Islamic challenges to HR in modern organization

Research Methods in Business Individual Assignment
Evaluation. Your paper is marked on the following criteria: quality of content (choice of topic and sources, whether the review demonstrates understanding and the ability to link different sources and draw inferences), style (clarity of presentation, adherence to guidelines as outlined above), and thoughtfulness (independence and stringency of thoughts expressed, in particular, in the discussion of implications).
First of all, your critique should include some basic information:
1. Name(s) of the author(s)
2. Title of article
3. Title of journal, volume number, date, month and page numbers
4. Statement of the problem or issue discussed
5. Literature review.
6. The author’s purpose, approach or methods, hypothesis, and major conclusions.
The bulk of your critique, however, should consist of your qualified opinion of the article.
Read the article you are to critique once to get an overview. Then read it again, critically. At this point you may want to make some notes to yourself on your copy.
The following are some questions you may want to address in your critique.
1. Is the title of the article appropriate and clear?
2. Is the abstract specific and representative of the article?
3. Is the purpose of the article made clear in the introduction?
4. Are the study design and methods appropriate for the purposes of the study?
5. Is all of the discussion relevant?
6. Should some sections of the manuscript be expanded, condensed or omitted?
7. Are the author’s statements clear?
8. Has the author been objective in his or her discussion of the topic?
Assignment Requirement
 The research paper should be type written, 1.5 line-spaced, using 12-point size
font times new roman, and should not exceed 10 pages (excluding cover page,
and references).
 The cover page should provide the title of the research paper, the complete
student name, student ID number, and course code.
 The report should contain the following sections: (1) Introduction; (2) Literature
Review; (3) Research Aims and Objectives; (4) Research Methodology; (5)
Discussion; (6) paper critique; (7) Conclusion; (8) References.



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