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Common Grammar Mistakes To Look Out For In Your Essay

Nov 3, 2023

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Nov 3, 2023 | Blog

This article will look at some of the common grammar mistakes made by many students and what you can do to avoid them.

Technology is an important part of our lives, but it may be causing a decline in writing standards with increased time vying for attention.

There’s no need to fear, though, because we’ll show how simple grammar errors can be avoided!

Some might say that technology has many negative impacts on society these days.

More distraction from work and school; fewer kids read books because video games have replaced them; declining standard of writers due to lackadaisical attitudes towards quality content (unless one goes into creative writing).

Your vs. You’re

Your vs. You're | Essay Freelance Writers

“Your is a possessive pronoun.” “You mean ‘you are.'”

If ever struggling to decide which word to use, expand on your shortened form.

It will become clear what each one means– for example, “You’re garden” has an apostrophe, so it can correctly mean “your garden,” or “Your handwriting looks great!” would read more as if someone were impressed by the writer’s own signature.

Effect vs. Affect

Effect vs. Affect | Essay Freelance Writers

It’s important to remember the different meanings of “affect” and “effect.”

Generally, affect refers to an outcome or result (noun), while the effect can refer to something’s action.

To remember which word should be used in each situation: if you can insert good before it, then use the noun “effect”;

If you cannot replace it with ‘good’ but instead say “bad” after, then its adverb form so that we would use “affect.”

There vs. Their

There vs. Their | Essay Freelance Writers

The rule is commonly understood, so this mishap appears most regularly as a typo.

However, there are many different meanings of the word “there.” There can be used to refer to a place, or it could be used as a pronoun – both with correct grammar if you’re talking about more than one person and something they possess (their).

Hypothetical Situations

Most people know that when debating hypothetical situations, you should always use the words were and would.

This can make or break your essay readability, so it’s essential to stay on top of this detail!

Gwen Stefani reminded us with her song “If I Was A Rich Girl” – incorrect; Beyonce also helped remind us too by releasing “If I Were A Boy.”


Tenses | Essay Freelance Writers

Tenses can be a common grammar mistakes when writing an essay, and this is true regardless of the level one has taken in the study.

When referencing someone’s opinion, which is still alive, it should be written using present tense- for example, “Fleming says” rather than ‘said’ which makes their views sound more current than if they were written with past tense verbs such as said.

Some undergraduates also tend to conclude introductions to essays in the future instead of simple past: e.g.,” in this essay, I will…” versus “…am going.

Parallel Lists

Why do we use lists in essays?

Keeping your sentences consistent and structured will make for a more readable essay.

If you always follow the same pattern, it becomes easier to think about what each sentence might be trying to say before even starting on the next one!

Let’s sum it up  

When you’re writing an essay, it can be easy to make some common grammar mistakes.

Whether it’s a lack of understanding about how grammar works or using the wrong word for what you mean, there are plenty of pitfalls that will trip up even the most skilled writer.

So before submitting your work and getting feedback from others, take time to read through this list, so you know where your weaknesses lie and fix them before they hurt your grade.

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