500 Word Essay

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500 Word Essay

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 How To Write A 500 Word Essay Excellently

500 word essays are popular in the education system for two reasons:

They are short – a student should not take ages to finish.

Still, they are long enough to accommodate all the basic elements of an academic paper (introduction, body, and conclusion).

That said, it still requires effort to research and write a 500 word paper.

In this comprehensive guide on how to write 500 word essays, we will guide you on how to create an outline for such essays and explain how you should write each section of the essay.

Also, we have provided two exemplary samples that put the information in this guide into perspective.

Requirements Of A 500 Word Essay

500-word essays differ in goals – it could be informative argumentative, expository, analytical, comparative, and so on.

Whatever the goal of the paper, you should not go beyond the five-hundred-words limit, which is about two pages.

Like most essays, it should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

In most cases, it takes the classic 5-paragraph structure, where the first paragraph is the introduction, the last paragraph, the conclusion, and the other paragraphs are the body.

Steps To Follow When You want to Write A 500 Word Essay

Follow the following steps to write an excellent 500 word essay:

  1. Conduct your research

What are you going to write about?

That is the first question you should ask yourself before writing any paper.

Some types of essay, like a reflective essay, do not require research, but you will still need to think about the personal experiences to write.

To avoid forgetting your main points, jot down short notes as you research.

2. Create an outline

An outline, basically, is a rough draft of the paper you will write.

It guides you on the structure and highlights the content to include in each paragraph.

With an outline, you are not likely to get stuck when you start writing your paper.

3. Write your paper

With good research and an outline, you are ready to write your paper.

Consider writing the introduction last – when you have a full grasp of what your paper entails.

4. Edit your final draft

Revise and edit your work until you are satisfied; you have come up with the best possible version of the essay.

As you edit your work, pay attention to the strength of your points and the flow of ideas.

Of course, correct grammar errors and typos.

5. Have someone else proofread your work

Human beings tend to be oblivious of their own mistakes.

Therefore, it is advisable to have someone else proofread your work and give you feedback.

How To Create An Outline For A 500 Word Essay

An outline for your 500 word paper should include the following sections:

  1. Introduction

The introduction states your thesis.

It should also have a hook, a statement, fact, or rhetorical question that will grab the reader’s attention.

In a 500-word essay, the introduction will not be long (it will be about 50 words).

However, you should ensure in that small paragraph you clearly inform the reader of the purpose of your paper.

2.  Body

The body consists of three paragraphs.

Each paragraph should present a new point, idea, or argument.

Remember, you have a word limit – so keep everything brief by going straight to the point.

3. Conclusion

We all know what you are expected to do in the conclusion; which is to summarize the main ideas in your paper.

Also, remember to restate your thesis and relate it to your main points.

However, if you want a strong conclusion, consider finishing it with a rhetorical question, questions for further research, or a call to action.

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500 word Essay Example #1

International Trade and Money Market

International trade is a practice where people from different countries exchange goods and services that they may not behaving in their states or, they have them, but they are not sufficient. Because of this, therefore, we have almost all types of product available in the international market, we have an example of food, oil, jewelry, wine, stocks, clothes, spare parts, currencies, etc. Services may include baking, tourism, and transportation. Myszkowski, Paweł B(2010)

The international money market is a kind of trade where foreign currencies are transacted between different central banks from different countries. Mainly the transactions are carried using. Hence we have this as forex trade.

            International trade currently is a very significant practice and also to the future to different people’s lives, personally I appreciate it because of different reasons first it enables my country to dispose its surplus products this will create income that can be used to lower living standards in my country, as time goes by there are different varieties being availed in the international market this will enable me to and others to consume different varieties of products also raising living standards. Because of the competition experienced, every country strives to produce quality; this is an advantage to me as a consumer because I have a guarantee of quality products that might be produced either in my country or any other country hence increasing the quality of life. Mathur, N (2012)

According to Dicks, J. (2004) international trade International promotes collective cooperation among different countries where in my case my country is involved; friendship is created as there is a good atmosphere of goodwill among these trading countries these can enable interaction of different people from different ethnic groups. In the future I see myself working in different countries where I can enjoy different adventures only because of the friendship created due to foreign exchange.

            When we think about forex trade, we think about money different countries use different currencies, but we use a dollar for commonality during the business. Value of different currencies from different countries is determined using different aspects mostly the forces of demand and supply which vary across matters a lot .when we have more buyers than sellers of a certain currency, then its value goes up. People tend to buy certain currencies because the country is doing well and it’s economy. Therefore different countries struggle to improve their economy, in the future my country is therefore likely to have a favorable economy hence living standards will be affordable.

 To conclude, foreign exchange or forex trade leads improvement of the living standards of different countries. It is predictable than shortly these countries that practice international trade will have moved into higher heights regarding economy and friendship I will, therefore, be receiving the best services in my own country.

Work Cited

Myszkowski, Paweł B., and Adam Bicz. “Evolutionary algorithm in forex trade strategy generation.” Computer Science and Information Technology (IMCSIT), Proceedings of the 2010 International Multiconference on. IEEE, 2010.

Dicks, J. (2004). Forex made easy: 6 ways to trade the dollar. McGraw-Hill.

Mathur, N. “Changing dynamics of forex trade in India-OTC to currency derivatives.” Banking & Finance Digest 10 (2012)

500 word Essay Example #2

George Fitzhugh’s Arguments in Defense of Slavery

During the nineteenth century, a number of Americans made a shift in their understanding of the concept of slavery, changing it from a necessary evil to be perceived as a positive good. George Fitzhugh strongly believed that slavery was a significantly better option when putting in comparison with equality and liberty, and thus brought forward a highly consistent as well as sophisticated defense for slavery. Fitzhugh’s study vigorously attacked the northern society of America and defined them as corrupt; his study further defined slavery as a designed system whose objective is the protection of the inferior black race as well as the promotion of social harmony in the community.

Fitzhugh points out that the Northern States, as well as France, tried embracing liberty and equality with the objective of enhancing comfort and happiness instead of achieving this objective; crime, as well as pauperism, has increased significantly with trade unions, riots as well as strikes by workers demanding higher wages becoming a daily occurrence. Thus proving that liberty and equality only worsen their working and living conditions worse.

Secondly, a rich no matter how good of a man he is will employ a laborer to work for his wages. Not to mention that the employer will cheapen his work; a poor man’s wages through taking advantage of the steep competition for employment which leads to substantial underbidding and the excess supply of laborers for the employers.

Thirdly, Fitzhugh points out women in poor society have been forced into employment competition in order to efficiently support themselves and their children using their daily wages. A woman is forced to resort to a moral compromise to compete with their fellow male counterparts in their workplaces, with acts such as sexual favors. Thus, turning women’s life into a ridiculous cycle of struggle to progress and survive with the state of unhealthy competition.

Moreover, Fitzhugh states that with domestic slavery the master is dependent on the profits he gains from his laborer work efforts. Therefore through domestic slavery, the masterworks towards providing for every slave both in infancy as well as in old age, in health and in health; in order to maximize his profits, the slaves’ wants are greatly considered. Fitzhugh expresses that domestic slavery creates an environment with no rivalry as well as competition amongst the slaves and even between the slave and master. The master’s interests greatly influence him for implicating his slaves’ wages as well as allowances in cases of infancy and sickness to evade the risk of losing his slave.    


With the tips shared above and the two examples, you should be in a better position to write your own 500 word essay.

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