as an example of a great causal research issue.

The two questions above illustrate a cause-and-effect situation. Compared to the second causal research topic, the first will allow pupils to write a superior paper.

Social Work Research Question Examples

A social work paper examines difficulties in social work in an organized manner. A social work research question will find ways to deal with social issues that social workers experience during their employment. The eventual purpose of such a paper will be to address the issues arising from social deprivation. As a result, a good social work research topic will allow for developing realistic and effective intervention techniques and approaches.

Stigmatization and coronavirus patients are an example of poor social work research topics.
The effect of stigmatization among female coronavirus patients in America is a great social work research subject.

We can see from the two social work research topics above that one takes a different approach to the social issue than the other. The second question prevents the student from doing a more in-depth assessment and study of stigmatization in a specific community.

Action Research Question Examples

Analytical, evaluative, and investigative research approaches are used to detect faults or shortcomings in an action research article. These might be intellectual, educational, or administrative in nature. The goal of action research questions is to aid in developing practical solutions that will swiftly and effectively solve the challenges. As a result, the action research questions should pinpoint a particular issue that the researcher wants to address. The challenge must be novel, with a solution that can be structured, evaluated, and comprehended.

How to promote attention during class activities is an example of a bad action research topic.
How might instructors employ small group activities to boost students’ attention during class activities, as an example of an excellent action research question?

When we look at the first action research question, we notice a problem (lack of attention) and a solution (small groups) to address it. The second question, on the other hand, does not specify a precise activity that the researcher will conduct.

Phenomenology Research Question Examples

The lived experience is described via phenomenology research questions. These study questions are based on phenomenological assumptions, which shape the paper’s conclusion. A phenomenological technique aids academics in gaining new perspectives on a certain research issue. It’s a qualitative research method that generates insights from context and experience. It also provides a more comprehensive and in-depth grasp of the diverse viewpoints. Abstract notions are avoided in this sort of study inquiry.

A bad phenomenology research question can look like this: Describe your tourist experience.
A excellent phenomenological research question may be: What was your initial impression of the Seychelles islands as a tourist?

The first research question, as you can see, addresses the ‘what was it like’ query. As a result, the researcher will be able to look for context in the same way that the respondent would. This option is not available in the second question.

Marketing Research Question Examples

A marketing research question is often addressed to customers or prospective customers to determine their thoughts and perceptions on a certain topic. It will primarily focus on the viability of a product or service. The marketing research inquiry will also assist manufacturers in gaining a better understanding of customers’ requirements and interests. As a result, manufacturers and producers can decide on different product price strategies.

Who are your rivals, for example, is an example of a bad marketing research question.
What other firms are supplying services or goods comparable to ours, as an example of an excellent marketing research question?

We may conclude from the first research question that the marketer is interested in learning about the firms and goods competing with them. The researcher does not have this luxury with the second question, which is ambiguous.

Communication Research Question Examples

Thesubject communication research topics are subject of communication research topics is the verbal, interpersonal, nonverbal, and intrapersonal communication features conveyed by distinct communicators. These questions permeate everything we do and say daily. As a result, children may enjoy a smooth ride over the flat pebbles underneath them.

Effects of social media, for example, is an example of a bad communication research topic.
An excellent communication study topic may be: How is social media changing peer relationships in the digital age?

The first communication research question is narrowly targeted, allowing the researcher to have an open and honest conversation. The second, on the other hand, merely demands a simple response and, as a result, a low-quality paper.

Do you want to see more examples of the finest research questions? To get excellent scores, use our low-cost research paper assistance.

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