Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

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Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

Argumentative essay topics are a useful way to both clarify some of life’s most complex issues and develop vital skills for students. When picking an argumentative topic, it is important that the student feels comfortable with their chosen subject matter and has ample information available on them.

A persuasive paper is a fantastic way to improve debate skills. When writing this type of argument, one must take into account all the different primary sources that vary from books and textbooks to official reports or studies. Students in these papers must understand the scope so they pick appropriate research materials.

Students are always looking for a persuasive topic to write about, but it can be hard sometimes. This is why we came up with some topics that’ll get your wheels turning! There’s plenty of current and easy-to-understand ideas waiting in the wings here – so don’t overthink it, just pick what sounds good to you!

  1. All Children Should Be Required To Attend Preschool
  2. The Importance of Prom
  3. The Role of Standardized Tests in measuring Student Capabilities
  4. How Much Time Do You Use In Preparing For A Standardized Test
  5. The Impact of Using Corporal Punishment in Schools
  6. Should Legal Issues Be Showcases in Students’ Academic Results
  7. Should Drug Testing Be Employed in Middle School
  8. How long is Your School Day
  9. The Relevance of the Electoral College
  10. Are High Stake Exams Necessary For Students
  11. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Schooling Over Normal Schooling
  12. What is The Impact of The Gym On School Performance
  13. What Is Plagiarism and What Ramifications Do Students Get When They Submit Plagiarized Work
  14. What is The Importance of Life Skills Lessons in High School
  15. The Importance of Putting Tracking Tools In Students’ Identification Cards
  16. What is The Prevalence of Bullying and Cyberbullying In Your School Or Society
  17. The Importance of Acquiring college Education
  18. What is The Prevalence of Cheating?
  19. The Relevance of Arts Education
  20. Should College Athletes Get Paid? What are the advantages and Disadvantages
  21. Is Ranking in College Important
  22. The Schools Take on Bullying
  23. What is The Impact of Grouping Students Depending on Abilities in Schools
  24. Are Parent-Teacher Meetings Impactful?
  25. Are There Enough Opportunities For Students To Grow Creatively In Schools?
  26. Should We Develop New Methods Of Teaching Math
  27. Students Should Be Able To Grade the Teachers
  28. What Is The Relevance of Senior Year for Students in High School
  29. What is The Impact of Remedial Classes in College Studies
  30. The Relevance of learning Math and Reading During Gym Class
  31. Schools Should Use Cash bonuses As An Incentive For Students Who Perform Exceptionally Well
  32. What is Your Perspective on Affirmative Action
  33. What are The Guidelines of Issuing College Scholarships
  34. At What Age Should Children Start School Attendance
  35. Should Education Be Provided To Kids Belonging To Illegal Immigrants
  36. How Much Group Work Is Fit For School
  37. Should School Fees Differ Depending on the Course One is Doing
  38. What Measures Does Your School Take in Dealing With Misbehaviour Amongst Students
  39. The yearbook Should Be Divided Equally Amongst All Students
  40. Should Schools Take Extra Measures In Restricting Different Foods Brought By Students
  41. At What Age Should Students Be Able To Drop Out
  42. How Effective will Mandatory Parenting Classes Be For New Parents
  43. How Many People Get As From Your School
  44. Colleges Should Incorporate New standards of Admissions Instead of SAT
  45. What Impact Does A Class Size Have on The Quality of Education
  46. Who Should Be allowed To Access Students’ Records
  47. Should we Take Standardized Tests in High Regard
  48. The Impact of elite Schools in Creating A Rift Between The Poor and The Rich
  49. What Is The Impact of Elongating The School Calendar


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