Descriptive Essay Examples

Descriptive Essay Examples

A descriptive essay requires a student to describe something; an object, person, experience, situation, emotion, etc.

These essays test a student’s ability to develop a written account of something.

An excellent descriptive essay should enable the reader to get a clear and flowing picture of your account.

Descriptive Essay Writing

Descriptive essay writing is required in high school and some college courses.

It sounds easy, but most students do not have adequate skills to produce impressive descriptive essays.

This kind of writing requires excellent literary skills, creativity, and a lot of practice.

Also, you could improve your writing by going through other well written descriptive essay samples.

The Dos Of Descriptive Essay Writing

Having difficulties composing a descriptive essay?

Consider the following:

Develop a statement

The first step of writing a descriptive essay is coming up with a central idea or argument that your essay will focus on.

This statement will be the introduction to your essay and should effectively work as a framework for your topic.

Create an outline

An outline is more like a skeleton of the actual essay.

It helps you remember your main points and stay on topic.

In the outline, have sections labeled introduction, body, and conclusion.

In each of these sections briefly note down what you will write.

In the introduction section, draft how you will introduce your story and your main idea.

In the body section list the details of your story, you will include in each paragraph.

Use complex vocabulary

A descriptive essay tests your ability to express yourself in a specific language.

Therefore, you should make sure that the vocabulary you use reflects your level of study.

Avoid simple words like sweet and good, and replace them with more complex words like tantalizing and superb.

Use illustrative language

In a descriptive essay, you want to your reader get a clear picture of your story.

You do that by invoking all the five senses.

Achieving that requires the use of figurative language – do not merely state what you saw or felt, explain it.

Write your introduction in the present tense

Avoid using phrases like “in this essay” or “my essay”.

Explain to the reader in the present tense what they can expect in the body of the essay.

Present your introduction in a manner that shows your proficiency in language and an in-depth understanding of the subject of discussion.


Sign off using a reaffirming statement, a rhetorical question, or a question that might inspire a reader to conduct further research.

The idea is to keep your essay fresh in a reader’s mind long after they have finished reading it.

Most importantly, the conclusion should remind the reader what you have been talking about in the body of the essay.

The Don’ts Of Descriptive Essay Writing

When writing your descriptive essay, don’t:

  • Address the reader. In fictional writing, authors address the reader to try and appeal to their emotions. However, even if you are writing a personal experience or an imagined situation, do not address the reader in your essay. Remember, a descriptive essay should be factual. So, to remain objective, avoid addressing the reader and including your personal opinion.
  • Forget to proofread. Most word processors have the spell checker feature which you can use to proofread your work. However, do not rely on the spell checker alone as it does not correct grammar, contextual spelling errors, punctuation, and issues with flow and syntax. It is advisable to have another person proofread your work as human beings are often oblivious to their own mistakes.

Descriptive Essay Sample #1

Descriptive Essay Sample #2


Essentially, a descriptive essay gives is a detailed description of an object, person, situation, or phenomenon.

When writing this kind of essay, summon your best literary skills and do not stray off topic.

The samples above and the guide that precedes them will act as a roadmap to writing your own descriptive essay.

But, do not copy the samples, as that is plagiarism.

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Descriptive Essay Examples
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