Racism In America Essay

Feb 1, 2020

Racism In America Essay

Feb 1, 2020 | Uncategorized

Racism in America Essay 

Racism can be said to be prejudicial or discrimination of individuals based on the race they belong to.

Individuals who practice racism believe that their race is more superior to that of others.

Racism in America has created a lot of social problems from the Colonial period up-to-date.

The core racism has been in the African American community and other races that look inferior to the American Society.

Other races that have experienced racism in America include Native Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Latino Americans, and many others.

Racism has demonstrated itself in America in different ways.

Examples of these displays include slavery, immigration and naturalization law, internment camps, Native American boarding schools, segregation, and the American Indian war.

Today social-economic inequality is the one that is dominating and bringing racism in the American country.

This inequality is found in the education system, employment environments, lending companies, housing, and also the government.

Let us now focus on the different racism that is found in American.

The African American Racism 

The Americans view African-Americans as inferior both in body and mind.

You will find that African-Americans are discriminated from the criminal law system.

They are oppressed and experience the injustice of the minority.

African-American men are the ones that face a lot of discrimination as compared to women.

Despite the fact that laws have been reinforced to help reduce this kind of discrimination no changes have yet occurred.

Based on the historical records it shows that during the first census that was conducted in colonial Virginia in 1962, there were 32 Africans, 4 Native Americans, and 892 Europeans.

There were both free African Americans and those ones that were in slavery.

The free African Americans had the capacity to secure their freedom.

Through the statistics, showed that there were 101 free African Americans in the country.

Despite the fact that there were free African Americans there were so many who were experiencing discrimination and racism in the United States.

Slavery was institutionalized and the African-American faced a lot of oppression.

Between the Year 1889 and 1918, there was violence that came up in the country which left at least three hundred thousand African-Americans dead.

As if this was not enough in 1955 the operation still continued and there was a 14-year-old boy who was killed in Mississippi because of talking to a white woman.

African Americans are facing a lot of problems despite the fact that the civil rights movement have been put into place.

Native Americans also called indigenous Americans are American Indians who live in the United States.

They can be traced to the northern American continent.

Due to their dominance in nature in the American country, they have influenced its history in a large way.

The Americans have fought for the native Americans’ resources for some time since independence and at the end of it all, they won.

The Native Americans lost their land and became displaced.

The Native Americans experience a lot of deprivation and suffered a lot because of the displacement from their own land.

When you look into the history of the American you will find that about 800 Native Americans to be specific the Choctaws were enslaved.

The main objective of the United States office was to ensure that they remove all the northern Americans in the country.

In one way or another, they managed to do this but not everyone was removed there are some who remained in the country.

The left behind in the individual faced a lot of hardship in the country.

Their livelihood was puffed out and without hope.

The race was deemed immoral and was compared to the Native Africans who were found to be better than them.

Today the only thing that has been dominant concerning the Native Americans in American is the Native Americans’ military and civil resistance.

The Asian Americans Racism 

The neutralization act in America in 1970 declared that the Asians were not allowed in the American nation and their citizenship was denied.

The Asians came into America for the purposes of employment.

There were job openings due to the gap that was left in the rail and mining industry.

The group started residing in America as they filled the labor scarcity gap that was in the country.

This came into place due to Chinese immigration to the American country.

The racism started when this group started taking jobs that were meant for the Americans.

They did not mind how much they were being paid and therefore they could take lesser payments for any kind of job they were given.

The discrimination continued and during the Year 1882, the Chinese were not allowed to enter the US market and denied access through the immigration departments.

The Americans got jealous because the group was gaining popularity in the employment market and because they were also deemed to be educated and successful.

The whites began to feel inferior and unwanted when this race was being perceived as intelligent and people of hard work.

 The Hispanic And Latino Americans Racism 

The statistics of the Americans show that approximately 16.7% of the population is Hispanic and Latino Americans.

This group has different races and ethnic backgrounds.

The Mexican being part of the group was discriminated a lot, especially in the years 1846 and 1848.

The United States government came up with a program that was meant to make the Mexicans return back to their nation.

The Mexicans thought it was a positive move for the United States to give this kind of a program it leads them to deportation.

Many people were banished from the nation despite the fact some of them already heads their citizenship in the US.

Violence was at its peak and Conflict arose.

Institutional racism 

Institutional racism in America is predominant in various ways.

For example, when it comes to institutional structures education systems attitudes many people are disadvantaged.

The following is how institutional racism is displayed in the United States.

As compared to the white you’ll find that African-Americans are poorer.

· In the political environment, the American government portrays minorities as the ones with a lot of crime.

Their political opinion is also denied because they are the minority in the nation.

  • When it comes to the law, you will find that blacks receive longer sentences than whites.

In conclusion, as displayed by this essay, it shows that racism in the United States is still at the top.

There is little or less hope to put to end racism in this nation. This is because even the group that is trying to help eradicate racism they are doing this for their own benefit.



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