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How to Write a Captivating Essay Conclusion Paragraph

Feb 3, 2022

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Feb 3, 2022 | Blog

What is an Essay conclusion?

An essay conclusion is a final paragraph of your essay that summarizes everything you’ve been discussing in your essay.

When comparing the introduction, body, and conclusion, the essay conclusion paragraph is one of the hardest parts of essay writing. A good concluding sentence of your essay is a final idea left with the reader at the finish line of your essay. We shall also explain how to write a conclusion paragraph in this article.

Many students will have a good body but they experience a hard time writing their essay conclusion.

Being able to round off your essay effectively is very important when working on your conclusion.

The ability to leave your reader with the best impression concerning your work is what you are required to achieve in your conclusion.

When writing your essay conclusion, you must consider highlighting all the main points that you talked about in the body without repeating yourself.

A strong conclusion should link back to the essay question and briefly restate your main points.

It could also include a final thought or reflection to highlight the significance of the topic.

How to write a conclusion for an essay

1 Restating the Thesis

The first kind of conclusion is called a conclusion based on evidence. We start with restating the thesis and then write down arguments in support of it—perhaps one argument per paragraph. Then we move on to the link between the thesis and the evidence. Each argument should be a logical step in the chain, not just a list of facts. If you can’t work out how to summarize your argument in one short sentence, chances are you’ve written too much to summarize in one sentence anyway.

2 By summarizing major points

The second kind of conclusion is usually called a summary because it summarizes the parts of your essay. It should include everything you need to know about what you’ve been saying so far.

Create a sense of development through the essay and revisit some details on your paragraphs and attempt to draw links between them

Do’s and Don’ts in Writing Essay Conclusions


1 Sell Your Conclusion

It is important to sell the end of an essay to the reader as a fun, insightful, and intellectual journey.

When a reader can go through your intellectual journey, he will be able to create time to read it.

Convincing your reader is one of the most important things you can do to sell your work to them.

Ensure you use the rhetoric skills te talked about and have a bold pitch to argue your points.

2 Pull it All Together

The ability to make the reader see your essay as a unified and coherent whole is what is required of you.

If you have to introduce a new thing in your essay ensure it can unify all of your other points to ensure your essay is single and flowing.

3 Be speculative

Your good conclusion paragraph should broadly and slightly speculate towards the implication of your argument.

On being speculative it is important to ensure you are exciting your reader.


1 Don’t Rehash Your Thesis

Repetition of your strong thesis statement which you have already said in your introduction as a concluding sentence of your essay will make you less effective.

This is because this kind of conclusion shows a sense of stagnation.

The sense of stagnation can be seen mostly when your essay is short and may not show the reader that you are progressive.

2 Do not introduce new arguments in your conclusion

What you are expected to do with your conclusion paragraph is to make sure you revisit your arguments in a fresh and better way.

The concluding paragraph should have an underlying unifying theme in your college essay.

Ensure you don’t introduce any new evidence while you are concluding your essay.

Making sure that you conclude your essay by reflecting on arguments that you have already made is very important.

3 Do not Repeat Your Introduction

Many students think an essay conclusion should be the same as an introduction.

Repeating the same information over and over again on your essay makes it shallow.

If you were told a conclusion should be the same as an introduction, there would be no need to have a conclusion.

4 Do not Summarize Your Body Paragraphs

When you view an essay conclusion as a recap of body paragraphs your conclusion will not be comprehensive.

Repeating your body paragraph in the last paragraph of your academic paper may not be able to fulfill your rhetorical persuasion.

Conclusion outline

  • Topic sentence
  • Fresh rephrasing of thesis statement
  • Supporting sentences
  • Summarize or wrap up the key points in the body of the essay
  • Explain how ideas fit together
  • Closing sentence
  • Final words
  • Connects back to the introduction
  • Provides a sense of closure

Final Thoughts

The concluding paragraph of an essay is often an afterthought for many writers. After all, the conclusion is where you simply rehash what you said in the introduction. But this is completely wrong, and it’s a bad habit to get into. As you can see from these tips, essay conclusions are just as important as introductions. They need to have a purpose and a point, and they need to leave the reader with some sort of feeling.

A compelling conclusion paragraph will tie up all the loose ends and conclude your main point of view on the subject. Whether you are writing a formal essay or an informal piece of creative writing, there are a few pointers to keep in mind when it comes to crafting a strong essay conclusion.

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