Chapter 4

Watch this PSA and discuss the conflict between advertising’s ability to educate and its potential to be offensive. When do edgy ads cross the line, and who decides?

Many ads can make it impossible to differentiate the informative ads and the ads that are not. The ad talking about people texting while in wheels driving according to me, is very informative and real. The reality and the plain truth is that it is very dangerous to keep on texting while driving and that is the plain fact.

Chapter 5

Explain the difference between brand-loyal and habitual purchasing.  When a brand-loyal customer arrives at a store and finds their favorite brand out of stock, what would you expect to happen next?

Brand loyal customers are engaged actively in choosing a brand. Habitual purchasing customers are no longer engaged actively. They can switch their loyalty to another brand if it captures their interest. When a brand loyal customer goes to a sore and finds his brand not available, he will go to the next shop to buy (Raj, 2012).

Chapter 6

Why does the persuasion does required with a product differentiation strategy present more of a challenge than the persuasion required with a market segmentation strategy?

Product differential strategy is a strategy applied by businesses in distinguishing a product from similar market offerings. Persuasion in product differentiation strategy is a challenge because it is difficult to target market segment and deliver a message about a product that it is positively different from other market offerings of a similar product (Hickman, 1994).

Market segmentation strategy is a strategy that outlines the business plans for reaching to the customers intended. Using persuasion in the strategy is not challenging because it takes into account the demands of the consumers and the company then responds in its action plan by delivering products of high quality (Hickman, 1994).

Chapter 6

Although STP marketing often produces successful outcomes, there is no guarantee that these successes will last. What factors can erode the success produced by STP marketing, forcing a firm to reformulate its marketing strategy?

According to Best market practice STP report 2003 (2003)There are many factors that can erode the success realized by the STP marketing and they include changes in technology, reformulations of the marketing strategies by the competitors and the change in the consumer preferences.


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