child law status offenses

1500 words minimum You are the law clerk for a Kings County Family Court Judge. The Judge is contemplating whether s/he will work with children’s rights – oriented legislators to change the existing laws. Status offenses are a controversial element of U.S. law. Some argue that they are not a necessary part of the continuum of laws protecting and regulating childr en. You have been asked to compose a legal memo to The Judge regarding: –The definition and nature of status offenses; — At least 3 specific scenarios involving status offenses that occur in Kings County (you can be creative and make up fictional cases that probably occur) –The pros of status offenses. (Please argue for (in favor of) having status offenses as part of our laws); –The cons of status offenses (Please argue against the necessity for status offenses); Ultimately, your conclusive decision, in your own educated opinion, about whether you would like Kings County to continue prosecuting minors for status offenses. In your memo to the judge, please include at least 6 legal terms / standards / doctrines / rules / customs, court decisions, AND/ OR international laws / documents, that can help you reach your decision. Please underline and bold these terms. CITE ALL SOURCES USED TO OBTAIN THE NECESSARY INFORMATION IN FOOTNOTES (FOLLOWING THE ORDER OF THE BULLET POINTS ABOVE)

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