Probation Reflection Paper


Paper instructions:i
You are required to complete a reflection paper that will represent your observations of the readings, a critical evaluation of the topic, and thoughts on how best

to address the problems/issues inherent in the topic you have chosen to write about.

You must utilize a minimum of four outside sources to inform your paper. (Should you choose to cite your text or articles assigned for the course, you may do so

but these citations will be in addition to the four outside sources you must locate on your topic). These sources must be peer-reviewed publication or governmental


Your paper must be a minimum of 7 pages in length (does not include front matter or references and other back matter), maximum 12-point , 1-inch margins, include

your name, and utilize proper APA citation format.

Organize the paper as follow:

Identify the topic and provide an overview of the issue, its relationship to corrections, and how this topic is currently handled/addressed in corrections

policy/practice (you may provide ‘real time’ examples from correctional jurisdictions if this will help you make your point). This section of the paper should be

approximately 2-1/2 pages in length.

Provide a critical evaluation of this topic including information that supports and/or disputes current policy and practice. This section of the paper should be

approximately 2-1/2 page in length.

Provide thoughts on how best to improve/address the problems/issues inherent in the topic, including providing an example of ‘best practices’ (if they exist). This

section of the paper should be approximately 2 pages in length.

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