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10 Best Educational Website Builders For Teachers And Students

Oct 16, 2023

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Oct 16, 2023 | Blog

Everyone is hooked onto the internet these days. So, why should teachers skip being a part of the digital ecosystem?

Without a good online presence, making progress in any line of biz is challenging. There’s no getting away with education.

As a teacher, it is your duty to make learning easy and convenient. Don’t forget, it is your chance to scale up your brand value too. Gone are the days when classroom teaching was enough. Online courses and e-learning are what most students are looking for.

Get rid of the hold-ups and create an educational website right-away. Of course, you are not a pro in designing and setting up a website all by yourself. You might have snippets of ideas of how you want your website to look like or the contents in it.

Well, there’s more than designing and developing a site. It is crucial for your website to have a good online presence. There’s so much to learn about. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, the value of blogs, and so on so forth.

Don’t be intimidated. There’s an extensive choice of free educational website builders for teachers. Educational website builders for teachers will help you get started in no time. The platforms have the required tools to ensure that your website earns a good ranking. So, enjoy a powerful online presence.

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The 10 best website builders for teachers and students. Here’s the list:

Education Weebly

01_Education_Weebly- Educational Website builders

Speaking of best free website builders for students and teachers, Education Weebly sits pretty high in the charts. Teachers find this educational website builder convenient to use. You can add in n-number of widgets.

For example, you can add different sections for curriculum, feedback, calendar, study materials, and more.

The best part about Education Weebly is it’s easy and friendly interface. Students don’t have a hard time understanding how to navigate the website. It is one of the best educational website builders for students too. Everything in Education Weebly is like a one-click job. Regardless of age, your students will have a nice time sticking to online learning.

You don’t have to pay a lot of money to get started.


Integrating the site with other apps and add-ons is easy

  • It is affordable
  • User-friendly interface
  • Making modifications is a cakewalk
  • Meets the required standard of security
  • Comes with auto-save functions, that acts as a perfect back-up
  • Weebly support services are on point
  • Implementing SEO strategies is easy


  • Changing formats or placements are tricky
  • The platform experiences glitches a bit too often
  • Waiting time for uploading pictures is longer than usual. The worst part – you cannot proceed to work on any other sections of your site unless the picture is uploaded. You will lose on back up otherwise.


02_Edublogs- Educational Website builders

The idea is to set up an exceptional educational website, right? Well, Edublogs is a remarkable educational website builder. The name says it all.

It offers an array of features and templates. Every feature and tool available aims at improving the learning experience of students.

Edublogs provides a list of simple, yet eye-catching templates. Kiss goodbye to all your concerns related to web development.

Customizing websites is easier done than expected with Edublogs. Why only content? You can make your website stand out by incorporating interactive features. Discussion panels and digital newsletters for instance. Install multimedia options.

In short, Edublogs does not limit your options. It is one of the best website builders for teachers. Play around and bring your ideas on board.


  • Creating learning websites with Edublogs is quick and simple
  • Offers great flexibility
  • Provides reliable customer support


  • Most of the best features are not free. You have to choose a paid subscription


03_Wix- Educational Website builders

Don’t wait up. It is time to create a solid online presence. Whatever ideas have been cooking in your brain, it is finally time to see those ideas come into action. Wix makes everything quick and hassle-free.

You can play around with multiple fonts. There are as many as 25 amazing templates, appropriate for your genre (education). Website management couldn’t be easier.

Don’t forget – your students are not always in front of a large screen or their laptops. Websites should be mobile phone optimized too. Wix makes that happen. It takes care of SEO.

An educational web page always has sub-sections. News, blogs, courses, FAQs, and others. If you are eager to add a new widget or an application to your website, it is easier done than thought with Wix.

You can include forums and exclusive membership programs. Then there are calendars, chat rooms, videos.

In short, everything you need, to put out a fine educational website. So, push those educational courses out, teachers.


  • An impressive list of pre-built layouts and templates
  • Adding animation is easy
  • There’s an array of website apps. Adding widgets like live chats, and newsletters are simple
  • Enjoy the smart assistant with Artificial Design Intelligence
  • Provides backup for your website


  • Switching templates is not easy, if you decide in the future
  • The pricing is a little high for beginners
  • Loading times, on mobile devices in particular, are not that impressive


04_Ning- Educational Website builders

A website is not worth much if there is a lack of functionality. Also, if the design is complex and difficult to navigate, it is of no benefit.

Ning is a good educational website builder to try your hands on. It provides ample themes that suit your purpose (education).

Teaching online has much to do with social networking. Ning is one of the finest platforms to showcase your knowledge, and teaching ability.

Ning is well-known as one of the drag and drop free website builders for students. They do not have a hard time looking around and navigating through the sites. Students can create their own portfolios and keep a track of their progress.

The website builder allows you to create blog sections, put out polls, create forums, and much more. Interaction between teachers and students is easy with Ning.


  • Create a simple educational website without much effort
  • The software is pretty much simple to understand
  • It offers a good platform to fasten connecting to social media


  • Technical glitches are way too much
  • Ning is pricey
  • Integration time lags and is pretty slow


05_Jimdo- Educational Website builders

Do you know what’s most fascinating, the first time you hear about Jimdo? You can create a website in under 3 minutes.

Well, there’s a catch though. You will have to provide the website builder some information. For example, what are you exactly thinking of? Your plans for the educational website, and much more.

Jimdo is not one of the free education website builders. There are plans to choose from. And, there is a price to pay.

If you are a tech-savvy – great. If not, ditch your worries. Setting up a website with Jimdo is a picnic. You can choose from a variety of customizable templates. Integrating widgets like fee payment, course booking are simple in Jimdo.

Cherry on the cake – the platform uses ‘Artificial Designing Assistance.’ You do the thinking. The website will be built from scratch in minutes.

Are you keen on managing your website? No problem. Jimdo offers you complete access to CSS and HTML. In short, Jimdo is an all-inclusive website builder.


  • The sign-up process is easy
  • Your website will be up and running in minutes
  • Offers a simple user friendly interface
  • There’s both a DIY approach and the AI way
  • Integrating products like e-commerce and hosting service is not difficult
  • E-commerce functionalities are available (Only for paid subscriptions)


  • The pricing options are a little high
  • Jimdo plan structures are confusing
  • Tweaking templates with designs other than basics is a bit off
  • Integrating with social media options are limited


06_Squarespace- Educational Website builders

Squarespace is a popular choice of website builders for students and teachers. It is too flexible, multifaceted, and easy to adapt. If you are a fan of drag-and-drop website builders, Squarespace is your best bet.

Creating a website to showcase your skills as a teacher and online courses is simple with Squarespace. It offers you a good number of premade templates to kick-start your business.

If you are worrying about things like hosting, domain names, cross-browser compatibility, relax.

The educational website builder has innumerable tools to deal with the technical part. You can create a website that is optimized for mobile use as well.


  • Offers a large number of blogging features
  • 100 and more impressive pre-made templates
  • Squarespace app is available on iOS and Android
  • Provides live chat support


  • Lacks auto save feature
  • Editing is a tad bit challenging
  • User experience on Smartphones are not great
  • Page speed is slow
  • You cannot build multilingual websites with Squarespace


07_Site123- Educational Website builders

Promoting services as a teacher is easy in the digital era. You need to start with a professional-looking website. If you are not looking to wait for long, SITE123 is an excellent educational website builder.

It helps you design, develop, and get your website rolling in the shortest span of time. If you were on a hunt for free education website builders, SITE 123 is a good pick.

You can integrate free plug-ins. Include tools promoting social media, live chats, a library of free images, and icons. You can add a personalized touch to your website without any problem.

But, to avail complete benefits of customization, you will need to opt for a paid plan.


  • Websites created on SITE123 automatically adjusts to any device
  • The SEO tools are on point
  • Convenient and hassle-free editing
  • Structured layouts. A great benefit for the newbies
  • You can opt for integrations like a language translator. It is payable.


  • Few education templates as options
  • To get rid of ads, you need to choose a pricey advanced plan
  • Limited access


08_WordPress- Educational Website builders

It is surprising if you haven’t heard of WordPress already. Describing it as a complete package with umpteen features is more appropriate.

The platform is easy to use. It has simple navigation, much preferred drag-and-drop editors, and a lot more. You can customize your content, in whatever way you like.

There’s a reason why every teacher is learning about the best website builders for education. In today’s time and age, it is imperative to build your educational brand. To make your brand popular, you need a website. Offer an array of courses, to benefit students. Online classes are way more popular than you can imagine.

WordPress is one of the best educational website builders for teachers.


  • Offers generous storage space
  • Social media sharing and SEO is a bonus
  • Innumerable themes are available. You can customize them too
  • Allows space for comments. This makes your tutoring lessons interactive.


  • Most customized themes and plug-ins come with a price tag
  • Security is not the best
  • To customize like a pro, you need expert knowledge
  • Navigating through development and designing is difficult.


09_SimpleSite- Educational Website builders

Are you willing to try working with an easy to use, straight-forward educational website builder? SimpleSite is a good option. It is a good pick for beginners though. SimpleSite is one of the easiest free drag and drop website builders for students and teachers.

You can have a website ready and running in 5 minutes or less. There are themes, color options, images, fonts, and pretty much the basics. If you are looking to start out, experiment using SimpleSite.

So, go ahead and use your creative skills. Start tutoring your students online. You can reach out to a larger mass and build a bigger brand in the shortest span of time.

Students can go all crafty and create their own website. It is just another step. We are all switching to a digital world. Students can create portfolios, write blogs, assess their ability, and do a bunch of other things. SimpleSite is a good bet for both students and teachers.


  • Mobile friendly. You can work on your SimpleSite website using any device
  • Introduces a good platform for beginners


  • Limited features
  • There’s very little scope for customization
  • Outdated designs and layouts


10_Ucraft- Educational Website builders

Ucraft is an excellent education website builder. If you are dipping your toes into a webguru, starting with Ucraft is a good option. The platform offers a free package to start working. The best part – you don’t have to know a lot about technology.

The interface is user friendly. Navigating the editor is an easy job. Ucraft gives you a perfect platform to enhance your educational brand. List down the courses you are keen on teaching.

There are plenty of designs and layouts to begin with. To make your lessons more appealing, you can customize themes.

There is a good choice of integration options to pick from. Adding exclusive sections for your students. Let them create a goal and accomplish it.

You can use Ucraft to your benefit. It is one of the free website builders for teachers. Market your brand. Offer valuable course options for students. Setting up a website with Ucraft is easier done than thought.


  • Great if you are on a budget. Ucraft offer free packages
  • Provides good templates to choose from
  • If your website is more about images, Ucraft is your best bet. It emphasizes images
  • Offer great tools for blogging
  • Integrating E-commerce is easy


  • Limited control on designing or customizing templates
  • Customer support is a big disappointment
  • Although Ucraft is a drag and drop website builder, it is not very simple to use it.

Which is the best website builder for teachers and students?

If you have to narrow down from the list of the best website builders for education, WIX is the most appropriate choice. Features in WIX are in full swing. It is affordable and easy to use.

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