How To Write Essay About Leadership

Feb 2, 2020

How To Write Essay About Leadership

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How To Write Essay About Leadership

Writing a leadership essay is easy as long as you have a structure that will help you work through the article.

For you to get a glimpse of what you will write about it is important that you consider the following;

  • It is important that you understand the definition of a leader.
  • Understand the meaning of leadership and how leadership looks like.
  • You can also consider various people in the society that you consider to be leaders
  • You can also consider reviewing your leadership skills and how you intend to grow them to achieve your life goals.

When you have this kind of information in mind you will be able to write a good essay concerning leadership.

Steps to writing a good article

1. Grasp the leadership concept

The leadership concept can be quite complex because of its dynamics.

Before you start writing your leadership essay it is essential that you do research.

You can consider getting books that talk about leadership and get to see how leadership is defined, the concept of leader characteristics and qualities.

The internet is also another source of getting leadership information and you can be able to view a lot of journals and other content concerning leadership.

When you collect this information collectively you will be able to structure your leadership essay.

2. Define the leadership concept

Through the research that you have done concerning the leadership concepts, you can be able to come up with a leadership definition.

You will also be able to get the definition of a leader and what makes up a leader.

This definition will be based on your understanding of a leader and leadership.

You can consider the following as you get to define leadership.

  • What makes a leader successful?
  • Are all leaders’ risk-takers?
  • What kind of expertise does a leader require so that he can be able to lead a group?
  • Does rising in hierarchical levels prove that a person is a leader?

When you consider the following questions as you structure your leadership essay you will be able to get a good definition of what makes a leader.

3. At a personal level review the leadership qualities and write them down using examples

Before writing a leadership essay it is important to be personal with this essay.

It is important to engage your mind concerning how leadership has been in your life.

Consider when you realized you had leadership skills and how you’ve been able to use them in different areas of your life.

Write down the experiences you have had whether with your peers, family, and other places that you’ve been able to lead.

Write detailed experiences and specify the areas you have been leading.

It is also important that you consider how this kind of leadership came into place.

This will be able to enhance your leadership essay and it will be more interesting for the reader to go through the essay.

4. Unique and innovativeness of leaders concerning things

Having this in mind will be able to help you to come up with more illustrations concerning a leader.

Do your research properly and you will be able to have a good leadership essay.

This research will help you to get a different perspective concerning a leader and leadership and finding many occasions where leadership qualities came forth.

This could be either from you or your friends or other people in society.

5. Write the leadership essay

After you have written all the steps it is important that you read through them again and understand them.

From there you can now start putting down the ideas into paper.

This is where you start writing an essay concerning a leader.

These parts have a few steps that you need to follow.

The structure is as follows;

Let’s now discuss the structure one by on.


This is the most important part of the essay.

It is the part that makes a reader continue reading your essay.

You can consider using hooks on your introduction because it is one of the ways you can make the person reading your essay to finish reading it.

Ensure that your introduction will make a reader know about your thoughts concerning the subject.

Be as interesting as possible so that you cannot turn off the person reading the essay.

In the introduction, it is important that you consider using samples and examples.

This is where you also add personalized experiences that you have had on leadership.

Thesis statement

A thesis statement is a statement that clearly shows the topic that is being discussed.

The main idea of the essay will be discussed in this statement.

A Thesis statement is normally one sentence.

Most of the time this statement comes at the end of the first paragraph.


This part of an essay is the longest one.

You can consider having three to four paragraphs on the body.

Every paragraph should be unique and has its own ideas explained clearly.

When every idea is written in different paragraphs a person will be able to read easily.

This part of an essay contains important facts and information concerning what you’re writing.

When you write an essay that has a good body you will be assured that your essay will be successful.


This is the last part of an essay.

It is a one-paragraph that is written at the end.

In your conclusion, it is important that you restate your thesis statements.

Summarizing the main points that you had written on the body is also important.

This is because the conclusion sums up all the ideas on leadership that you talked about.

It is important that you keep your points precise and ensure that you do not introduce any new ideas.

When you write a good conclusion the reader will be satisfied with your content.

When you’re done with the writing of the leadership essay it is important that you proofread for errors and mistakes.

This is the most important part and you should do this work keenly.

When your work is clean and free from mistakes then you will be assured that you will get good grades on your essay.


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