Graphic Design in a Multicultural World

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480 T: History of Graphic Design
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From the essay “Graphic Design in a Multicultural World” by Katherine Mccoy, the significant change in graphic design is highlighted. There is a decrease in the corporate design projects because of the computer. Computers have enabled the non professionals to do the work of the professional designers.

The work of individual designers who work on the corporate designs has been replaced by the automated computers, and this has made the work lucrative and rewarding. This raise the question whether the recent occurrences predicts the dead end of graphic design because of the recent disappearance of the corporate design projects.

Despite the changing nature of graphic design, I do not believe it is ending. In fact, the introduction of the new media brings in great opportunities including the software interface design, CD-ROM publishing, multimedia and product interaction design. It is clear that the design of print communication is already changing and will change.

Moreover,  the traditional homogenized corporate audiences that has formed much of the graphic design destinations is diminishing because of the upcoming trend of focused messages, specialized messages and eccentric language s of design that are made to target the unique culture and characteristics of audience. Mass communication is narrowcasting instead of broadcasting. In fact as described by professor Patrick of Illinois institute of technology, “this is demassification and is a dominant cross category global trend”(201).

Design has undergone changes from the age of industrial revolution to modernity where standardization exists under the philosophy of “form follows function” (201).

The dynamic changes in design connect to the processes of the current designers in many ways. Because of the technological advancement and embrace of computers, designers should use them to continue modeling the design field. Furthermore, with the divergent trend of design serving different aspects of the society, focused based designs should be adopted.




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Graphic Design in a Multicultural World
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