BTEC Applied Science (Forensic Science) 

Unit 32: Forensic Collection and

Assignment 5: Crime Scene to Court



The police have requested you to complete an expert witness statement report describing your analysis, results and conclusions, which will then be submitted to court for the trial. You are an expert witness presenting the result and conclusions from an investigation to a mock court. You need to prepare and Present the Case files.

Assignment Briefs

Task 1: Report on a chemical, physical and biological forensic examination (P8)

Prepare a report in the form of a case file on the results and conclusions from the examination of the collection of simulated crime scenes that we have looked at over the year. Consider biological, chemical and physical evidence and the laboratory analysis of the evidence a case file.

Task 2 Justify the conclusions drawn in the report. (M8)

Present clear and logical justifications for the conclusions drawn from the evidence collected during the forensic examination and the subsequent analysis. You must relate the conclusions drawn from the analysis to the crime scene and comment on its significance. This should have same level of objectivity and clarity as appropriate to the presentation of investigational results in a forensic or scientific situation.

Task 3 Evaluate their findings, including aspects of probability. (D8)

You must evaluate your results. Consider clarity of explanations of results and conclusions, ensuring that they are not ambiguous. You must also consider probability in terms of possible, probable, likely and how probability can be described quantitatively.

Remember to include references.

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