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Idea one

Business plan for disposable coffee cups in United States

The coffee company is determined to supply the local coffee shops and resaturants that serve people who like coffee, a place to look forward to as you try to leave the daily life stressors, and a nice place to read your book or to meet your family or friends. With the great demand for great service and coffee of high quality, the company will capitalize on its location in the city centers to build a core group store partners. The company will offer the best disposable coffee cups to the city restaurants, hotels and coffee stores. This will be complimented with free delivery that makes the patrons to enjoy. The company will be a partnership of two investors (Collins & Lazier, 1992).


The company will be located in the first floor of the commercial building in New York. The floor plan includes a 300 square feet of office and 2200 square feet of the operations are who also include the store and wash rooms. The premises have the necessary electricity and water will only require slight remodeling to accommodate the store and the kitchen

Target market

The target market for our products will be the local restaurants, coffee shops and hotels that serve coffee. Our company will serve them with the disposable cups for serving coffee for the customers who wish to carry coffee home. The business is friendly to the environment as the products are easily disposable and therefore will result to reduction of environmental pollution (Floyd, 2005). 


The company will offer our clients the best coffee disposal cups. This will be achieved by sourcing aesthetic and unique designs, light and environmentally friendly raw materials, and products. The products will be aimed at making our clients attract many customers to their stores (Wickham, 2006).


Business idea 2

Ad agency

The advertising industry is facing a major downfall of late. The clients who used to turn to major advertising companies are now turning to the small and friendly specialized agencies in the cities. The proposed advertising agency will incorporate latest technological advancements in advertising like using the online platform that has not been embraced with the major advertisement brokers. This ad agency will be will be one person sole proprietorship business that will combine savvy marketing (Floyd, 2005).


  • The business will be situated within the city centre although it will mostly be outdoor marketing and advertising for the brand
  • Networking within the community will be used to establish the business among potential clients
  • Ads will also be placed in different publications that cater different chosen fields
  • Direct mails will also be sent to companies with creative contents


Given that the potential clients will rely solely on the provided ideas from the company, the business will come up with winning ads that will be placed in the media spots that are proper. Some of the products will be:

  • Writing ads for companies and other business on different industries
  • Placing online adverts
  • Graphic designing of ads (Wickham, 2006).

The target market

  • The potential clients for the business will be any organization or businesses that I will choose to go after
  • The business will start with small organizations or the companies that I have some acquaintances
  • Because the business will be situated within the city centre, I will start with businesses that are situated at the city centers such as the fast foods outlets, restaurants and boutiques (Collins & Lazier, 1992).


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