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30 Interesting Personal Narrative Essay Ideas

Jun 9, 2020

Jun 9, 2020 | Blog

Personal Narrative Essay Ideas

Most students think that a personal narrative essay requires them to talk about themselves.

That’s true, but it is not always the case.

Remember, your lecturer expects you to create an essay that would inspire readers.

To come up with a good personal narrative essay, come up with a story detailing personal events in your life.

Another smart approach to a personal narrative essay is to talk about one or more of your role models.

To help you, we have come with a list of awesome personal narrative essay ideas.

Get Personal Narrative Essay Ideas for your Topic  of Choice

In some cases, your instructor will provide a topic for the personal narrative essay.

However, in most cases, you will have to look for the topic yourself.

So, the first step in writing a narrative essay is to brainstorm a suitable topic.

Whether you are provided with the topic or not, for a good score you will have to write a unique essay that is an exciting and engaging read.

Different Types Of Narrative Essays And Ideas

The freedom of choice that comes with personal narrative essays makes it difficult to come with an idea to write about.

Most of us lack ideas when we are told to write about ourselves.

In the following sections, we have put together narrative essay ideas, which are categorized into relevant subtopics.

Narrative essay ideas on personal life experiences

A personal life experience narrative is a good way to show how good you are at expressing yourself in a literal way.

Before coming up with a topic, consider both positive and negative experiences.

To engage a reader and maintain their attention, provide all the details of your experiences.

The following are examples of personal experiences topics:

  • The most embarrassing life experience
  • A life experience that showed you live is very valuable
  • How you came to learn to appreciate life
  • The most unpleasant confrontation with a family member or a best friend
  • A detailed narration of your most courageous moment
  • Memorable moments with family members or friends
  • Valuable lessons you learned from your first job
  • An experience that taught you to appreciate or despise religion
  • A detailed narration of how you fell in love for the first time

Narrative essay idea based on childhood experiences

When you were a child, you were naïve, innocent, and sincere, qualities that landed you in embarrassing and funny situations.

The point is childhood is a period filled with sweet, painful, and life-changing experiences, most of which have the potential of making an interesting topic for this kind of essay.

The following are ideas on childhood experiences you could write about.

  • The best and most memorable childhood birthday party
  • Describe what you wanted to be when you grew up and why
  • Talk about your most treasured toy, or other possession, as a child
  • Narrate an experience that helped you become more mature
  • Describe the first time you got injured in the playground
  • Your best game as a child and why you loved playing it
  • Talk about your favorite cartoon, superhero, or fairytale character
  • Narrate your first fight in kindergarten or elementary school
  • Explain why you miss your childhood
  • Talk about your first best friend and share your favorite memories with them

Narrative essay ideas about your school years

For most people, the best and worst experiences occurred in school.

In school, you had to overcome many unique challenges and did some pretty awesome things that you can share with readers.

If you are finding it had to find a school experience to share, consider the following ideas:

  • The most embarrassing thing that happened to you in class
  • Talk about your favorite teacher
  • What was your favorite subject in school and why?
  • Narrate your best and most memorable events in school
  • Describe your first experience with bullying in school
  • Explain how your teachers and tutors shaped you to become who you are today
  • Talk about a teacher you considered a role model
  • What experiences in school influenced your career choice?
  • Describe that time you tried to cheat in an exam and got caught
  • Describe that one time you performed exceptionally well in school
  • Narrate your first day in elementary or middle school


You will definitely find inspiration in the personal narrative essay ideas shared above.

We all have experiences worth sharing, you just have to find those interesting enough to make a good story for a narrative essay.

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