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How to Write an Exemplification Essay: Guide with 2 Examples

Apr 1, 2022

Apr 1, 2022 | Blog

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In this article, we will explore how to write an exemplification essay which is a type of argumentative essay, the definition of an exemplification essay, how to select an exemplification essay topic, how to write an exemplification essay outline, amazing tips, components of the exemplification essay, and the use of specific examples to try and convince your audience that your side is the right side. Use this exclusive guide to help you in writing an amazing paper that will get you an A

What is an Exemplification Essay?

How to Write an Exemplification Essay

An exemplification essay is a type of argumentative essay that provides specific examples to prove a point. If you’re writing a thesis paper on the negative effects of global warming, it’s not enough to say that it is bad for the environment. You have to be able to show definitive reasons that will convince readers that global warming is dangerous.

Every essay type is specific after its fashion. You will never find essays of different types with the same purpose. It always differs, and it makes essay writing unique, as well as complicated. Many youngsters struggle with exemplification essays. The main purpose of this essay type is to support your claims with clear examples. Every essay is supposed to use evidence that proves a theory. Nonetheless, an exemplification essay demands to use of more examples than commonly. It helps students to reason and explains their thoughts much better and clearer.

Not all students can withstand this test successfully. Some even require professional help and ask someone: Which academic writing service can write me an essay from scratch? They ask to write this particular type. Fortunately, we know how to write an exemplification essay without the help of professional writers. We created our blog exactly for this purpose.

How to Write an Exemplification Essay

Choose and Study the Topic

Your first step is to decide what issue to disclose and research it thoroughly. It must be currently relevant and unsolved. Your task is to be helpful and clarify all the uncertainties and provide useful solutions. Make allowances for the next essentials:

1. Make Sure You Have Enough Data

Sometimes even the most brilliant ideas may lack evidence. You ought to be 100% sure that you’ll have enough examples to explain and support your thesis and sub-theses in your thesis paper. Use only trustworthy websites and textbooks. Make bookmarks and divide them into logical categories to simplify your further research and writing.

2. Narrow the Topic

Some topics are too broad, and it will never help a student if they write an exemplification essay. Your word count is limited to 500-700 words, and you cannot exceed it. When you choose such topics similar to “Technological progress in the world,” you will have to cover too many areas. It’s better to identify a unique part of the general concept. For example, you may concretize where or when technological progress took place. Thus, your description of the topic may be something like this – “Technological progress in Europe in the late 90ies of the 20th century”.

3. Take Into Account Your Audience

Remember that you write for somebody, not only for you. Try to get into your readers’ shoes. What would they like to learn from your essay? Is it useful? Does it solve a vital problem? What answers can you provide? How to explain your theory? Which examples will illustrate your ideas the best? If you answer these and similar questions, you will understand the needs of your audience.

Exemplification Essay Topics Ideas

Some students cannot understand how to generate good essay topics from a theory. That’s why such students should better look for nice topic lists. Here are five examples of good exemplification essay topic ideas: You can check this article for an amazing list of exemplification essay topics 

  1. How does social media affect us?
  2. The influence of politics on our life.
  3. How does divorce affect children?
  4. Relation of education to culture.
  5. Professional ethics and its role in the workplace.

Create a Good Outline

The importance of an outline is huge. It helps to get disciplined and organized because it underlines all the simple steps and time limits you must undertake. An exemplification essay is a piece that requires lots of specific examples. Therefore, create a separate outline that includes all the examples you intend to use in your essay. Decide how, where, and when to implement them into the text.

A standard 5-paragraph format can be used and it includes the following parts:

  1. Introduction. Tell your readers what your essay is about and introduce a clear thesis statement.
  2. Paragraph 1. Describes and elaborates on the first example.
  3. Paragraph 2. Describes and elaborates on the second example.
  4. Paragraph 3. Describes and elaborates on the third example.
  5. Conclusion. In the conclusion of exemplification essay, restate your clear thesis statement, sums up the dispute, and interpret the results of your project.

Tips Not to Exceed the Word Count

How to Write an Exemplification Essay

Many students don’t know how to cram all their ideas into a single essay, which may be only 500 words long. Luckily, we can help them to overcome this issue. Here are effective tips for not going over the word count:

  • Stick to your outline. One of the wisest things to do is to follow a reasonable plan. It contains all the stages and deadlines you have decided to undertake. Accordingly, you already know what examples to use and where. There is no need to look for additional data that may require more words.
  • Follow the topic. Your topic identifies the limits of your research. Accordingly, you do not have to go beyond it. Many students tend to dwell upon the things that have only a faint relation to their topic and thus still precious time and word count. Disclose only such points that are closely related to the chosen issue.
  • Take a break. Count all the words you have. Commonly, students exceed the permitted number. Don’t try to reduce them on the same day. It’s better to sleep on it. When you are refreshed the next day, have a new look at your exemplification essay. Reread it several times to eliminate all “sharp edges” and throw out unnecessary words and even entire sentences. A fresh mind will help to succeed.
  • Replace what can be replaced. Often, students use too many words that they can replace with a fewer number or even a single word. For example, you may replace “deal with” by using “handle,” “ask for” by using “request,” “in case” by using “if,” and so on. There are many similar examples when you can easily shorten your essay and thus never exceed the permitted word limit.

Additional tip: Don’t get sorry if you have to throw out many brilliant ideas. Save them and use them in further research or similar inspiring topic(s).

When you are assigned an exemplification essay, remember our blog post. The tips and tricks it contains will surely help you write a great piece. Thus, you will receive the highest grade.

Exemplification Essay Examples

The examples below have been written with the basic essay writing principles. Get inspired by the help of various examples in your writing process.

Exemplification Essay Sample



Exemplification Essay on Obesity



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start an exemplification essay?

A good way to start an exemplification essay is with a famous quote, an anecdote, a question, or by stating a common fact or statistics.

What is exemplification and its example?

An exemplification is an illustration or classic example of something. Breaking into loud, operatic singing at the breakfast table might perfectly exemplify your family’s strange sense of humor.

What are the characteristics of an exemplification essay?

Exemplification writing uses specific, vivid examples to add more information to explain, persuade, define, or illustrate a general idea. Likewise, exemplification provides solid support and strong evidence to prove the writer’s main statement.

What are examples of exemplification paragraph?

I would like the be the teacher that could help out. I could help with school fundraisers and school activities. Some of the staff do not like staying after school to do the school fundraisers, but I think raising money for something could be fun. Some school activities in middles school were not that fun.

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