At- Risk Students

The students can be termed at risk for having academic success in their higher education for different reasons. Manning & Baruth (1995) states that this category of students knowledge, skills, academic ability and motivation are very much below those of normal students in the curriculum or college in which they are enrolled. Furthermore, Manning & Baruth (1995) states that these students have a likelihood of displaying any form of characteristics like unrealistic grades, low self concept in academic, expectations in careers, career objectives that are unfocussed, external locus of control, extrinsic motivation, low self efficacy, a belief that the process of learning is entirely of memorization, study skills that are inadequate for college success, and passive learning history.

Problem 1

Who have made bad decisions or choices that negatively impacted on their own academics?

At risk students may be the students who have made bad decisions or choices that negatively impacted on their own academics, or they may be a student considered adult who comes back for higher education after a very long absence and may be those who wants to commit suicide. Advising services should be designed to address the academic needs and characteristics effectively of at risk students and underprepared students. The fact sheet will elaborate on the at risk training simulation for high school educators (Manning & Baruth, 1995).

Manning & Baruth (1995) identified many advisory services for this students group. These include provision of visual means of information dissemination and peer advisors before they see their professional advisors. Furthermore, the advisors should be aware that this student groups benefit mostly from the personal attention from advising sessions that focus on the self confidence development of students and their ability in making sound decisions. Manning & Baruth (1995) suggested application of an intrusive advising approach that insist on collaborative relationships with resources of the campus, and encourage advisers to make investments in the student to assist them in gaining a sense of belonging.

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 Problem 2

Suicide among the high school students in U.S. is the third leading death cause with over sixteen percent at least once attempting suicide

These statistics, which is startling, is provided by the CDC with more than 14% who have considered suicide seriously, those who have planned their death to commit suicide being at 11%, 26% have felt hopeless or sad, and finally 20%report bullying in the property of the school (Mikaelsen, 2005). Since most of the time of the teenagers is spent in school, educators are choosing to play the defense at the frontline against this preventable and serious public health problem


At Risk Online Training Simulation for High School Educators


The simulation was created by the Kognito Interactive in September 2010 with input from leading authorizes on prevention of suicide and hundreds of educators.


An online gatekeeper one hour interactive training for high school staff and faculty designed to teach them how to address the psychological distress topic, with a student and later motivate them to seek help. Through scenarios of role play with three individual avatars of the student, each with a different problem, educators get practicing hands in management of these conversations that are often challenging (Mikaelsen, 2005).

Research findings

The training also formed the national study subject of 300 teachers in all 40 states. The results showed the training effectiveness and appeal of the format used in the simulation.


Manning, M. L., & Baruth, L. G. (1995). Students at risk. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

Mikaelsen, B. (2005). Positive teaching methods: Working with at risk students. Bozeman, Mont.?: B. Mikaelsen. Retrieved from

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