How to Write Captivating Essay Conclusion

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  • A conclusion is a final idea left with the reader at the end of an essay.
  • A conclusion should link back to the essay question and briefly restate your main points.
  • It could also include a final thought or reflection to highlight the significance of the topic.

One of the most captivating things about a speech is how It ends.

You will conclude that speech is a good one when it has a great conclusion.

The conclusion of an essay is a comparison of any great speech.

You can also compare a conclusion with an end of a monologue or a presentation that leaves you with a feeling of excitement.

One of the best things while concluding an essay or a speech is making sure you engage the emotions of the reader.

Your conclusion should leave the emotions of a reader excited, surprised or have mixed feelings concerning what you have been talking about.

Martin Luther King is one of the greatest speakers known for his ability to captivate his audience.

The speech he made on a memorable day,1963 is still on people’s minds till to date,’ I have a dream.’

When comparing the introduction, body, and conclusion, the essay conclusion is one of the hardest parts of of essay writing.

Many students will have a good body but they experience a hard time writing their essay conclusion.

Being able to round off your essay effectively is very important when working on your conclusion.

The ability to leave your reader with the best impression concerning your work is what you are required to achieve in your conclusion.

When writing your essay conclusion, you must consider highlighting all the main points that you talked about in the body without repeating yourself.

You are expected to have the ability to balance this act properly.

Below are tips on how you are expected to conclude your essay effectively

How Do I Conclude an Essay?

Before we ask ourselves this question it is important to know what a conclusion is.

The answer to what a conclusion is may look simple on the face but it requires you to be keen on what you should include in it.

An essay conclusion is a paragraph at the end of your essay that summarizes everything you’ve been discussing in your essay.

You are expected to recap the main points of your argument so that you can bring an essay to an end.

If you are asked to give another name for a conclusion you would hear phrases like summary, the restatement of a thesis, others will say is a recap and many other words.

These phrases may sound true, but not all of them can accurately describe what a conclusion is.

There is so much more that is hidden in the word conclusion that you are expected to explore to bring an essay to an end.

It is also important to understand that you should know how it is supposed to be done. while you are defining a conclusion

When you consider these phrases in writing your conclusion, they mainly due to writing a bad conclusion in your essay.

As we have said earlier these phrases do not capture the full meaning of a conclusion and its functionality.

You should be able to have a conclusion that will be able to fulfil its rhetorical potential.

How to Avoid Concluding An Essay Badly

A Conclusion is Not a Repeat of Your Introduction

Many students think an essay conclusion should be the same as an introduction.

These students will copy an introduction word by word and use it as a conclusion.

Instructors and professors have seen these kinds of students work where students do a copy and paste thing.

It is important to note there is no need to do this.

Repeating the same information over and over again on your essay makes it shallow.

If you were told a conclusion should be the same as an introduction, there would be no need to have a conclusion.

If this was to happen then you would end your essay at the body paragraphs level.

If an essay conclusion would be the same as an introduction, you could write something like, “see introduction” for the conclusion. at the end of your paragraphs.

You may find it weird and think that you can never do such a thing but many students are repeating the introduction to make it a conclusion.

There’s no difference between rephrasing or paraphrasing your introduction,’ to become a conclusion” and copy and paste.

The two students, one who is paraphrasing and the other one who is copy-pasting are repeating the same information without bringing out what a conclusion is supposed to fulfil.

A Conclusion is Not Just a Summary of Your Body Paragraphs

When you view an essay conclusion as a recap of body paragraphs your conclusion will not be comprehensive.

You will find many students using a concise summary of each of the body paragraphs they have written.

This kind of recap can form an essential part of your conclusion in longer essays where you have made complex arguments.

At the same time repeating your body paragraph in a conclusion may not be able to fulfil your rhetorical persuasion.

A Conclusion is Not a Place to Add New Content or Make New Arguments

Ensure that your essay is only including a recap and a summary of what you have already said.

In this section, you are expected to reflect on your argument and not introduce any other new thing.

It is important to ensure that you have not added any content while concluding the essay.

When you start introducing other new things in your essay you will start making your essay conclusion complicated.

Now that you already know what a conclusion is not it is important to ask yourself what a conclusion is exactly.

What is the conclusion?

A Conclusion is a Sales Pitch

If you have been keen on this guide, you have seen mention of the word rhetoric.

It is important to note that our conclusion is the most important part of an essay.

Maybe you could be asking yourself what rhetorical means.

Rhetorical is the ability of a conclusion to convince and persuade the reader concerning your argument.

For your reader to emotionally connect with your conclusion it is essential to use rhetoric.

For your essay to be rhetorical you need to use a certain language and present your information in a certain way.

Sometimes rhetoric has a bad name in public discourse.

When you use phrases like pure rhetoric or empty rhetoric it may suggest that you lack integrity or substance to an extent.

Some other people may view rhetoric as insincere or dishonest.

It would help if you did not make your reader view your conclusion from this perspective.

You should ensure you make your reader understand your essay conclusion and feel connected to the emotion you’re trying to bring out in your argument.

One of the oldest scholarly disciplines in the world is rhetoric.

Rhetoric is still one of the disciplines that writers used in the 20th century.

People considered this discipline one of the most important in western society.

Although it acquired a negative name it is still one of the most important elements and foundation of good writing when it comes to writing an essay.

It is important to improve your rhetorical skills to attract the reader’s attention so that he or she can buy your argument.

There will always be a difference between a person that has rhetorical skills, and the one not using them when writing an essay conclusion.

Both of these people will bring out a different response to their readers.

It is also important to ensure when using rhetorical skills you balance them so that you may not excessively use them.

Excessive use of rhetorical skills may make the reader view your essay more of a style than a substance.

You must be cautious about how you structure your presentation and phrase your arguments.

The way you present your essay contributes a lot to whether you will move a reader or not.

You can easily win over your audience by ensuring the structure of your phrases and the presentation of your conclusion is convincing.

This is very important because it can be able to make a difference in your overall grades on an essay.

An example of sales, if you’re considering selling an apartment to some individuals it is important to ensure you convince your audience.

For you to be able to convince your audience it is important that you conduct a detailed presentation.

To make sales of this property you need to take some hours to ensure you list the features of the property, its advantages and the cost of buying the house.

You are expected to make many arguments through your pitch.

Not every argument in your pitch may be exciting and attractive.

You should ensure you explain everything about the property including the nearness to the city centre and amenities that are around.

Being able to explain the location of the property is very important.

It is also important to ensure you include the security of the location while giving details concerning the environment.

It is also important that you explain the kind of returns the buyers will get in case they consider renting or selling the property at a later date.

Explaining the property taxes in the area is also an essential detail that you need to put while giving explanations.

The kind of facilities that the local authority will provide should also be included.

Details on sanitation and waste facilities available in the property should also not be left behind.

When you can convince the buyer by answering all these questions, you will be able to sell your property with the buyer signing the deal.

To ensure you don’t go loggerhead with your buyer it is important to ensure when you are closing your arguments you don’t add any new information.

This may bring confusion to the buyers and he may not consider purchasing the property.

Ensure you don’t leave your buyer with the impression that purchasing a house is stressful.

Make sure the buyer’s mind is left with a positive mindset concerning buying the house.

Ensure they are moved by their overall effect of purchasing a house.

Let them know that your offer is the best concerning purchasing the property.

How This Helps You to Conclude an Essay

What we have described above is rhetoric.

What you are expected to do when writing an essay is to make a pitch.

Your parting shots in an essay is your conclusion.

This is the last opportunity that you have to convince your reader by making your argument look impressive.

You want to ensure they are convinced that you have achieved what you had already set to do.

Being able to prove your point in a conclusion will make your reader convinced that your argument is final.

Making your argument final to a reader is giving them the ability to be satisfied with what you have talked about.

The ability to take your reader through the intellectual journey and making it as interesting as possible and rewarding is one of the ways to make your essay conclusion impressive.

It would help if you considered leaving your readers feeling excited about your essay.

Excitement is brought about by bringing a new way of thinking concerning the topic of discussion on your essay.

How to Manage an Exciting Paragraph Essay

Not every essay that you get to read can be rewarding.

When it comes to academic writing it is all about being able to collaborate with generations of knowledge.

When an individual can collaborate a generation of knowledge even when he or she is a first-year undergraduate student they can produce original work on a subject.

When work is written in this way, the instructor or the professor will think about the topic differently.

The ability to make an instructor think about the topic differently is what is required when it comes to academia.

An instructor is not only marking your essay, but he could also be having a heap of write-ups that he is expected to read.

An instructor will appreciate your work when it is well written from the start to finishing point.

The reason why an instructor will appreciate this is because the reading will be satisfying.

It is important as a writer to make sure even when there is a jam on the original work you can sell the idea to the instructor.

The ability to highlight anything new in your essay and be innovative in your argument will excite the reader.

This is what a well-concluded essay will do to a reader.

When writing a formulaic structured essay such as a five-paragraph, three arguments essay, you should note the following.

It is important when writing a formulaic essay; you avoid reiterating your introduction in your conclusion

The ability to develop your essay between the start and the end of an essay will persuade the reader concerning your conclusion.

It doesn’t matter how lengthy or complex the concluding essay is all the reader wants is persuasion.

When the reader is finishing your essay, he must be able to learn more than they had known as they were starting to read your content.

This process can also apply to five-paragraph essays.

It is important to know that there are different ways you can conclude an essay and recapping its main points.

Any conclusion you use will affect how your reader will interpret the value of your argument.

Ways of Concluding an Essay

Restating the Thesis Without A Display Of Any Significant Development

The points that are made in the body paragraphs are presented in the conclusion as a list.

What this does to your conclusion is that it creates an overall effect of disjointedness.

This is mostly applied in a three-body paragraph but it brings a major problem on a five-paragraph essay.

Create a Sense of Development through the Essay and Revisit Some Details on Your Paragraphs and Attempt to Draw Links Between Them

The kind of effect that is brought to this kind of conclusion is that the reader has a bare minimum of what he should expect in the conclusion.

Sales Pitch Conclusion

The last Kind of conclusion is a sales pitch kind of conclusion of an essay.

This kind of a conclusion put together different arguments on a body paragraph to a single unifying theme.

This is one of the conclusions that can bring excitement to the reader.

TThisconclusion stands out among other kinds because of balancing a sales pitch and a recap.

This kind of conclusion brings a reader into a broader implication of the argument presented in the essay.

As we said earlier a conclusion is the last opportunity to convince your reader but it does not necessarily mean it can save you from a bad essay.

How (And How Not) to Conclude an Essay- Do’s and Don’ts

The following is a summary of what you’ve been talking about in the conclusion above and what you have been able to learn.

Sell Your Conclusion

It is important to sell your conclusion to the reader as a fun, insightful, and intellectual journey.

When a reader can go through your intellectual journey, he will be able to create time to read it.

Convincing your reader is one of the most important things you can do to sell your work to them.

Ensure you use the rhetoric skills te talked about and have a bold pitch to argue your points.

Pull it All Together

The ability to make the reader see your essay as a unified and coherent whole is what is required of you.

If you have to introduce a new thing in your essay ensure it can unify all of your other points to ensure your essay is single and flowing.

Be speculative

Your conclusion should broadly and slightly speculate towards the implication of your argument.

On being speculative it is important to ensure you are exciting your reader.

Don’t Rehash Your Thesis

Repetition of what you have already said in your introduction as a conclusion will make you as least effective.

This is because this kind of conclusion shows a sense of stagnation.

The sense of stagnation can be seen mostly when your essay is short and may not show the reader that you are progressive.

Do not introduce new arguments in your conclusion

WYouare expected to do with your conclusion to make sure you revisit your arguments in a fresh and better way.

The conclusion should have an underlying unifying theme.

Ensure you don’t introduce any new things while you are concluding your essay.

Making sure that you conclude your essay by reflecting on arguments that you have already made is very important.

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