First-Class Essay

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First-Class Essay

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A Simple Guide to Writing a First-Class Essay

For an essay to be considered a first-class it must have a 70% grade or higher.

In some situations, you must attain 75% so that you can have a first-class essay.

Many students find this percentage very high and for them, it is impossible to attain this.

You should not give up on getting a first-class essay because there are many ways you can do this to attain it.

In this guide, we shall highlight various steps that you need to undertake to help you write a first-class essay.

The steps are systematic and easy to read.

Take your time and familiarize yourself with the steps and you will be assured of getting a first-class essay.

Step 1: Understand the Marking Criteria

Understanding the criteria you should meet when writing a first-class essay is very important.

Many students are unaware of this and that’s why they may not attain a first-class qualification.

Consider taking your time and getting every information that you need to know the criteria that you should meet so that you can be awarded a first-class.

Get to know what a marker expects of you to attain a first.

When you have this information you will be able to write a first-class essay by meeting these points.

Take your time and read your course handbook because most of these criteria are highlighted in the book.

It is also important to consider your essay question because there may be additional information on what is expected of you.

Ensure you don’t take any information for granted when writing the essay.

The criteria that are mostly highlighted by the marker in writing an essay include;

Making sure you understand every criterion is very important because you will not give any room for assumption.

Understand that every essay has its own criteria and assuming one is related to the other is a bad idea.

As you write down your essay ensure you are conversant with every criterion that will be used for marking.

When you follow the criteria you will be progressing towards getting a first-class grade that you want.

Step 2: Put Some Thought into Choosing Your Question

When choosing your essay question it is important that you put it into considerable thought.

Don’t just select a question because you are familiar with it or it sounds interesting.

Interest and familiarity have their part in the essay but there are more important things that you need to look for when choosing your question.

When selecting a topic it is important to ensure it is manageable.

In selecting a question on a topic choose one that is narrow because broad questions may make you get out of the topic.

To reduce the chances of Steering off your topic ensure you take time and choose a question you can manage.

The reason why you need to consider this is when you get out of the topic you may not earn a first-class.

Confirm that there is enough literature on the topic you have selected for your essay to have a supportive document.

Using reputable academic sources and those that are of a high standard is very important to get a first-class essay.

Take your time and ensure you have accessibility to the various materials that you require for the topic.

Ensure that you have done this before starting your project so that you can save time as you write it.

There are some topics that are special and may require you to conduct primary research because there is very little literature for the topics.

You can consider avoiding such topics because they will consume a lot of time which you do not have.

Primary research may take a lot of time because you need to ensure you have rigorously demonstrated your methodologies.

Step 3: Understand the Question

How well are you able to understand your question?

One of the reasons why students fail in essays is a lack of understanding of their essay questions.

Essay questions are posed using directive words.

Directive words include outline, critically analyze, and many others.

Familiarize with these directive words so that you can know what is required of you on the essay question.

Consider thinking carefully about the following questions.

  • “Assess”

When you have an essay question that has assess, you need to take on a critical approach.

You are expected to highlight the main features of the question and devoid of bias.

Evaluate the extent of the essay question highlighting viewpoints that may be contrary to yours.

This way you will be demonstrating the critical engagement that is required to attain a first-class essay.

  • “Discuss”

Discuss is a very sensitive directive word and requires you to have the skill and knowledge to tackle it.

Think critically about the question that is being posed.

While writing an essay with this directive word it is important to back your position with evidence.

Discuss, as a directive word, you are expected to determine the role of the essay question and its influence.

There are many more directive words you can find in essays and familiarizing yourself with them and getting to know what is expected of you will save you when writing an essay.

Familiarizing yourself is very important because you will have the knowledge to tackle an essay question.

When you have answered essay questions wrongly you are certainly going to reduce your chances of getting the first-class.

When you cannot understand your essay question it is important that you consult your tutor so that you can think through the question and get clarity.

Do not assume anything concerning as a question or even refresh it for your own good.

When you do this you will be drifting from a first-class score.

Step 4: Quality of Sources and Referencing System

When you understand your essay question it is important to read widely concerning the subject.

While you are doing your literature review it is important that you stay focused on the topic.

In writing a first-class essay it is important to show that you are conversant with the subject.

Where applicable it is important that you provide theoretical and empirical literature.

Use textbooks, journals, articles and any other sources that you can get concerning your subject.

Journals are very important because they are able to provide the current research concerning your topic.

This is because they are frequently published.

Remember to check the marking criteria when referencing so that you may be on the right track.

Most of the time when it comes to referencing and getting sources using academic as opposed to online sources is preferable.

The reason why you need to consider academic sources is that not all information can be reliable in the online platform.

Consider the reputation of academic scholars and databases.

You can also consider incorporating primary research of your own.

Ensure your essay is well-researched.

You can consider using the recommended reading list on your essay question.

Having a reading list when working on your essay is very important because it will give you direction.

A reading list may be under various categories.

These categories are;

Essential Reading

Some essay questions will require you to use specific books that are important in completing your course.

It is important to consider the books that have been categorized as essential when writing your essay.

Make a point of using the book because if you avoid it you may lose some marks.

This may reduce the chances of getting first-class.

Further Reading

After you have done essential reading you can consider getting other sources that can help you with the same subject.

These Readings are recommended by your supervisor and should be the foundation of your wide Reading.

These readings are very important because they help you to get insights concerning the essay and give you a different perspective.

Some further reading materials may be so general and you may not require them in your essay.

While doing further reading you can narrow down to the scope of your question so that you can be able to get good content.

When it comes to referencing your sources it is important that you consider the criteria that are needed.

Ensure that in writing your essay you do reference correctly.

Be careful in this section because when you fail to reference correctly you may lose marks which may lead you to not getting the first-class.

Familiarize yourself with the referencing styles required so that it can be easy for you to do referencing.

When you do reference properly you will get the points that are required which may propel you to getting the first-class.

Referencing also assures the reader that you have not plagiarized your work.

Plagiarism is an offense when it comes to writing an essay and it can lead to termination of your paper.

Step 5: Depth of Knowledge

You may have a good collection of sources for your essay but you don’t have the knowledge that is required.

Ensure that you read your sources properly so that you can display your understanding of your essay.

Being able to display your viewpoint will make the reader know that you are aware of what you are talking about.

While reading it is important that you refer back to the essay question so that you can use the information that is necessary to the subject you’re writing about.

Step 6: Frame Your Argument Coherently

As you read your literature sources you will be able to form an opinion concerning the research.

It is important to always keep the essay question in mind while you are doing this so that your viewpoints may be within this category.

Ensure that your arguments and answers are structured in a coherent manner.

When you do this the marker will be able to follow step-by-step your arguments as he will be able to gain insights on your thought process.

Being able to reason through in essay writing and thinking skillfully will be able to bring a wider perspective concerning your subject which is very important in bringing coherent opinions.

Keeping the opinions of other scholars in mind is very important because it will show that you have read and done your research correctly.

When writing the essay being critical and focused will be of importance.

This is because when writing an essay, to attain a first-class, it is not all about descriptions.

When writing a descriptive essay what is required of you is to describe and summarize the arguments.

To write a first-class essay you need to show your viewpoint, your arguments, critics and defend the essay question.

You can consider showing any opposition that you have concerning your arguments and at the same time to show why you are standing on your viewpoints.

This is a sign of doing good research.

Make sure while situating your argument you are within the literature framework.

Make sure that you include theoretical and conceptual frameworks as this is academic writing.

Step 7: Structure Carefully

You need to think carefully about the structure of your essay.

For you to create documents logically, you need to have a well-structured essay.

The structure of a first-class essay should have an introduction to a body and a conclusion.


In this part, you should provide a brief background concerning the paper.

You should also state your research question here.

Citing the research aims is also important in the introduction part.

When you are able to describe the focus of your essay in the introduction you will be aiming for a first-class score.

Make sure that your introduction is as brief as possible.

When highlighting your points let them be straight forward.

An introduction is all about summarizing the reader’s expectation of your essay.

For a first-class essay, it is important that you include a thesis statement that will explain your arguments concerning your paper.

Main Body

A body contains some paragraphs that explain the advanced argument of your paper.

This is the section where you provide answers to your essay question.

You should explicitly give out details and your arguments concerning the essay question.

When writing paragraphs it is important that you ensure you are not too lengthy.

Ensure that every paragraph has a point to be discussed to avoid confusion.

This way you will maintain a well-focused and coherent essay.

While starting a paragraph it is important that you start with an introduction which summarizes your point of argument.

Your arguments and key points will influence the number of paragraphs you will have on your essay.

When you write a good body you will have high chances of being awarded the first-class on your essay


The conclusion is the final step to writing an essay.

It’s a summary of what you have been talking about in the body.

Being able to summarize your paper key findings, will help you get the first-class in your essay.

Being able to show the implications of the research findings and arguments for literature is also important.

When you do the marker will be assured that you have done good research on your subject.

This also shows that you are aware of how your research fits within the research community.

It is also important that you provide recommendations for future research in case there is a gap that your paper did not discuss.

Step 8: Clarity and Style

When writing a first-class essay your writing style is fundamental.

Ensure that you engage the reader with your writing Style.

Use the right technical terms that have academic terminologies.

The use of formal language is expected in your essay.

Reading through various journals to see the writing style is very important because it will help you with your essay.

Academic terms are very important when writing an essay and it is important to familiarize yourself by reading various journals.

When writing it is important that you maintain the third person.

A first-class essay will demonstrate a high level of technical knowledge.

Having a solid argument and an accurate structure will also demonstrate a first-class essay.

Consider the academic style that is required when it comes to referencing so that you can do this correctly.

Cross-checking with the essay criteria is very important because you will be following the requirements of the essay.

Ensure that you are as professional as possible while conveying your argument.

In the paragraph section, ensure that they are well linked for the purposes of progression.

Step 9: Proper Presentation

Proper presentation is very important when writing an essay which you want to achieve a first-class score.

Be organized and ensure you’re following the academic requirements when it comes to the presentation of your essay.

Consider the specifications given on line spacing, font size, and margin.

Ensure you adhere to this requirement so that you can be on your way to achieving the first-class.

Do proofreading to ensure that your work is free from grammatical errors and spelling.

Step 10: Originality

Your originality on the paper will be demonstrated through your critical reasoning skills.

Ensure that you have a well thought out argument that is original.

When demonstrating your arguments it is important that you ensure they are clear, conscious, and formal.

Confidence is also a key factor when it comes to originality as you express your opinion.

Use examples and data to back up your arguments.

Avoid summarizing arguments available in the literature and use your ability to think critically and independently for originality purposes.

When you do a summary of the literature you may lose a lot of marks because the marker cannot trace your point of view in the argument.

When you follow the steps highlighted above you are likely to get a first-class essay.

The steps are easy to follow and therefore you can read and reread them until you get the concept of writing your essay.

If there is any step you would want more clarification you can get in touch with us because we are here to help you.

When you read and understand these steps you will be assured to get a first-class in your essay.

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