Internet as a promotion tool for Harley-Davidson

Internet according to Hofacker (2001), is a great tool for promotion for Harley-Davidson, the manufacturer of motorcycles. This is because internet has global presence and therefore Harley-Davidson can use internet to reach many motorcycle enthusiasts and potential customers globally. These include people who have motorcycles currently, those who possess motorcycles and but do not possess Harley motorcycles, those looking motorcycles for the first, and those who have curiosity for motorcycles in general. Harley-Davidson uses ads and these could be appealing to wide range of audience including the first time buyers.

Asensio et al (2007) observed that Harley-Davidson’s website displays a lot of imagery that are vivid. They display vey many flashy pictures, sounds and graphics that excite people and attract them toward their variety of motorcycles. The site is well designed, arranged and it just cool in general. By just viewing the website of Harley-Davidson, it creates the desire to live a certain unique lifestyle like a person who possesses Harley. Moreover, the people displayed in the website looks very much happy, and their lifestyle is portrayed to come out as care free lifestyle. Any person who has curiosity or is passionate about bikes can get a lot of reliable information on the website of Harley-Davidson, and then contact a dealer. The main function of the website is to attract people and get them contact dealers.

The website of Harley-Davidson plays different numerous roles. First, Asensio et al (2007) pointed out that the current owners of Harley can shop for their new upgraded bikes, or look for different parts for their hogs. Furthermore, they can also get replacement parts and make an order so that they do repairs for their bikes themselves. Additionally, they can shop for the riding gear.

The new customers can also conduct some research on the website of Harley-Davidson, and make comparisons of the prices of Harley-Davidson with the products prices of their competitors. The more reliable information about specific motorcycles, the more it creates the purchasing desire and draws a potential customer to the dealership

Moreover, Asensio et al (2007) pointed out that the Harley-Davidson’s website plays the public relations role for the company. It tells the public in general about the social responsibility and the ethical business practices of the company. This function plays a great determining factor for the individuals who show much concern for the social responsibility and the environment as some clients will only do some business with organizations or companies that have business practices that are good.

The Harley-Davidson’s website is a functional adverting. It satisfies the prospective and current needs of the owners, I addition to those who have curiosity about the company and motorcycles. Therefore, internet and their website is a great resource.


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Asensio, C. F., Klickzowski, H., Montes, J. C., & Tres, M. (2007). Harley Davidson. Milan, Italy: Edizioni Gribaudo.

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Internet as a promotion tool for Harley-Davidson
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