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Primary Research for Your Master’s Dissertation

Sep 22, 2021 | 0 comments

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Sep 22, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

To make your dissertation stand out, you might consider using interviews and questionnaires as primary research methods to gather information for the research.

What should you do next?

One of the biggest difficulties in conducting interviews is finding people willing to participate.

One way around this problem would be find interviewees at already-existing groups, like a over 50s club or mother and toddler group.

The best place to start looking for these organizations is on community halls’ websites.

They are usually listed there as well as what their hours are so you can plan your visit accordingly!

Although they may not like it if they think you’re speaking to journalists so always confirm at first what sort of group this is before continuing your discussion about their involvement as an interviewer.

For example, whether there will likely be any sensitive information shared during interviews such as health issues etcetera.

Planning Before Primary Research

Planning is the key to success.

A good way of ensuring that you are prepared for anything, whether it be a dissertation or an interview with your supervisor, is by making sure you have planned ahead and thought through all angles before diving in headfirst.

Make sure to ask questions beforehand so as not to waste time when conducting interviews- after all, we want our supervisors happy!

Primary Research techniques

Interviewees often have a range of reasons for not wanting to speak.

If the give “yes” or “no” answers and seem sullen or unresponsive, don’t force them into responding.

Some people were persuaded by friends to take part in the research rather than really wanting to be involved.

So it is important that we do not take their silence personally during our time with them.

This sometimes leads us down new paths which can yield interesting ideas for your dissertation such as analysis of both bullies and those who are bullied within schools between genders.

Questionnare Structure and Planning

The questionnaire, a crucial component of the research process, should be reproduced in your dissertation.

You need to show how you conducted your study and what questions were answered on this form.

You might be tempted to deviate from the questionnaire during the interview process, but that would mean undermining the basis of your research.

If you stick rigidly to what’s written on paper with each individual, then we’ll know for sure how good a researcher it is and who deserves their degree.

It can be very tempting at times to stray off course in an interview.

But by using these carefully structured questions as a map of sorts, you will be able to maintain scientific objectivity towards your work while also preserving transparency.

Therefore, markers evaluating you will clearly see all your abilities.

Get Help from the Experts with your Primary Research for Master’s Dissertation

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