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The American Dream Essay: Achieving Success, Prosperity and Equality

Apr 29, 2023

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Apr 29, 2023 | Blog

In this essay, we shall tackle and answer the question of the American dream.

Any American can answer this question based on their understanding of the American dream.

In answering this question, we will focus on success and prosperity.

If you have read about the American Dream, you will see that immigration has been one of the driving forces.

Some so many immigrants have settled in the US as the land where life becomes fuller for everyone with the opportunity.

This driving force has been passed from generation to generation since the nation was founded by its fathers after the Declaration of Independence.

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Individuals have taken this model Initiative for themselves, their families, and their children’s Legacy.

It is important to note that the American dream did not start yesterday. It has existed for some time—the goal of a land with plenty of opportunities where social status improves automatically.

One of the things you will find different concerning the American dream is that it has evolved for the current expectations.

Also, there have been modifications that have been done for the same idea as the Americans.

The American dream has been consistent, and it is one of the things that American dub as success in society.

The American dream has always been about achieving things your parents couldn’t.

It was all about doing more than what the previous people had done.

The dream was about creating a better place for people to live in and social mobility; hence the dream is ideal.

One of the ways to create such environments is to ensure that children get a better education.

Getting better careers and growing in their education was one of America’s mindsets of success and growth.

Another thing was removing artificial obstacles that may distract the children from learning and growing in their careers.

The light came to the Americans during the postmodern era. This made them realize there is more to achieve other than making America a better place for Americans.

The Americans had to embrace that people should not be discriminated against.

This is because there was a lot of discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, race, culture, and many other areas.

The postmodern era brought a need for more equality and acceptance in America. This meant less discrimination against people based on ethnicity, race, social class, religion, and culture.

People in America have always worked hard to provide for themselves and their families.

This is because there was little time to work and be able to put and make ends meet.

Many things can make people work tirelessly, such as economic insecurity, conflict, war, depression, and scarcity of resources.

The lack of money and benefits made individuals work hard.

Many opportunities available to the current generation were not available to previous generations.

Since change is inevitable, Americans have been able to embrace this change for advancement.

Many changes have been made to give room to opportunities and development that are evolving through technology.

People have different opinions and definitions when explaining and defining the American dream idea.

Some have supported the idea, while others have different opinions concerning the American dream.

Many people migrate to the United States because it offers more opportunities than their home country.

When you compare the culture of the Americans to that of other countries, you will find it is a total difference.

There are many reasons to love living in the country, including friendly people, comfortable lifestyles, and great job opportunities. Many businesses have been built in the country, making it a great place to work and live.

Regarding opportunities for immigrants, everything is at their disposal, and they can do whatever they want.

For example, you would find migrants having the opportunity to practice their religion and heritage in the country.

The United States is one of the countries that have embraced freedom and realized its importance.

Below are notions of the American Dream that have brought about the experience in the US.

  • We are working hard to achieve success.
  • Improvement of the medical facilities and techniques.
  • I am making an individual’s life better.
  • You can be what you want by working hard and using every opportunity.
  • Political gain.
  • It is being able to make fast money.
  • Opportunities for better education.

Despite the American Dream being beneficial to Americans and the people living in the US, it has negative side effects.

For example, the American dream has made some individuals wealthier than others.

This means some people are way higher than others regarding individual financial equality.

Some struggle to make ends meet, while others are more financially stable and prosperous.

Studies show that the US economy grew because of opportunities created by the American dream, not income equality.

The American dream is about individuals working hard to achieve their goals.

You must work hard to achieve your goals rather than just hoping for the best.

You need to think about and work for a better education, lifestyle, and standard of living.

This brings everyone on board to pursue their dreams and achieve them.

We have values like freedom, equality, and opportunity, but they are not available to everyone.

When it comes to the benefits of the American dream, you find that not everyone can get them.

Many scholars are trying to understand the ideology behind the American dream, and they have written different things concerning that.

Many theories have been used to describe the American dream for individuals to understand their accomplishments and the beliefs behind them.

From the forefathers of the American dream, it is clear that it is all about taking advantage of opportunities.

The opportunities available to the Americans are to ensure the prosperity and progress of the country and the Americans themselves.

The American dream is not easy to achieve. It requires knowledge, resources, determination, and perseverance.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr believed all people are equal and deserve the same freedom and opportunities to pursue happiness.

His understanding concerning humanity is brought from the concept of God being the creator of everyone.

This means everyone is created equal and should have freedom and equality to live fulfilling lives.

For the ability or achievement of the American dream, there is a need for change concerning the value system of Americans.

For America to become a united nation and a family, many changes must be made, especially regarding handling power.

A power struggle has led to a situation where 10% of people in America control 80% of the wealth.

One thing that needs to be done in America is distinguishing between classes of richer or fuller individuals in the community.

When this is handled, then there is an ability for America being able to achieve its dreams.

The American dream is when a child can unite The Americans because it is a cultural component.

The American dream has survived from generation to generation because socialization has brought out this dream clearly to individuals.

When you look at the American dream, it is within the American culture and can be categorized as a subculture.

The American dream is something that many people aspire to. They work hard to try to achieve it.

Though others are chasing the dream, others are already living the dream.

People have many opportunities to pursue their dreams in America and live in a comfortable environment.

Individuals need to take up these opportunities so that they can be able to make America a better place.

A dream should result in positive outcomes; the American dream has done this to some extent.

It has been able to impact the Americans and also other nations in a great way.

You can consider reviewing this essay to see different people’s different ideologies concerning their perception of the American dream.


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