How To Write A Good Introduction Paragraph For An Essay

How To Write A Good Introduction Paragraph For An Essay


For an essay, the introduction is the first paragraph.

Writing this paragraph is tricky.

It is the first thing a reader comes across; therefore, it has to be exciting and engaging.

An excellent introduction not only introduces your essay but convinces a reader that it is worth their time reading your essay.

Just because it is the first section of your essay doesn’t mean you have to write it first.

Writing it last is a smart approach., since by then, you will have a clear idea of the direction of your essay, and you will have mastered the content of your essay.

The following are additional tips that will help you write a captivating introduction.

Reveal just enough

In your intro, you are supposed to let the reader know what to expect in your essay.

That explains why good introductions have background information on the topic, a thesis statement, and a brief summary of the main points.

When summarizing your main points, do not reveal too much information: What will be the point of continuing to read if your audience already knows everything in your essay?

Simply give your reader a sense of what to expect without revealing details.

Provide relevant background before revealing your thesis (main argument)

Your introduction should provide the context of your essay.

The point is to provide information that leads to your thesis.

However, remember, you are not trying to prove your argument but to introduce it.

So, before writing the thesis, provide context and background information, not proof.

Write your thesis

The thesis goes towards the end of the introduction, especially if you do not plan to highlight your main points in the intro.

Your thesis should be concise and clearly inform the reader your stand on the given topic.

In essays, most of the time, the thesis statement is only one sentence.

Relevant information

It is common for people to include hooks in the introduction.

A hook could be an anecdote, a fact, a piece of statistic, or a rhetorical question.

Hooks help capture the attention of the reader.

However, any information you include in the intro should be relevant to the topic.

It will not make sense to capture the reader with something off-topic; you will still lose them somewhere in the middle.

Persuade the reader your essay is worth reading

By the time a reader finishes the introduction, they should be eager to read the rest of the essay.

One of way of doing that is by showing them how the topic of discussion relates to their lives.

People are likely to show interest in something that affects their lives.

Another way of convincing a reader to read an essay is by providing a questionable or challengeable thesis.

If your argument is controversial, they will want to continue reading just to see how you will support your main argument.

Final Thoughts

An excellent introduction provides background on a topic, includes a strong thesis, and a brief summary of the main points in the essay.

More importantly, a good intro is appealing, captivating, and engaging enough to inspire a reader to go through the rest of the essay.

Follow the tips shared in this article to come up with a great introduction paragraph for your essay.

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